Sunday, October 4

Green lights are up Sunday morning as the Moon sextiles eager Mars at 7 AM and then trines psychic Neptune at 9:09 AM.

There’s just one square, a challenging aspect, in the heavens and it appears at 4:06 PM when the Sun and Moon form a 90-degree angle (astrologers call this alignment a square) and we observe the Last Quarter Moon in your calendars.

The Sun rules your ego; the Moon rules your feelings. The trick is to find room for both around this hour. A kiss follows as the Moon sextiles easygoing Jupiter at 4:41 PM and you’ll notice the shift of energy in the room as the square fades and the sextile (planets in a 60-degree angle) encourages solutions and peace.

Luna makes one more stop as she opposes intense Pluto at 7:13 PM. Make love; make war. Your call tonight.

As times change.

6 thoughts on “Sunday, October 4

    1. Lisa Chapman

      Hi Nakaya,
      I really like your name!
      It’s Central Standard Time. So we need to adjust our own times accordingly. I’m on the East coast, so I add one hour to all times given…etc.
      Isn’t SKYWATCH the most wonderful thing? Thanks to Lance and Leslie!
      Lisa 😉

  1. Lance Ferguson

    Skywatch is written in Central Daylight time at the present.

    On Nov 1 we switch back to Central Standard Time.

  2. Lisa Chapman

    Hey there, Lance!
    OOOPS…Central Daylight Time. On Samhain, it goes back to Central Standard…and I feel silly asking-it could be googled-it’s still a one hour difference, here on Cape Cod, yes?
    I’ll google it! Maybe my question will help some others though…thanks, Lance!

  3. Kristine M

    Just a true “comment” here about the timezone questions that seem to come up often. Instead of being concerned about an hour here or there, I read SKYWATCH and apply the overall feeling and intention to the few hours leading up and few hours leaving the day. If Lance says QUACK, I am pretty much ready for THAT EVENT ANYTIME during the day and so on. Same for KISS and just in general STAY OUT OF THE LINE OF FIRE EVENTS. This tends to serve me well as I go through my day by just keeping the “tone” for the day in the back of my head. Skywatch is my other Bible!!!!!

  4. Lance Ferguson

    yup….add an hour for east coast time….

    subtract two hours on the west coast….

    same time as Mars….


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Saturday, October 3

Tackle the hard jobs first thing Saturday morning while the Skywatch is clear.

The kiss of the day occurs at 12:18 PM when Luna makes a welcome sextile to sweet Venus. The Moon turns Void of Course a minute later, until she enters home sign Cancer at 7:22 PM Saturday night.

Feelings will be on stage in the hours that follow. A note of confusion is likely early Sunday morning as the Moon squares Mercury Rx at 1:28 AM.

Clear skies follow.

4 thoughts on “Saturday, October 3

  1. henri

    Lots plumbing calls right now .
    Which planet controls plumbing?
    Google couldn’t answer that and you mentioned it before somewhere i remember , Lance .
    Neptune ?

  2. Lance Ferguson

    Pluto rules plumbing in the body and house….
    Neptune is on stage when water problems arise,
    especially from the ocean.


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Friday, October 2

Double-check the details.

Remember, Mercury is still backing up on the bases encouraging misunderstandings, confusion and delays.

The rest of Friday’s Skywatch is good for work or play. The Sun and Moon blend their energies in a trine at 6:17 AM CDT. With the Moon in Gemini, this is a good day to network and to communicate your ideas/wishes.

Just don’t go overboard or promise more than you can deliver as the Moon squares gambler Jupiter at 10:06 AM. Clear skies follow until 11:31 PM when the Moon and Uranus sextile and that’s a good night kiss.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hold your horses.

The Moon squares Venus at 5:44 AM CDT and then turns Void of Course until she enters Gemini at 3:03 PM Thursday afternoon. Mercury is still Retrograde until Oct 9 doubling the chances of errors and bad decisions while the Moon is V/C.

Stick to routine today and don’t expect any favors as Luna lines up opposite grumpy Saturn at 4:53 PM. Another minor quack appears at 10:30 PM when the Moon squares feisty Mars.

Talk out any problems that come up then as the Moon trines Mercury Rx at midnight and the smoke clears.

As times change.

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Wednesday, September 30

Cluck, cluck, cluck. The lines will be lit up Wednesday morning as the Moon trines optimistic Jupiter at 7:15 AM CDT.

Green lights are up for work or play as the Sun and Retrograde Mercury meet in the heavens at 9:38 AM and everyone has something to say. Double-check the details before you send stuff out and you’ll be more likely to catch any Mercury problems.

The kiss of the day follows at 10:53 AM when the Moon trines healing Pluto.

Clear skies prevail for the rest of the day and night.

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Tuesday, September 29

Stick to routine Tuesday morning. The Moon is Void of Course from early hours until she enters Taurus at 1:57 PM CDT.

Our intuition and judgment are not sharp when the Moon is V/C and especially when Mercury is also Retrograde. Green lights come on as the Moon changes signs, ending the V/C cycle, and the Skywatch clears.

Evening hours get an energy boost from the Moon making a trine to Mars, exact at 6:51 PM. Peaceful hours follow.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 29

  1. Deborah Johnson

    Susan, it’s listed on the September monthly link. The “if your birthday is this week..” is printed on each Wednesday’s forecast. Here it is for you.
    If your birthday is this week (Sept 27–Oct 3), you’ve got a healing and productive Jupiter Pluto trine as the crown jewel in your new Solar Return, Libra. Both are in earth signs and they will help you ground your plans and thinking for maximum output. Just take your time and double-check the details as Mercury is Retrograde in this chart of your new year. Often something important and positive from the past reappears from this Rx cycle. This could be a lover with Venus in romantic Leo trine friendly Uranus in this SR. Opportunities to take on more responsibility will come your way in the months ahead. You have one year to set up a glorious birthday in 2016 when lucky Jupiter will be sitting next to your Sun in that new SR. What can you do this year to make the payoff up ahead even bigger? No doubt about it, Libra, times have changed

  2. Lance Ferguson

    yes, it is….find the birthday forecast every Wednesday after
    the daily forecast. Every week. Every Wednesday you will
    find a birthday forecast.


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