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If your birthday is this week (March 25–31)

You have the most powerful Solar Return chart I’ve seen this year, Aries.

You have troops: Venus, Mercury Rx, and Uranus are all in your sign in this chart of your new year.

The power comes from your ruler Mars who is in favorite sign Capricorn in this new SR. He sits next to ambitious Saturn and gives you an extra dose of stamina and ability to plan and organize your future in ways you hadn’t considered before.

No free rides this year—the work will be heavy but can be extremely valuable in the future. You can expect a big shot of luck and some new advantages at years end, Aries.

This is the year for you to make it happen.

As times change.

Sunday, March 25

There is a great deal of energy in the Skywatch on Sunday as the Moon connects with six different planets.  Each planet represents a new emotion with the Moon in emotional Cancer.

Luna trines Neptune at 2:53 am and is a dream maker. She then squares Mercury Rx at 5:54 am delaying the newspaper carriers.

The focus is likely to intensify as the Moon opposes powerful Pluto at 1:41 pm. The kiss of the day follows as Luna trines lucky Jupiter at 4:32 pm. Here’s the best time for social calls and errands.

The mood changes Sunday night as the Moon squares Venus at 5:59 pm and then squares detached Uranus at 11:58 pm.

As times change.

Saturday, March 24

Emotions rise as the Moon enters home sign Cancer at 1:53 am PDT early Saturday morning. Caution lights are up - as Luna then makes a very grouchy square to the Sun at 8:35 am.

The Moon opposes Mars a minute later and the strongest energy of the day appears at 9:08 am when the Sun squares Mars.  Mars is impulsive, hasty, rash and impatient.  The Moon getting involved increases the chances of accidents, arguments, and temper tantrums Saturday morning,  especially with Mercury Retrograde now.

A quiet Moon Saturn opposition is likely to bring some peace Saturday afternoon, exact at 4:37 pm.

Quiet hours follow.

Friday, March 23.

Pressure. There’s a different vibe in the air today.

Morning hours are the best for calls and decisions as the Moon sextiles easygoing Venus at 10:07 am PDT.

The real issue Friday afternoon is about who gets what and who wins as Venus slams into a square with manipulative and possessive Pluto, exact at 4:13 pm.

Be extra cautious with financial transactions with this square and Mercury Retrograde today and tonight as errors and fraudulent transactions are much more likely with these two money planets at odds with each other.

A friendly Moon Uranus sextile at 8:52 pm opens the door to positive encounters Friday night.

Thursday, March 22

Double-check the details. That’s our mantra today and ahead as Mercury begins to appear to back up in the heavens at 5:19 pm PDT Thursday afternoon.

Problems with weather, computers, cars, the important details, the key, intentions and lots of misunderstandings all come along with Mercury Retrograde.  Errors, too.

As we begin to put our taxes together with all the new laws, here comes the premier time of errors, miscalculations, and mistakes in the Skywatch. I have great sympathy for my dear friend (a CPA) who has four in Virgo.

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, the signs who always have great stories to tell about Mercury Rx. Best then to tackle the hard jobs first thing Thursday morning. Evening hours are low energy as the Moon squares dreamy Neptune at 11:40 pm.

As times change.

Wednesday, March 21


The Moon trines Pluto at 6:58 am PDT, opposes Jupiter at 10:21 am and then turns Void of Course until she enters Gemini at 10:30 pm later tonight.

Stick to routine while the Moon is V/C, especially with Mercury slowing down in the heavens preparing to turn Retrograde.

And keep it simple Wednesday night.