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Wednesday, February 28

Slow down and don’t go overboard. The Moon squares overconfident Jupiter a 10:36 am PST this morning prompting some folks to exaggerate the truth. A friendly Moon Uranus trine follows at 3:13 pm but caution lights come on a minute later as Luna turns Void of Course until she enters Virgo at 9:57 pm Wednesday evening. A feisty and argumentative Mercury square to pushy Mars, exact at 3:56 pm, is in power from early hours and is likely to start a fight on the playground and spark some folks into creating minor accidents on the freeway. There is a total change of emotional scenery after sundown as Mercury flies on to make a compromising sextile to intense Pluto at 8:40 pm. A sweet Venus Jupiter trine is forming in the heavens Wednesday night, and the Moon is near Full—this is a romantic setting and a good one for introductions and a blind date.

Tuesday, February 27

A good day for finding solutions and healing up a matter. Green lights are up. All due to the solitary planetary aspect in the Skywatch on Tuesday: Venus sextile powerful Pluto, exact at 2:17 am PST early Tuesday morning. The Moon in fiery Leo also suggests a good day to deal with bosses and authority figures or to take the stage yourself and lead. Evening hours are good for social plans—reach out. As times change.

Monday, February 26

. Get an early start. An easy going Moon-Venus trine at 3:15 am PST is followed by the Moon opposing intense Pluto at 5:11 am Monday morning. Green lights come on a few minutes later as the Skywatch clears. The kiss of the day appears at 9:17 am when the Moon trines optimistic Jupiter. Caution lights come on as the Moon squares unpredictable Uranus at 1:51 pm and then turns Void of Course until she enters Leo at 8:42 pm Monday night. Everyone gets a new blast of energy then—Leo says: let’s have fun. As times change.

Sunday, February 25

There are two very different kinds of energy in the Skywatch on Sunday. A feisty and unloving Venus-Mars square at 4:01 am puts most of us in a selfish mood as the day begins. Morning hours are foggy as trickster Mercury meets/conjuncts spacey Neptune at 4:26 am. This is when the early bird gets bit by the worm. A clearing trend begins as the Sun and Moon form a welcome trine at 6:40 am. Luna then opposes serious Saturn at 6:52 am. The kiss of the day follows and gives us all a shot of positive energy as the Sun makes a sextile to dependable Saturn at 9:46 am Sunday morning. What started out so funky now turns into a good day for work or play. And for social events, too, as the Moon trines gentle Neptune at 5:51 pm and then trines articulate Mercury at 7:49 pm Sunday evening. Both markers encourage a listening heart and increase the odds of finding an understanding/solution. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (Feb 25–March 3)

you are about to enter the Twilight Zone, Pisces, as your ruler Neptune sits next to your Sun in your new Solar Return. Neptune’s visit to your chart/life inspires your creative and compassionate energies but also adds a heavy dose of idealism to your thinking that could lead you off the beaten track and into bad deals and selfish partnerships. Talk out your new plans and connections with a best friend and take their advice, Pisces. You also have Venus and Mercury making fabulous trines to lucky Jupiter in this chart of your new year = friends and loved ones can help you stay grounded and give you good counsel when things get complicated or confusing. Get outside more and let Nature’s beauty calm your fears and worries—being around water is always a positive experience for you, Pisces. As times change.

Saturday, February 24

Saturday is the best day this weekend to handle important chores and shopping. Tackle the hard jobs first thing while the Skywatch is clear. The Moon sextiles Uranus at 11:58 am but then turns Void of Course until she enters home sign Cancer at 7:06 pm. Saturday evening. Trouble is brewing Saturday night as loving Venus lines up in a square to angry Mars. Skip the talk about budgets tonight and pay extra attention to the kids and critters this evening.