Healing energy. There’s a big-time planetary alignment in the Skywatch this month. Expansive and lucky Jupiter lines up in a sextile to healing Pluto on the 14th. But nothing good happens unless you take action; that’s the message from a sextile. This welcome aspect will be in power all month long and brings a fabulous time to get married or to start any new health or dietary program. This is also a good month for elective surgery, also ruled by Pluto. This sextile is powerful as Jupiter is in Scorpio now, the sign ruled by Pluto, which doubles the power of this most useful marker. Pluto is also the ruler of investments, insurance, taxes and goods of the dead. Jupiter rules the law, travel and education—all favorable avenues in the light of this sextile.

But you’ve got to double-check the details as Mercury is still Retrograde from last month until he resumes direct motion on April 15th. And surprises are likely on this date as there is also a New Moon in Aries which sits next to Uranus, the planet of changes and the truth. Looks like Tax day will be favorable news to some folks and a bad surprise to others.

The Full Moon this month is also a positive event. It will be in earthy Capricorn and makes a complementary sextile to ruler Saturn on the 29th. Again, this combination is extra powerful and brings us a very good time to make a final decision (popping the question) and/or to ending a chapter in your life that is unhealthy or negative.

More Retrogrades: Saturn begins to back up on the bases on the 17th. Pluto turns Retrograde on the 22nd. Neither planet has a personal connection and you might not feel these events. However, they will slow down the signs ruled by these two planets and urge the natives to be more deliberate and reasoned in their actions during this Rx period.


3 thoughts on “LOOKING AHEAD TO APRIL:

  1. Joanne

    Sounds like a good month, but I’m a little confused about the full moon in Capricorn. Wouldn’t the sun have to be in Cancer if the full moon is in Cap? Don’t expect that in April but who knows the way things have been happening lately. Have a wonderful spring!

    1. Julie

      Joanne, you’re right. My astrological calendar (Jim Maynard’s Celestial Guide) says the Sun will be in earthy Taurus and the Moon will be in watery Scorpio. The Scorpio Moon will sextile Saturn in Capricorn a little more than an hour before the Full Moon is exact.
      – Another place to double-check lunation signs and aspects is this page at Cafe Astrology (charts set for New York): https://cafeastrology.com/lunation-charts-year-2016-2017-2018.html
      – There’s also a Cafe Astrology page, https://cafeastrology.com/lunationstables.html, which has many years (1900 to 2050) of lunations in a list to scroll through. These are set for GMT. To easily jump to the year of interest, input Ctrl-F or Cmd-F to get a “Find” search box where you can input the year, like 2018. With the arrows you can jump to that part of the list.


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Lance’s February Letter

Friends,                                                                                            February 11, 2018

We’ve had some excitement lately as a huge earthquake in Alaska kicked on tsunami fears all along our coast that fortunately proved to be false.  But now I see why we have signs on the roads that lead to high ground and warn of tsunamis. We’ve had rain and snow.  Mt. Baker picked up a quick ten feet of snow and opened early.  Strangely, a warm front came through weeks later, melted a lot of snow, and rained steadily for two days – and the rivers rose.  We drive across the Nooksack River most days, and it was way up and moving, swift, but still within its banks in Ferndale where the river goes right through town with one bridge over it for cars and an old steel erector bridge for trains nearby. And while it rains a lot, we are still tooling along on the sweet two-lane farm roads which take you up to the ridge tops and then drop you into a valley in less than three miles. Along the way are farms, red barns and more horse ranches than you might imagine. Llamas, too.  The raspberry canes are wound up and naked.  The blueberry vines are scarlet and strange looking.  But the pastures are green as a new alfalfa crop is standing up bright and perky and replacing the corn stubble.  Down the road, strawberry plants filled a small spot.  We rarely have a freeze, and Leslie reports that she already sees buds on some trees.  Wishful thinking?  She has already bought veggie seeds now sitting in the kitchen window, a reminder.  She’s infected with the urge to grow things and to improve the beauty of the front yard which is the attitude of many people here in western Washington.  And folks are friendly.  In general, we have had only good reactions and positive vibes from the people we meet.  And this is a hardy bunch.  You might have on a jacket and be chilly while in sandals and shirt sleeves. Leslie’s son, Pete, outfitted our car with super grabber tires and the best windshield wipers, so we have no worries as we cruise the back roads in the rain which we actually enjoy.  I’ve learned to fill up a roadie cup with my good coffee before we head out.  It kills me  (Taurus folks are known to be tight with money) to pay Starbuck prices when I make an excellent brew, and a warm cup of joe is good medicine for traveling about under cloudy skies.  Although the clouds are a beautiful painting of their own as warm and cold fronts, bring different layers of soft white pillows and dark, angry lines of clouds on the horizon as a storm front approaches.  Hard to believe but they pushed the crab harvest season back another month so they would get fatter.  And the day came last week, so I picked up a fat Dungeness at the grocery yesterday.  Price was $3.49 lb which meant my pound and a halfer came in at about $7.50.  And it was excellent.  I took over the kitchen sink, poured a glass of cold white wine, got my garlic butter pot out and ate the whole thing in a half hour standing up watching the news.  So good.  (Oink.)

I want to thank all of you that have been so patient waiting for your reading as I got behind but have finally caught up.  Be sure to cluck at me if you haven’t gotten yours yet.  The post office makes a lot of mistakes at this time of year.  And be sure to contact me if you don’t get your copy of Skywatch by the end of the preceding month. We had three subscribers not get their copy last month.  If you need a new copy, call us and leave a message and we’ll get a replacement into the post pronto, and we are happy to do it.  Homebase is 360-392-8338.  Mercury Retrograde is ahead…perfect time to do your taxes.  Read ahead and pick out the good days for what you need to do, as times change.

2 thoughts on “Lance’s February Letter

  1. J. Smith

    Thank you Lance and Leslie for allowing us to see through your eyes the wonders all around you.
    ~Keep on keeping it cozy~
    Jags & Marly


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All planets remain in direct motion as we start March—good days to put new plans and ideas into motion. More energy appears on the 6th when both Venus and Mercury enter fired-up and impatient Aries. This is a stellar day to start something positive in your life and/or to let someone know you really love them.

The Skywatch clouds up a bit as Jupiter turns Retrograde on March 8. He does this every year and retreats on the bases for 3-4 months and will end this cycle in mid-August. As the ruler of expansion, his Rx period requires close scrutiny of the measures you take to grow and progress—sloppy thinking and work will hinder your ability to succeed in this window of time.

The most influential event in the heavens in March is Mercury turning Retrograde on the 22nd. Traveling backwards in aggressive Aries for three weeks is bound to launch ideas and plans that will never come true. And people will say things they wish they hadn’t. Mercury rules the winds—Aries is ruled by sometimes violent Mars—powerful storms are likely along with talk of war. Use this period of time to stop, look and listen—to review and reorganize matters so that you will be better prepared in the future to succeed after Mercury resumes direct motion on April 15.

Matters started during Mercury Rx often fail to deliver as promised. It’s a poor time to make long-term commitments and for elective medical procedures. And you’ll want to double-check everything you write down while doing your taxes in this time period as errors are more likely. And whether it’s tax advice or a medical evaluation, don’t hesitate to get a second opinion during Mercury Rx. This is a good time to shop and compare, especially with large purchases. Pay extra attention to pets and critters during the Rx cycle as small problems can get out of hand—all ruled by Mercury.

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A January Letter from Lance…….

Friends,                                                                                               January 9, 2018


We kicked off the new year at a potluck dinner party with some very friendly neighbors who live across the street, and we had a very good time.  Dave and Shirley hosted the event.  They have one house in Canada about 30 minutes north in Langley, B.C. and also own a house in our area.  He gave me some real poop on Canada.  They pay much more for gas and milk than the prices here due to taxes and economic policies, and that’s why we see so many Canadian license plates at the ice cream stores.  He also said their health care system was expensive and very slow.  Surprised me as I thought Canada had it better than us, but it’s not so.  That’s why they have two houses, I suspect.  We had a light snow storm two weeks ago leaving about two inches of white beauty on the dark green evergreen branches – a forest of Christmas trees.  But the roads stayed clear, and we got to enjoy the storm without any problems.  Winter here is high 40’s in the daytime…high 30’s at night.  But we have high humidity and no wind.  Rain can stay for a few days but is so light that we enjoy it and use our hoodies to get around.  Lots of wildlife in our backyard now.  And we feed them.  There are two big bags of nuts, corn, birdseed and sunflower seeds next to the sliding back door.  All for feeding the birds and three black squirrels who wait up in the trees every morning for Leslie to throw out a handful of food and whistle “lunch is served.”  The three stooges get the message and clear off the goodies on the patio in an hour.  It’s strange how we are living again in an area noted for the survival of huge white birds that were once endangered.  In Corpus Christi, we saw whopping cranes return to the marshes there rebuilding their numbers.  Here we read in the paper that thousands of trumpeter swans are returning to the fields in this county and south of us.  Hunters nearly wiped them out in the early 1900s.  Now they number in the thousands in Skagit County, just south of us, where they are wintering.  These swans have a seven-foot wingspan and are nearly 4 feet tall when standing.  We saw two them fly across the road directly in front of our car on our last outing.  Pure white, huge and with long necks and powerful bodies, they looked like two B -52s flying in formation with their strong wings keeping a steady pace.  Way out in the field, we could see 15-20 more swans in a big group feeding.  This was on one of those fabulous days when the sea fog was thick, hanging over the fields and forests like a gray blanket.  It was so quiet and peaceful; we felt like we were the only ones on the road that day as we drove past dairy farms, pastures, blueberry fields which are all red now.  The blueberry vines turn almost scarlet in color after they drop their leaves – it’s a strange sight.  Also strange to me is that out in the middle of nowhere we run across a big fire station nestled into the trees.  They do fire stations right here as most are new and designed to fit into the environment with the right colors and design.  And we have the radio on to the Canadian stations.  For news, I tune in the CBC station out of Vancouver.  And for fun, we listen to the French language station also in Vancouver.  We don’t know any French but love hearing them cluck on.  And I love the music they play.  I can’t categorize the songs as they vary from sweet middle of the road love songs, we think, to rap.  Most of the music is delightful and like nothing you’ve heard before.  The French rap will make you lose your mind.  So then we switch off to one of their country stations, and they rock – no sad ballads or crying and dying tunes – cowboys here boogie to the beat.  A Solar Eclipse and New Moon highlight the Skywatch in February.  Read ahead and make some plans. As times change.

One thought on “A January Letter from Lance…….

  1. Pamela

    Always enjoy your letters Lance & Leslie.. I am so inpired by those who have the gift of writing….maybe short stories are in your future? Stay well you two!


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Powerful Pluto is on stage as the year begins. As the Sun, Venus and Mercury will all meet Pluto in the heavens in January. Plus Mars and Jupiter are both in Pluto-ruled Scorpio for most of the month. Great healing is possible in the weeks ahead and a great rupture, too—divorces, bankruptcies, mass calamities and major milestones will be in the news and, in some places, a passing of the torch as Pluto rules death and rebirth. Pluto’s energy helps us focus and to passionately attack our problems. So this is a very good month for all of us to take action on improving our health, relationships and/or finances. Pluto asks us to let go of negative people and situations—this is a fabulous month for a “fresh start” in some area of your life and to create a new positive situation or habit that you can carry into the future. Most helpful is that Jupiter lines up in a supportive sextile to Pluto on Jan 15, encouraging all of us to look for new opportunities this month—the Future is calling with this pair. And especially for all Scorpio birth signs, planets and the house Scorpio rules in your birth chart. Pluto is Scorpio’s ruler or ambassador.

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Just when you thought the worst was over, it’s not as Mercury begins to Retrograde on December 3 in Sagittarius, the sign most noted for being full of B.S. and overinflated thinking. Of course this will make travel more difficult until Mercury resumes direct motion on Dec 22.

Cold. We always cast a chart of the Sun’s entrance into Capricorn each year to use as a guidepost as to events that occur during Winter’s three months. This year, the Sun and Saturn meet in the heavens on the Winter Solstice Day. Translation: Cold. Big time Winter weather is the forecast from this rare combination.

Venus meets Saturn in the heavens on Christmas Day. Something old and treasured from the past will be deeply valued as a gift this year. The Skywatch is clear and friendly on New Year’s Eve.

DECEMBER KISS DAYS: 8+, 14, 23, 28+, add 2 and 20 to this list although there are some V/C hours on both days—get the details in the daily reports. Two days of Grace + this month are stellar for important appointments and handling priority matters.

DECEMBER QUACK DAYS: 1, 3+, 21. Double-check the details while Mercury is Rx from Dec 2-22.

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