Monday, November 30

Surf’s up.

The Skywatch today is stellar for priority calls, appointments and decisions as suddenly we have a positive lineup of planetary aspects today—and tomorrow, too.

The Moon trines dependable Saturn at 8:48 AM CST and then trines the Sun at 9:54 AM Monday morning. Both markers put you in the right frame of mind to interview for a new job, make a sales call, run a meeting or to teach a first grader how to subtract.

The good vibes continue as the Moon sextiles/kisses energetic Mars at 2:47 PM and then sails out into calm seas for the rest of the day and night.

Evening skies are friendly —reach out. As times change.

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Handle the important stuff on Saturday. Hope you sleep through the Moon squaring Mars at 5:33 AM early Saturday morning. Green lights for work or play come on a few minutes later. A bit of resistance is in the air as the Moon opposes demanding Pluto at 1:48 PM. A compromise at that moment is likely to help the situation. A small surprise might pop up around 6:57 PM when the Moon squares unpredictable Uranus. Could be a pleasant surprise, too, as friendly vibes quickly return to the Skywatch for the rest of Saturday night.

Caution lights are up on Sunday. The Moon squares lazy Venus at 6:46 AM and then turns Void of Course until she enters Leo at 6:47 PM early Sunday evening. In this window of time the Sun squares dreamy Neptune at 8:50 AM and then meets/conjuncts somber Saturn at 6:16 PM early Sunday evening. Saturn helps you with your chores, duties and responsibilities on Sunday, but he won’t go dancing. Sorry. Times change.

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Friday, November 27

Hold it! The Moon turned Void of Course last night after kissing Venus and remains V/C until she enters home sign Cancer at 1:27 PM.

I suspect many will be shopping while the Moon is V/C and I want to remind you to keep your receipts as purchases made in this part of the lunar cycle may not be satisfactory for one reason or another.

Green lights come on for shopping and important calls/biz once the Moon changes signs, ending the V/C period.

Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night.

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Thursday, November 26


I can’t really describe a Saturn Neptune square that hits exact at 6:18 AM CST as it is a different tune for each of us depending on where these planets are in our birth charts.

The square adds a goofy, clumsy and potentially dangerous element to activities on Thanksgiving morning. Or the turkey is still frozen. Handle fire carefully and pay extra attention to the kids and critters roaming through the kitchen.

The Moon in Gemini keeps the lines of communications open as she sextiles friendly Uranus at 3:16 PM. Watch what happens as help arrives and moods lighten as the day goes on.

Luna squares generous Jupiter at 9:24 PM, and I get my second piece of pie as the Moon trines sweet Venus ten minutes later and peace returns to our kitty ranch—and hopefully to your home, too.

Leslie and I send you best wishes and want you to know we are thankful you are part of Skywatch Nation.

14 thoughts on “Thursday, November 26

  1. Pat

    With sincere appreciation and thanksgiving for your Light and sharing of wisdom today and everyday with such grace-filled style.

    Best wishes to you and yours with joy and wellbeing!

  2. nancy

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lance & Leslie !!

    the day is starting out with a fractured crown, hoping the worst is over & i can chew on the left side …

  3. Jenny

    Abundant gratitude to you both for your Light and your wisdom! Y’all are with me every day, and I am so grateful. May your table overflow with blessings today and all the days ahead.

    HMS Log Book

    1. Marlene

      I’m grateful you mentioned your HMS Log Book, a workbook, journal, and life management tool. I’ve found it on Amazon and it looks like something I’d enjoy using as I desire to be more conscious, aware and purposeful. I like your Facebook page, too, now that I’ve found it!
      Thank you for sharing.

  4. Marlene

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Leslie and Lance! I get much comfort and guidance from your Member’s subscription and Datebook as I look ahead a day or a year. Even though I know enough astrology to see the trends, I enjoy hearing your take on things and find the website is a great place to send friends who want to know more about what’s coming up.
    Thank you for being there.

  5. Lance Ferguson

    a conjunction means the two planets are next to each other
    and share their energy.

    a square means the two planets are 90 degrees apart which astrologers
    call a square which means they challenge each other to show their best side.
    squares test us. and challenge us to use both planets in harmony.

  6. Lance Ferguson

    awaiting moderation….means we want to see the comment first
    just in case we need to take it down due to vulgarity. no big deal.
    All of you are very kind and we truly appreciate your notes here.


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Wednesday, November 25

Simplify your plans and expect late travelers for the big Gobble.

An intelligent Mercury Mars sextile at 10:32 AM CST amps up our mental energy, but the Moon is Void of Course until she enters Gemini at 11:15 AM Wednesday morning.

Caution lights are up as Luna opposes the Sun at 4:44 PM creating a Full Moon that opposes Saturn in the heavens and squares Neptune at 10:50 PM perhaps foreshadowing the big square that becomes exact tomorrow morning.

Strange sleep and dreams are likely tonight—ruled by Neptune.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 25

  1. Mary Rose Czajka

    Happy Thanksgiving Lance Ferguson!
    I am buzzing from the CD reading of yours for my “birth charts progression”.
    Yes the Neptune traveling Through the 2nd house starting in 2010 hit the time of legal battles that settled in Feb 2010. All of the transactions of money have hidden falsehood about them. It’s still popping up! I moved money in a 403k account and was swallowed up in a investment that was not what it appeared. My home had exterior work done that started perfect, and ended in the
    contractor downgrading material, short cutting code procedure, having bully tactics of higher fees.
    So you said the planet Neptune will be iny 2nd house for 5 more yrs, THANKS FOR THE WARNING /!//#!

    Your client,
    Mary Rose

  2. Lance Ferguson

    very sorry to hear how it worked out, Mary Rose….

    Neptune rules deceit, illusion, but also rules the ideal person or situation.
    So let’s hope you get the positive side working for you in the days ahead.

    the 2nd house is the house of money to all of you not familiar with
    the details of astrology.


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Tuesday, November 24.

Tackle the hard jobs first thing.

A stout Moon Pluto trine at 8:56 AM CST helps you focus on the problems at hand and find solutions that work Tuesday morning. But double–check the details and stay on the conservative side of everything today.

Mercury meets the Saturn Neptune square in the heavens this afternoon and evening. Promises may be specious or you may not get all the facts in the communications you receive today.

Mixed signals appear in the evening skies as the Moon trines generous Jupiter at 7:26 PM. But Luna turns Void of Course a minute later until almost noon tomorrow. In this V/C window of time Mercury meets serious Saturn at 10:57 PM. And that’s followed by Mercury squaring dreamy Neptune at 1:15 AM early Wednesday morning.

Call it early and play it safe and cool tonight. As times change.

One thought on “Tuesday, November 24.

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