Tuesday, May 24

Love vs. War. I can’t decide how to color the major event in the Skywatch on Tuesday.

Venus lines up opposite to Mars Retrograde at 9:38 PM CDT Tuesday evening. There’s nothing else to report as the Moon enters careful Capricorn early this morning and sails out into calm seas until she sextiles Neptune at 11:27 PM Tuesday night.

I suspect you’ll see givers and takers today. But not necessarily from those whom you might expect due to Mars Rx.

The range of reactions is from hot sex to domestic violence. As you know, the stars impel but they don’t compel.

Be cool and safe Tuesday night.

As times change.

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Monday, May 23

Jump in. The Skywatch is good for work or play Monday morning. Clever Mercury has returned to direct motion which helps speed up matters that have been delayed of late.

The kiss of the day appears at 10:37 AM CDT when the Moon in optimistic Sagittarius trines friendly Uranus. Caution lights kick on a minute later as Luna turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning.

Stick to routine while the Moon is V/C and hold off on finalizing matters.

Let times change.

2 thoughts on “Monday, May 23

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Sunday, May 22

Sunday’s Skywatch is partly cloudy. The Sun opposes impatient Mars Rx at 6:17 AM Sunday morning .

Mercury turns direct in motion at 8:20 AM and that’s the kiss of the day. But the Moon squares dreamy Neptune at 1:21 PM, and then squares Jupiter at 4:31 PM, and then meets grumpy Saturn at 5:20 PM.

None of this is very difficult, but can bring a new set of conditions with Mercury back again in direct motion. Quiet hours return a few minutes after Luna leaves her conjunction with Saturn.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, May 22

  1. LeAnn Rocchi

    Belated Happy Birthday, Lance!! I hope that you and Leslie’s big move is going well. Wishing you the best year ever and much happiness to you and Leslie with your new adventures!!

    LeAnn Rocchi & Girls


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Saturday, May 21

Trouble. Pull back and stay on the safe side of things on Saturday. The Moon turns Void of Course at 6:40 AM until she enters Sagittarius at 1:48 PM Saturday afternoon.

Luna travels on to oppose the Sun creating a Full Moon at 4:14 PM. She then meets Retrograde Mars in the heavens at 5:43 PM. Hot tempers and arguments are likely Saturday night as this Full Moon sits on the same spot as Mars Rx.

This doesn’t happen very often—don’t take chances or push your luck Saturday evening.

2 thoughts on “Saturday, May 21

  1. Christine

    If the full moon falls on Mercury retrograde on the same day that mercury retrograde begins to station before going direct…well…would that mean that some important issue from our past is ending??

  2. Lance Ferguson

    Full Moons bring times of harvest, endings, completions….which nearly always
    deal with an issue from the past. Mercury turning direct kinda fits in with
    past matters surfacing. so, yes, this could be the time some important issue from
    your past is ending or completed.


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Friday, May 20

Loose lips sink ships. Love that line and it’s something to remember Friday morning as the Moon opposes Mercury Retrograde at 6:48 AM CDT.

Yes, double-check the details with Mercury still backing up on the bases, and especially once the Sun enters Gemini, ruled by Mercury at 9:37 AM. Green lights are up all this time as the only other maker in the heavens is a kiss: Moon sextile healing Pluto at 12:18 PM.

Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night.

2 thoughts on “Friday, May 20

  1. Sandy

    Happy First Day of the rest of your life, Lance!
    Sorry I missed saying Happy Birthday on ‘the’ day….you help all of us honor ours so well!!! 🙂
    Very best wishes,


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Thursday, May 19

Rare. The Moon enters Scorpio at 1:30 AM CDT early this morning and sails out into quiet seas for the rest of the day and night. It’s rare when we have one of these days with no distractions up above.

Even the Retrogrades are valuable now as they turn us back into thinking about what we have done, how we feel, and how we can make things better. Sure, it’s a good day for work or play, too. I turn 68 today. And can’t figure out how THAT much time has gone by—the number stuns me.

I began the study of astrology in June, 1975, when an eternally dear woman read my birth chart and sent me out of the depths of despair into the light of awareness and compassion for the struggles I had been through. I’ve never looked back. And looking for some way to communicate this knowledge, I started writing Skywatch in 1989 on a portable electric typewriter.

Today, I’m still reading astrology books and learning more about the planets and their cycles. Always more to learn.

As times change.

66 thoughts on “Thursday, May 19

  1. Tina Neal

    Lance it is so great to hear your thoughts again! Happy Birthday! Hope the move is going well. You make all of our days a little more enlightened and interesting!

  2. Longtime Reader & Fan of Skywatch

    Happy Birthday Lance!
    Wishing you as many gifts on your special day and in the year to come as you’ve given the world through your Skywatch! Thank you for the insights and I hope you have a wonderful Happy Birthday!

  3. Carol

    A very happy birthday, an awesome age, enjoy and keep learning. We love to hear what you have to say, and the sharing of your knowledge. Thank you.

    1. Merle Morrigan

      I can hardly wait until the Texas Frontierism start to subside and the screech of shore birds become your background.

  4. Selena

    Happy Birthday!!! Like you, astrology opened a door for me and I continue to learn. What a powerful and influential statement you made, to keep learning.

  5. Deborah Buchanan

    Here’s wishing you a day full of laughter and love, and may the year to come be your best ever. I am closing in on 65 myself, so I know what you mean. The time just flew by. I have been interested in astrology since the late 1960s, but I never delved into it as deeply as you have. I really appreciate that you share your knowledge with all of us, and I almost never approach the day without getting some clues and insights about the workings of the planets from Skywatch Astrology. I’ve been checking in with you for 10 years now, I think. Keep up the good work!

  6. Paula Parker

    Happy Birthday Dearest Lance, thanks for many stories and here’s to another years joy,peace and happiness to you. Much love, Paula Parker
    P.s. Congrats on the new place 😉

  7. V

    Dear Lance,
    Your Skywatch is the first “weather report” of my day ~ and has been for very many moons. There must be millions of people whose lives you touch in a positive and generative way. Know that your journey and the courage to share it lifts the tone of the Universe.
    Wishing you (both) the happiest of birthdays and a smooth move to your new home.
    Kind regards,

  8. Andrea moreno

    For 3 gernerations going on 4 now you have been in my family thank you for the guidance. Happy Birthday and thank you for the skywatch.

  9. Heather B

    Happy Birthday, Lance! I hope it’s a wonderful year full of joy, good health, and an easy transition to a beautiful new home!

  10. rich

    Lance an old dear friend who is somewhere between 85-100 says re: age….”it is slow going up the mountain, much faster going down.” My daughter was 34 last week! How did this happen so fast?
    Indeed. Happy days forever to you and Leslie!! And thanks for all the great insights into the Universe.


  11. Ancient Priscilla

    Hello Lance,
    Your site is a life saver. You have helped in soooo many ways. Have a Happy Birthday! You are young! Time does travel…enjoy every moment. Life is quite a journey, especially now.

  12. Jack M

    Happy Birthday from a fellow Taurus! I just turned 59 and have been studying astrology since I was 11 years old. My life has been so much richer for it. Have a wonderful day!

  13. Maria

    Happy Birthday from the southern cone! I live in Argentina and start my days reading your page.
    Hope you have a wonderful year!

  14. Sally Aderton

    OMG as they say. Lance I did not realize I have been with you and Skywatch from the beginning! This loving service has been one of the daily routines in my life since 1989. The Kiss & Quack charts a powerful GPS for the roads ahead as I grew my healing practice. Happy Be.Earth Day! Happy 68th Anniversary of emerging into this life as Lance Ferguson. May your next lap as you ride around the sun be your most fun yet. Love you! Sally

  15. nancy

    Happy Birthday Lance !!
    Thanks for making earth school a little less confusing !!
    All the Best to you & Leslie always !!


  16. andrea

    Happy Birthday Lance! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Enjoy your new adventure in Washington!

  17. Kenneth Higginbotham

    A very, happy birthday, Lance. Thanks for all of the insights your work has given me over the last 15 years. Be well.

  18. Beverly Marshall

    Wow, Happy Birthday Lance and many more!!
    Enjoy your beautiful day and thank you for
    your work. Wishing you a safe move to your
    new city.

  19. Judy

    You and me both, with 68 showing up for me in June! Best wishes for a great year ahead with your move coming up. You are a blessing to all of us!

  20. Tippy Trevitt

    Hau’oli la Hanau Lance from Hawaii Nei…A Lei of good wishes and Love..it get funner…Aloha..xo

  21. Barbara

    Lance – Happy Birthday! So grateful for your daily guidance. Best to Leslie and you on move to West Coast!

  22. Helga

    Happy Birthday Lance, wow, has it been that long-?
    Skywatch has been my daily companion for so long
    And your wisdom has given me a ” heads up”
    During some turbulent times! So glad to read that your special day is free of “quacks”!!
    Very best wishes from SF-

  23. Patte

    Happy Birthday Lance! I too read your column first thing EVERY day!

    Good luck on your move and keep on keeping’ on!

  24. Susan Wieland

    A very happy birthday to you, Lance. I start the day everyday with Skywatch. Sounds like you will be leaving Corpus Christi. My best to you and yours always.


  25. Gitane

    Happy Birthday Beloved Lance,
    May your day be joyful. I remember you from Seeing Beyond radio. We all appreciate you for sharing your gifts!


    1. Maranda Martin

      Ahh. I remember those days too!! That is when I first heard Skywatch. Thanks for the memory : )

  26. Irene indiveri

    Happy birthday Lance! I too turned 68 this year, and you’re right…how did that happen!? 18 with 50 years experience! How cool is that

  27. Nanci Quinn

    Happy birthday and many more, Lance. All good things for you today and in the years to come!

  28. Lance Ferguson

    thanks, thanks, thanks……
    I really appreciate the good clucks from ya’ll.
    we’ll keep you posted on how the move works out….
    and I have July SW in the can…and will get it to you in time..
    this is fun…we are ready for a move and new walls and
    being near Pete….all is well. Hope your are surviving the Rx cycles.

  29. Maranda Martin

    Happy birthday Lance! May you have an amazing day and new year filled with lots of love, laughter, and happiness! As well as richly blessed as you guys start another chapter and a new adventure!! Thank you for all the time and work you put in to enlighten us all!!!!

  30. Pam

    Happy Birthday, Lance! My father would have been 96 today…..He’s been gone only 3 years.
    I will now think of you as well, every time this auspicious day rolls around. Washington will be
    wonderful! Happy moving!

  31. Corbin Kimble

    Happy Birthday Gramps. I love you, and think about you both. Thank you for keeping us informed. I check this regularly for advise from you. Stay strong.

  32. Tobey

    Happy Birthday Lance! I have been following your work from the days of Seeing Beyond. Thanks for keeping us informed with Kisses and Quacks. Your insight and wisdom has guided me through the many retrogrades and squares. All the best in your new home!

  33. Karena Mahoney

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANCE! Keep on keeping on, learning and teaching. You make the world a better place, and I am grateful for your Being.

    <3 Karena


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