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THE WEEKEND: June 24-25

Be careful on Saturday. Morning hours are the best for the important matters as a Venus-Pluto trine at 1:57 am PDT early Saturday morning leaves a sweet vapor trail in the heavens as you start your day. The trouble begins when the Moon meets aggressive Mars at 12:09 pm and then squares Jupiter a half hour later. Caution lights are up with this pair because Mars and Jupiter make a square in the heavens at 11:07 pm Saturday night inspiring some folks to go overboard in their promises, drinking, and expectations. A light and gentle Moon-Neptune trine at 1:42 pm offers a sweet moment to work with others. Luna travels on to oppose inflexible Pluto at 8:29 pm and then sextile sweet Venus at 9:56 pm. The big square follows and is bound to inspire some folks to get into fights or arguments and to break the law Saturday night. Be careful, cool and safe. You’ll hear sirens in the city tonight. As times change.

Keep it simple Sunday morning. The Moon squares contrary Uranus at 11:44 am and then turns Void of Course until she enters fun-loving Leo at 3:06 pm Sunday afternoon. Green lights come on at this moment. And a major kiss follows, the reverse energy of Saturday, as eager Mars makes a trine to compassionate and imaginative Neptune at 11:19 pm Sunday night. This trine is in power all day long and encourages you to help others and to turn your creative energies loose on Sunday. Dreams (Neptune) can be evocative and helpful Sunday night—pay attention. As times change.

Friday, June 23

New Moon. Time to plant seeds and initiate new actions/plans. This one has two connections: an opposition to Saturn at 5:31 am PDT, and a sextile to friendly Uranus at 11:45 am. Translation: plant carefully and responsibly but don’t be afraid to add your unique touch to matters—Uranus encourages you to think outside the box. A time out follows the sextile as Luna turns Void of Course until she enters home sign Cancer at 3:07 pm Friday afternoon. Green lights come back on at this moment as the Skywatch clears. The Sun and Moon conjunct in the heavens forming the New Moon in Cancer at 7:31 pm. A sterling Venus-Pluto trine lights up evening skies with positive energy that encourages loving exchanges and a listening heart—this is an excellent evening for introductions and giving your teenager some good advice they will likely take to heart. As times change.

Thursday, June 22

Tackle the hard jobs first thing. Green lights. There’s a lovely trine in the Skywatch that spreads optimism and good cheer this morning. Trines bring a good time to meet with others and to conduct business as most folks will be more likely to agree or compromise with your wishes. You might have a blast of pure genius at these moments, too. Especially possible today as the Moon trines wise and generous Jupiter at 1:05 pm PDT. A cloud comes by a few minutes later as the Moon travels on to square spacey Neptune at 2:19 pm. Double-check the details then and be certain you are understood—Neptune doesn’t listen carefully. Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night. As times change.

Wednesday, June 21

Caution lights. The Moon turned Void of Course last night after her trine to Pluto and remains in the unfocused V/C cycle until she enters curious Gemini at 3:44 pm PDT. Wednesday afternoon. More changes: Mercury enters emotional Cancer at 2:58 am and then meets the Sun in the heavens at 7:14 pm which will inspire billions of texts, tweets and calls all over the world. As times change.

Tuesday, June 20

Celebration! There’s a long list of positive elements in Tuesday’s Skywatch—Green lights are up for work or play. The Moon sextiles Mars at 8:21 am PDT and then sextiles psychic Neptune a 2:25 pm. The kiss of the day follows as the Moon meets charming Venus (she’s powerful in her home sign Taurus) in the heavens at 3:22 pm. Need to ask a favor or send out a love note? This is the moment. A change of seasons follows as the Sun enters Summer sign Cancer a 9:24 pm and we celebrate the Summer Solstice. Fortunately, the Moon trines healing Pluto at the same moment and these two positive Moon connections to Venus and Pluto will also be in the chart astrologers create for the Summer season. That means this can be another “Summer of Love” for all of us, and that the wedding industry will have more dates than usual on their calendar. While Venus gets folks to fall in love, Pluto marries them. This will also be a stellar three-month period to reach for all kinds of healing in your life and to put some love on yourself this Summer. As times change.

Monday, June 19

Get an early start. The Skywatch is stellar this morning—green lights are up. The Moon in eager Aries trines dependable Saturn at 5:07 am PDT and then sextiles clever Mercury at 8:20 am. Something positive and perhaps unexpected is likely at Luna meets innovative Uranus in the heavens at 11:05 am and then sextiles the powerful Sun at 12:42 pm. A two-hour “time out” follows as the Moon turns Void of Course until she enters favorite sign Taurus at 2:53 pm. Hold off on making major decisions and purchases in this window of time. And notice how your perspective changes with the Moon changing signs. Money and the practical side of matters become much more important when the Moon travels through money sign Taurus. Evening hours are wonderful for introductions and all social events Monday night. Affectionate Venus sextiles romantic Neptune while Mercury sextiles honest Uranus in the early hours of Tuesday, and both aspects are in full power Monday evening creating a very good atmosphere for heart to heart exchanges and sharing. As times change.