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THE WEEKEND: April 29-30

Get after it Saturday morning. Green lights are up as the Moon sextiles Mercury Rx and Uranus at 11:13 am PDT. You are bound to make some progress with that pair. Take a break as the Moon opposes Saturn at 2:28 pm because Luna then turns Void of course until she enters home sign Cancer at 6:48 pm. Hold off on making major purchases or decisions while the Moon is V/C. An awkward moment follows when the Moon squares greedy Venus at 7:59 pm or maybe the movie is boring. Quiet hours follow. As times change.

Peaceful and positive energy is in the Skywatch on Sunday. The Moon in sensitive Cancer sextiles the Sun at 12:19 pm PDT and travels on to trine compassionate and imaginative Neptune at 5:27 pm Sunday afternoon. Both markers invite emotional honesty and awareness. Just keep all in perspective when the Moon squares “the King of exaggeration” Jupiter at 8:23 pm. As times change.

Friday, April 28

Nervous, unsettled, unexpected. That’s the energy in the Skywatch this morning as Retrograde Mercury meets rebellious Uranus in the heavens at 7:50 am PDT.

Brilliant new ideas also come along with this pair—crackpot ideas, too. At the same time, Venus jumps into Aries again at 6:13 am. She’s eager and impatient in the sign of the Ram—an impulse shopper.

The low point of the day appears at 4:23 pm when the Moon squares dreamy Neptune increasing the chances of errors, misunderstandings with Mercury still Rx.

Evening hours are upbeat due to Luna trining lucky Jupiter at 7:36 pm Friday night.

As times change

Thursday, April 27

Green lights. The Moon in favorite sign Taurus trines powerful Pluto at 1:49 am PDT early this morning and then sails out into quiet waters.

Trust your instincts today and your gut reactions—ruled by the Moon. Taurus is ruled by sweet Venus who loves dessert and high-quality extravagances. And this means that the kiss of the day has a little extra shot of good energy in it as the Moon in a Venus-ruled sign sextiles Venus at 6:18 pm.

Sextiles always bring good times to take action and this one suggests a very good time to flirt, ask a favor, buy chocolate, have a beauty treatment—Venus is helpful in many ways.

Luna turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters talkative Gemini at 6:39 pm. Stay up later and Luna meets fired up Mars at 2:16 am early Friday morning.

As times change.


Wednesday, April 26

New Moon. Green lights.

This is a day and time to initiate new plans and to plant seeds.

This lunation is in money sign Taurus, exact at 5:16 am PDT, which gives you some guidance and directs you to start something positive around your finances today and over the next two weeks prior to the Full Moon.

The idea is that as the Moon increases in light, the power behind your action will grow. Even if it’s cutting out coupons or stashing a bill in the piggy bank, take action today.

The only other event in the Skywatch today is a minor kiss: Moon sextile creative Neptune at 4:39 pm.

Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night.

Tuesday, April 25

Surprises. The Moon meets unpredictable Uranus in the heavens at 11:04 am PDT this morning (this might be a power moment for you, Aquarians) and then meets Mercury Rx at 1:29 pm.

Be certain of your facts today, and if possible, save your most important chore for 2:53 pm when the Moon trines dependable Saturn Tuesday afternoon. Caution lights kick on a minute later as Luna turns Void of Course until she enters Taurus at 6:56 pm.

The good vibes in the trine will continue into the V/C hours—but this is not a good time to make important purchases or binding decisions.

Evening hours are quiet. The Moon in Taurus prompts a cookie jar raid after supper. Leslie makes killer oatmeal cookies, and this Taurus is certain to have several tonight.

As times change.


Monday, April 24


Retrograde Mercury trines realistic Saturn at 1:15 am PDT early this morning setting up a positive blast of energy in the Skywatch as you start your day. Green lights are up as the Moon in competitive Aries runs out into calm seas. Just take your time with people and calls with Mercury still Rx.

The only other exact marker appears at 8:24 pm when Luna opposes opinionated Jupiter Monday night. Stay up later and the Moon squares obsessive Pluto at 1:46 am early Tuesday morning—no mercy in that one.

As times change.