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Thursday, November 30

Caution lights. A powerful and often violent planetary exchange is forming in the heavens today. This difficult energy is foreshadowed early Friday morning when the Moon opposes Mars and conjuncts volatile Uranus at 4:16 am PST. Lots of folks won’t sleep through it. Tackle the hard jobs first thing Friday morning. Luna trines dependable Saturn at 8:50 am PST and sails on to trine clever Mercury at 10:37 am and then turn Void of Course until she enters Taurus at 1:38 pm. All the while aggressive Mars lines up opposite unpredictable and rebellious Uranus, the exact alignment is at 2:04 am early Friday morning. Problems with cars, computers, and electricity are all due to Uranus. Mars just likes to break things and start fires—he often carries a weapon. Stay under the speed limit and be safe Thursday night. You’ll hear sirens in the city. As times change.

Wednesday, November 29

Green lights. But be patient, aware and pace yourself—stick to a canter today. The Moon in impatient Aries will inspire some pilgrims to be hasty and gallop into an argument or accident—the most likely hour is around 3:53 pm when the Moon squares demanding and inflexible Pluto. Clear skies follow. Use the Aries energy well by going or doing something first time today and tonight. All physical activities are also good outlets—Aries rules your muscles.

Tuesday, November 28

Early chatter. The Moon squares Saturn and Mercury at 4:09 am PST and then turns Void of Course early Tuesday morning. Green lights kick on as the Moon leaves sleepy Pisces and enters fired up Aries at 8:30 am. There’s nothing else in the Skywatch on Tuesday to slow you down as the Moon avoids contact with any other planet for the rest of the day and night. Rock on. As times change.

Monday, November 27

No B.S. Be realistic today, and you’ll profit from the Mercury Saturn conjunction in the Skywatch at 10:58 am PST Monday morning. This pair is excellent at organizing files, socks and/or paragraphs. Green lights are up due to the Moon making a sextile to healing Pluto at 9:54 am—this is a very good time for an important appointment or meeting. Stick with the facts for the rest of the day and night and trust your intuition with the Moon still in psychic Pisces. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (November 26–December 2)

You are leaving one of the most difficult periods of time in your personal astrology, Sagittarius.

Finally, confusing and deceptive Neptune is leaving the square he has made to your Sun over the last couple of years.

This square is a once-in-a-lifetime event described by Lois Rodden: “Deception, confusion and unrealistic aspirations threaten your goals.”

Neptune dissolves relationships, prior advantages, and often brings additional stress to your health, along with strange sleep and dreams.

Things will be different in 2018. Clarity and strength you lost return as a new and much better set of planetary transits show up in your personal birth chart in the months ahead.

The Future? Lucky Jupiter enters your sign on November 8, 2018. Good news if you are ready then. Be alert for positive guideposts along the way.

And be thankful, times have changed.

Sunday, November 26

The Moon ends her V/C cycle by entering psychic Pisces at 00:04 am PST early Sunday morning.

The only quack in the Skywatch on Sunday appears at 9:03 am when the Sun and Moon make a challenging square; logic/philosophy of Sag vs. emotion/feelings of Pisces.  Green lights come on a few minutes later as astrological skies clear.

The kiss of the day shows up at 7:52 pm when the Moon trines “happy go lucky” Jupiter. Luna travels on to meet/conjunct dreamy, romantic Neptune at 10:09 pm Sunday night which will send some folks to bed and others to order a nightcap.

As times change.