THE WEEKEND: July 30-31

Take it easy. The Moon sextiles friendly Uranus at 6:46 am and then turns Void of Course until she enters home sign Cancer at 4:09 pm Saturday afternoon. Hold off on making important purchases and decisions during the V/C cycle. Green lights for such come back on as the Moon changes signs and then lines up in a friendly sextile to clever Mercury at 4:30 pm. Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night on Saturday.

Sunday’s Skywatch is quiet. The Moon in sensitive Cancer trines psychic and spiritually aware Neptune at 11:51 am Sunday morning = good vibes for creative work and all social plans. Clear skies follow until 7:03 pm when the Moon opposes demanding Pluto. This is minor but could create a disagreement about what to put on the pizza. The kiss of the day appears at 11:07 pm Sunday night when sweet Venus trines very friendly Uranus. Could be love at first sight. Or a breakthrough of some kind that is unexpected. Put your cards on the table Sunday and speak the truth—that’s what Venus loves to hear. This is a very good night for first dates, introductions and something off the beaten path. As times change.

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Friday, July 29

Caution lights. All the astrological markers in the heavens today are stressful and suggest you stick to routine and stay out of the line of fire.

The Moon opposes grumpy Saturn at 6:06 am CDT and squares dreamy Neptune at 8:45 am. Here’s a taste of the Saturn Neptune square that is hanging out in the heavens.

The main event shows up at 3:49 pm when Mercury in Leo squares Mars in Scorpio. These are fixed signs and this is an argument brewing all day long from opinionated perspectives. Injuries to your hands, ruled by Mercury, are more likely with this square—stay away from the automatic stapler.  Kids and critters might need some extra attention, too, as minor accidents are more likely.

Astrological skies begin to clear past the square and evening hours are quiet. The only other note today is that Uranus turns Retrograde at 4:06 pm. That means something unexpected is likely to alter your plans in the weeks ahead, and while anxiety producing, it’s likely to be a truth you need to see.

9 thoughts on “Friday, July 29

  1. Trina M

    I was told today that I need bilateral hip replacements Uranus square maybe……I did not foresee this truth and it is unexpected,and anxiety producing.

  2. Stephen

    Worst possible day to take delivery of, and then trying to install, a new broadband modem it seems… but that’s happening for me today.

  3. Lance Ferguson

    slow down….that’s what will help you get past the square safely.

    just knowing about the Skywatch today will help you sidestep the worst of it.

    you’ll be fine on the road traveling.

    this is not a big deal in your Solar Return if your birthday is today.

    in all things, double check the details.

  4. Lance Ferguson

    everyone OK? after this square…

    We’ll get Mars out of Scorpio on August 2 and into Sagittarius which
    will feel much better and tone down the deadly actions of late.

  5. nancy

    whew, cannot wait !! he’s been hangin’ out in my 4th waaaay too long, like a guest that won’t take the hint…

  6. Merle Morrigan

    Ah ha, ha, ha! Scorpio with Aries rising, here.
    So, ya’ just can’t take it, ‘eh?

    welcome to my world, world. It gets better after about 60 years, because you get used to it.


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Thursday, July 28

Double-check the details before you leave home this morning.

The Moon squares forgetful Mercury at 7:17 am CDT increasing the odds you leave without your lunch—could make the bus late, too.

And slow down as you start your day. Luna then lines up opposite pushy Mars at 10:13 am and turns Void of Course a minute later. Hold off on making important decisions and purchases while the Moon is V/C. Green lights come on as the Moon enters curious Gemini at 1:17 pm, ending the V/C cycle.

And there’s nothing else lining up in the heavens today until late Thursday night when the Sun and Moon form a complementary sextile just past midnight, exact at 12:17 am. It’s another good night kiss.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Thursday, July 28

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Wednesday, July 27.

Green lights.  The Skywatch is stellar on Wednesday—I should have marked this as a kiss day in the 2016 Datebook.

A Mercury Uranus trine at 2:45 am CDT early this morning is liable to spark a good new idea or plan on Wednesday morning. The Moon in patient Taurus sextiles psychic Neptune at 6:11 am and travels on to trine healing Pluto at 1:12 pm early Wednesday afternoon.

This is a very good morning for medical appointments and minor surgery, and for all financial transactions and decisions—Taurus is the money sign.

One very minor quack appears at 7:23 pm when Luna squares lazy Venus. Don’t overreact to any problems then as Luna quickly moves on and trines generous Jupiter at 10:44 pm and all is well.

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Tuesday, July 26

New ideas, new thinking. Take your time with early calls and chores as the Moon is Void of Course from early hours until she enters favorite sign Taurus at 10:37 am CDT Tuesday morning.

Green lights come on at this moment as the Skywatch clears. Powering up in the background is a lovely kiss: clever Mercury making a trine to brilliant Uranus, exact at 2:45 am early tomorrow morning.

This is a superb pair of planets linked in harmony that will be in your “in” basket today. The energy will be highest late this afternoon and this evening and encourages you to trust your judgment and thinking—and to be open to an answer or solution that is outside the box.

One quack or stressful aspect appears at 6 pm when the Sun and Moon form a challenging square. Ego vs. emotion. That’s the gist of it.

Details are different for all of us, but it’s a moment to compromise and to hold off on making important decisions and purchases. Peace returns to the heavens a few minutes later as the Skywatch clears and quickly improves as the trine holds center stage for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

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Monday, July 25

Slow down and expect a quack around 10:29 am CDT when the Moon in impatient Aries squares demanding Pluto in Capricorn Monday morning. It could be the boss growling; it could be flatulence, or both.

But the Skywatch clears and improves quickly a few minutes later. Luna travels on to trine sweet Venus at 11:48 am which usually inspires a friendly and positive response from others; it’s a good time for making an important call or request.

One more trine appears in the heavens Monday evening as Luna trines persuasive Mercury at 9:55 pm. Speak up then or get out your new book.

A buzz is in the Skywatch later as the Moon meets rebellious Uranus in the heavens at 1:18 am early Tuesday morning. This could be the truth coming out.

As times change.

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