Friday, August 26

Dopey. A Mars Neptune conjunction or meeting in the heavens at 1:57 am CDT early this morning is bound keep a little fog pocket in your brain as you start your day—take your time with early calls and chores.

But do tackle the hard jobs first thing as the only kiss in the Skywatch today shows up at high noon when the Moon sextiles friendly Uranus. Hope you can take Friday afternoon off as the Moon squares Venus at 3:12 pm and then squares Jupiter at 5:09 pm followed by the Moon squaring Mercury at 7:30 pm.

Squares to Venus and Jupiter indulge our desires to be lazy and to order doubles at the bar. The square to Mercury is minor and just warns you to make sure they got your pizza order correct.

However, Luna turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters home sign Cancer at 10:06 pm, Friday night.

This is the beginning of a weekend to remember.

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Thursday, August 25

Loose lips can sink ships today. Caution lights are up.

The Moon in Gemini, ruled by motor mouth Mercury, opposes cynical Saturn at 11:29 am CDT and then opposes feisty Mars at 12:34 pm.

Another note of confusion follows as Luna squares dreamy Neptune at 1:07 pm. And there is still worse to follow as Mars lines up in a square to spacey Neptune, exact at 2 am tomorrow morning.

Mars events tend to come on early and this one inspires the urge to escape in many folks. Problems with drugs, booze, water and poisons are all more likely now, along with actions that could be called deceitful and misleading.

Mars can be violent, impatient and stupid, so call it early and take no chances Thursday night. Neptune squares bring us strange sleep and dreams—nightmares to the little ones.

Again, this is a rare event that happens once a year. Best to keep it simple and to let times change.

One thought on “Thursday, August 25

  1. sharis woodard

    Dear Lance, Thank you for the early September Skywatch!

    You really hit the nail on the head again tonight. I was going to try a new art class that I really wanted and needed. When I stepped out the kitchen door, I found the garage door opener dead! I had a man out here to look at it last week and he said there was nothing wrong…

    I often run a day ahead of your newsletter. I hope tomorrow will be a good day to get help! Blessings!


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Wednesday, August 24

Mixmaster. A growling Mars Saturn conjunction appears in the heavens at 6:27 am CDT Wednesday morning. Get organized first and you’ll enjoy the rest of the day as Luna trines sweet Venus at 7:06 am.

Green lights kick on at this moment and more good news follows as the Moon trines lucky Jupiter at 1:06 pm, and then trines clever Mercury at 2:38 pm.

The Moon turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters Gemini at 6:40 pm. A low-energy Sun Moon square appears at 10:41 pm Wednesday evening.

Simple plans are suggested tonight—likely you’ll be out of gas.

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Tuesday, August 23

Deal with financial stuff today if you can. Green lights are up. The Moon is in money sign Taurus on Tuesday and makes two positive connections to other planets.

Luna sextiles psychic Neptune at 10:32 am CDT and you’ll likely be on target if you trust your intuition this morning. The Moon trines healing Pluto at 5:43 pm suggesting a good time to complete a project or meeting.

There is a different vibe in the Skywatch this evening as Mars and Saturn begin to dance together in the heavens making an exact conjunction tomorrow morning. This can be a frustrating pair that could spark violence in some folks—caution lights come on at sundown. The positive side of this conjunction is the ability to focus and get the job done.

Cut everyone some slack this evening if things get a bit pissy. This is a rare event that shows up only once every two years. Likely you’ll be tired with Mars carrying Saturn’s responsibilities around. Suggest you call it early.

As times change.

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Monday, August 22

Slow down. But keep your radar on.

Mercury meets Jupiter in the heavens at 4:05 am CDT Monday morning. This is a pair of planets that really enjoy each other’s company. They inspire us to come up with new ideas and plans that have a realistic chance to succeed as they meet in earth sign Virgo. And this is just the beginning of their dance in the heavens as they will stay connected until Sept 2.

Meanwhile, Luna meets unpredictable Uranus at 6:48 am and then turns Void of Course until she enters favorite sign Taurus at 4:19 pm Monday afternoon. Hold off on making important decisions and purchases while the Moon is V/C.

Green lights come on as the Moon changes signs. And a nice kiss follows as the Sun and Moon form a trine at 4:39 pm—this is a very good time to put your cards on the table.

Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

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Sunday, August 21

If you’ve got chores to do this weekend, save them for Sunday morning.  The Moon trines eager Mars at 4:09 am and then trines dependable Saturn at 6:43 pm. The good energy is this pair will carry you to noon.

The quack of the day appears at 3:42 pm when the Moon squares Pluto. Be careful around machines and anything dangerous around this moment as minor accidents are more likely.

Green lights kick back on a few minutes later as Mercury and Jupiter begin to meet in the heavens setting up a very good time for all kinds of communications. And this positive pair is going to stay connected in the Skywatch through Sept 2. How? Mercury is now slowing down and will Retrograde on Aug 30 in Virgo stopping right on top of Jupiter. Good news is how we describe this conjunction.

New ideas can be brilliant now and the ability to speak our mind improves if we concentrate. True, Jupiter is also the ruler of bullshit and some will be flying in the headlines over the next twelve days. But the real value is that we can expand our thinking and plans with careful analysis now and use the Virgo energy to be more efficient, practical and successful. Yes, yes, yes.

As the old radio newsman used to say: this is the time to make some news of your own. Starting Sunday night.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Sunday, August 21

  1. Baraka

    That “old newsman” was Scoop Nisker, who broadcast on the Pacifica Network from KPFA in Berkeley, and the quote was “If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own!” I think it’s a great expression for the rise of citizen activism that we’re seeing across the country. Thanks for the reminder (I still have a KPFA bumper sticker on my car, and they’re still going pretty strong here in the SF Bay Area!)


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