Saturday, June 25

Good, good, good. The Skywatch is excellent for work or play on Saturday.

The Moon in psychic and imaginative Pisces trines the Sun at 6:07 AM Saturday morning and travels on to trine sweet Venus at 2:58 PM. The only clouds in the sky show up at 5:54 PM when the Moon squares grumpy Saturn and then runs into, or conjuncts, spacey Neptune at 6:47 PM.

Neptune is romantic and idealistic and this could be a positive event if you are in the right frame of mind. Clear skies return a few minutes later and remain clear for the rest of the evening.

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Friday, June 24

Slow down. The Moon squares Mars Retrograde at 9:26 AM CDT Friday morning which will prompt minor accidents on the freeways and temper tantrums in the second grade.

The kiss of the day follows as Luna sextiles friendly Uranus at 10:48 am. The Moon turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters psychic Pisces at 9:30 PM Friday night. Hold off on finalizing matters while the Moon is V/C, but keep your radar on.

The welcome Jupiter Pluto trine in the heavens now is a positive marker that promotes healing and success with new people, events and business.  Watch how the energy in the room changes tonight as the Moon changes signs and leaves the V/C cycle.

2 thoughts on “Friday, June 24

  1. Lance Ferguson

    interesting…a major kiss that usually signals a great benefit, Jupiter trine Pluto, is full power today.
    And the markets are crashing. My take is that somebody is making money today or will be when the dust settles. I have followed the market and astrology for many years. The first lesson was that people make money coming and going in the market – strings are being pulled from behind the curtain so you never know who it is….

    1. Carol Jannain

      I know someone who makes money when the markets are not good, so there you go. They just trade differently than others. Interesting i will share with them. Thanks Lance. Don’t know timeline of your move, look forward to your next Lance Letter, but congratulations, an exciting new adventure, you may be there already. Take care.


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Thursday, June 23

Quiet. Green lights. The Moon is in air sign Aquarius on Thursday suggesting a good day to check in with friends and to be in circulation.

Luna makes only one stop, a courteous sextile to dependable Saturn at 12:28 PM. Even better, the Jupiter Pluto trine which becomes exact this Sunday is in full power now. So this is a very good day for important appointments, cosmetic surgery, travel and interviews for a new job. Yes, yes, yes.

Get in touch with the people who can help you today and ahead. Mars turns direct in motion next Wednesday and is about done with his Retrograde cycle.

July’s Skywatch is very good. And today marks a turning of the tide—better days are ahead, right on through the July 4 weekend.

As times change.

6 thoughts on “Thursday, June 23

  1. Merle Morrigan

    And today marks a turning of the tide—better days are ahead, right on through the July 4 weekend.
    “The dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom,” U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said to loud cheers at a “leave” campaign party.
    “Let June 23 go down in our history as our independence day!”

  2. Lance Ferguson

    yes, it is interesting that the UK breaks away on the Jupiter Pluto trine.
    It does suggest a healing for the Brits….but that’s just a guess.


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Wednesday, June 22

Out of focus.

The Moon squares jumpy Uranus at 3:57 AM CDT early Wednesday morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters Aquarius at 3:08 PM.

Caution lights are up as Mercury makes a square to opinionated Jupiter at 6 PM. This square encourages folks to bullshit, exaggerate the facts and promise more than they can deliver. (Of course, it’s not you, but there will be some who do.)

Add Mars Retrograde in Scorpio to this mix and you can bet that some pilgrims will make a bad decision today and not really count the cost of their actions.

Better days are ahead for the priority matters you need to handle. Much better.

One thought on “Wednesday, June 22

  1. Lance Ferguson is my new email address.

    still boxes to unpack…but we are delighted to be here.

    Jupiter trines Pluto in the days ahead…a healing is at hand if you make the effort.
    And Mars is just about done with his Retrograde. this is the last quacky day this month.
    astrological skies clear tomorrow and a long string of high energy days will follow.
    As times change…


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Tuesday, June 21

Green lights.

The Moon is now in conservative Capricorn suggesting a good day to deal with the government, big biz and all authority figures—or to be one yourself. Luna sextiles psychic Neptune at 5:42 AM CDT and sails out into calm seas.

The kiss of the day appears at 1 PM when the Moon trines generous Jupiter. Take a client to lunch today and you’ll make a good impression. And maybe even close the deal when the Moon meets powerful Pluto in the heavens at 2:16 PM.

Here’s where the Moon meets the Jupiter Pluto trine that is also hanging out in the jet stream of the Skywatch and will be exact on June 26. It’s a complicated Skywatch now, but this trine encourages us to heal an area of our lives: money, love, health, attitude, etc.

Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 21

  1. Lance Ferguson

    new address:

    PO Box 214
    Blaine, WA 98231

    we’ve moved into a sweet little rental house…the world here is made of giants….trees,
    islands, oceans and mountains…and raspberry fields forever…we are so happy we made
    the move…

  2. Wendy Burch

    Wow Lance! This is super cool news! So happy for you both
    -just Fyi I’m in Napa Ca…if you ever come down the coast.

  3. Johanna

    It sounds like a slice of heaven. I wish you and your family every happiness in your new home. Congratulations on pushing your self forward.


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Monday, June 20

Difficult. A Full Moon in Sagittarius at 6:02 AM CDT will amp up everyone’s emotional energy on Monday. Caution lights are up.

The problem is that Mercury opposes Saturn at 9:56 AM and then squares dreamy Neptune at 12:11 PM. As the Saturn Neptune square fires up again suggesting a day when you may not know whom to believe. Luna travels on to oppose Venus at 1:52 PM. All of this is made more difficult with Mars Retrograde in Scorpio.

And on a bigger stage today: the Sun enters Cancer at 5:34 PM and we celebrate the Summer Solstice. Looking at the birth chart of this new season we can speculate that Mercury problems are going to be significant in the weeks ahead. The winds are ruled by Mercury; catastrophic storms are certain—place unknown.

Communication leaks, mix-ups, lies, and anxiety from unfounded fears are all tied to the Saturn Neptune connections. Your mission this Summer is to NOT buy in. This will be a good time to learn something new and work on polishing your manners and approach.

Here’s the carrot: Mercury trines Pluto in the chart of Fall. That means the work and attention to the details—Mercury—you bring to bear over the next three months can have a nice pay-off in September.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Monday, June 20

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