Powerful Pluto is on stage as the year begins. As the Sun, Venus and Mercury will all meet Pluto in the heavens in January. Plus Mars and Jupiter are both in Pluto-ruled Scorpio for most of the month. Great healing is possible in the weeks ahead and a great rupture, too—divorces, bankruptcies, mass calamities and major milestones will be in the news and, in some places, a passing of the torch as Pluto rules death and rebirth. Pluto’s energy helps us focus and to passionately attack our problems. So this is a very good month for all of us to take action on improving our health, relationships and/or finances. Pluto asks us to let go of negative people and situations—this is a fabulous month for a “fresh start” in some area of your life and to create a new positive situation or habit that you can carry into the future. Most helpful is that Jupiter lines up in a supportive sextile to Pluto on Jan 15, encouraging all of us to look for new opportunities this month—the Future is calling with this pair. And especially for all Scorpio birth signs, planets and the house Scorpio rules in your birth chart. Pluto is Scorpio’s ruler or ambassador.

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New Letter from Lance……

Friends,                                                                                              November 9, 2017

Local color:  Autumn is a slow dancer in Birch Bay, Washington…the leaves are a foot deep in our backyard.  Huge maple leaves the size of a child’s hand carpet the grass with golden copper tones, and it looks like a Norman Rockwell painting.  And more leaves are yet to fall in our yard and in the forests.  We got two inches of snow last week, a very early occurrence in our area, but the snow was not any problem to us at all.  The roads were clear, and it was gone in two days. We got to enjoy the snow with no hassles and temperatures that stayed well above freezing.  Now that all the yards have green grass again from recent rains, the falling leaves stand out on a vibrant green canvas.  The Kodak moment came just after the snow storm when Leslie spied a hummingbird outside the window where we had a feeder last year.  Shazam!  Leslie filled the feeder with fresh juice, and it was out there in five minutes.  The hummer, looks like a ruby throat, got his fill and now hangs out in the branches of a nearby bush guarding his stash of energy.  Amazing, there are hummers who Winter here and that he came back to the old spot where he dined before.

It’s apple time here in Whatcom county (weird word but you get used to it – it’s a Lummi Indian word that means “noisy water”). There are many varieties of apples in the stores. And the fresh cider they make from them is fabulous.  The Spud Shed in Lynden is also open again.  Farmers grow lots of potatoes along with berries and apples in this county.  25 pounds of red, white or yellow potatoes for ten bucks is what the sign there says. And mushrooms are another local crop.  They also sell mushroom kits at the farmer’s market so you can grow your own – very cool.  All the farmers and ranchers here are very careful to avoid chemicals and hormones in their crops, cattle, and milk.  I think we have the purest food supply in the country.  Our tap water comes from deep wells and is cool and sweet right out of the kitchen faucet – no point in buying bottled water at all – we fill them up at home.

Predictions from the weather service and astrology all point to a severe Winter weather pattern in our future.  So Leslie is thinking ahead and just made a big batch of Thieves Vinegar to help us get through the flu season. The big gallon jar is now aging in the pantry and will be ready to consume in about a month.  It is an easy concoction to make once you assemble all the herbs and goodies that go into it.  The contents have been studied and found to be immune-enhancing and potently anti-microbial against viruses of all kinds, bacteria, fungi.  The aromatic vinegar can be taken daily as a tonic and preventative, and more frequently after the onset of illness. You’ll find the recipe and story behind this elixir at www.feastandfamineblogspot.com. This site is a global health resource for local solutions and information that you won’t see in your local news. I urge you to check it out and to read the articles on vaccines and other home remedies.  This site is a goldmine of information. The author is a highly educated holistic nutritional herbal specialist.  And a great storyteller, too who has written four entertaining books on her journey to find a new home and way of life after being homeless for a good spell.  Heads up – mercury Retrograde begins soon…check out the December issue as soon as you can.  Times change.


One thought on “New Letter from Lance……

  1. Deborah L Buchanan

    What a wonderful missive about fall in the NW. I used to live in the NW corner of Oregon, and I miss the Pacific NW more than words can express. Alas, my family all wants to be in the Sonoran Desert, and I want to be with my family. Anyway, enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving. One of the things I am personally thankful for is the forecasts you offer.


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Just when you thought the worst was over, it’s not as Mercury begins to Retrograde on December 3 in Sagittarius, the sign most noted for being full of B.S. and overinflated thinking. Of course this will make travel more difficult until Mercury resumes direct motion on Dec 22.

Cold. We always cast a chart of the Sun’s entrance into Capricorn each year to use as a guidepost as to events that occur during Winter’s three months. This year, the Sun and Saturn meet in the heavens on the Winter Solstice Day. Translation: Cold. Big time Winter weather is the forecast from this rare combination.

Venus meets Saturn in the heavens on Christmas Day. Something old and treasured from the past will be deeply valued as a gift this year. The Skywatch is clear and friendly on New Year’s Eve.

DECEMBER KISS DAYS: 8+, 14, 23, 28+, add 2 and 20 to this list although there are some V/C hours on both days—get the details in the daily reports. Two days of Grace + this month are stellar for important appointments and handling priority matters.

DECEMBER QUACK DAYS: 1, 3+, 21. Double-check the details while Mercury is Rx from Dec 2-22.

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How to order your personal astrology reading for 2018

I am ahead of my usual schedule and have the 2018 Datebook together.  If you want to order a new reading for your personal astrology for 2018, I urge you to order it now while I have time.  There is always a big rush for readings in December, and I can’t always fulfill every order on time.  If you have never had a timing reading from me consider this offer.  Send me your date, time (check your birth certificate) and city of birth in a note in the post.  I will create your birth chart, analyze the transits or timing events in your chart for 2018: when to hold ‘em and when to fold’em.  I’ll record a one-hour cd with this info. And include the 2018 Long-Range Datebook with your reading.  The fee is $150.  Send a check along with your info to PO Box 214, Blaine, WA 98231 or use Paypal or your credit card – You do this by calling Leslie with your number at 360-392-8338.

2 thoughts on “How to order your personal astrology reading for 2018

  1. Tremolo

    If you ever wanted a reading from Lance, get one asap. It’s eye opening -and life changing. My husband and I each got one and it’s absolutely worth every cent and more.

  2. Adrienne Glover

    If we’ve already purchased the long range datebook, is it possible to get the personal reading at a slightly reduced price?


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Lance’s September letter………….

Friends,                                                                                                                 September 7, 2017

The pictures on TV of Harvey's destruction of our old stomping grounds, Rockport, and the worry for our friends in Corpus Christi took their toll on both of us over the last few weeks - tears came along for the ride. But we also had great relief that we were NOT there. We had been through two hurricane evacuations when we lived in Lamar and knew the gut wrenching fear of watching a red ball of hate on the weather channel radar get closer and closer. And leaving with the kitty in the bathroom and no way to know if our house would still be there when we got back. Horrible experience. And now again in another state. We send our prayers to them all, and we know how awful it is.

What helped take our mind off of the storm was a visit from Leslie's cousin, Jane, from Dallas. She's a lovely Cancer we chauffeured around the three little towns nearby. Our address is Blaine which is a charming little town built on a ridge top overlooking a small marina and bay. It's a fabulous setting for a bar that hosts poker games every Sunday - 25 bucks and you get into a real Texas Hold 'Em Poker tournament - deal me in.

Ferndale is also about 8 miles down the road. Good grocery store there and huge baskets of pink petunias on every street lamp. Lynden is also nearby and is the city founded by the Dutch with the two 42-foot windmills in town. The real action around here is in Bellingham, Pop. 100k, which is 15 miles south of us. The original courthouse from the last century is still strong and an anchor to a sweet downtown area. The main street is tree-lined Railroad, and it lays out and feels exactly like Berkeley in the 1960's. Pizza, crepes, bagels, burritos, elk burgers-lots of choices in the small store fronts/joints all catering to the 20k students at Western Washington University who come down from the hills to check out the used clothing stores and coffee shops - the buildings on their campus are scattered on a forested hillside overlooking the bay - fabulous. We like to hit the Bagelry for a light lunch and pick up bagels for tomorrow's breakfast. The Russian meat pies are also great to take home - lots
of Russian folks here - you can't miss the accents. At the end of Railroad St. is a steel-beamed building with a glass roof and huge glass garage doors that are open in the sunshine and closed in the rain. This is where the Saturday Farmer's Market is held. Jane loved the crowd and goodies to see and taste. We then took her to Taco Lobo, our fav Mex spot.

Having Jane light up at the Farmer's Market and reviewing with her all the things we love about Western Washington was good medicine for seeing the sadness on tv. The one spot she missed was the local bar with 15 pinball games upstairs. Old technology is my strength. I hung out at a bowling alley in my younger years and would watch this big dude (he was 16) play a pinball game and win free games - I copied his style of when to hit it and how to use the flippers and developed into a minor league pinball wizard. I searched every spot in Corpus Christi, and there wasn't one pinball game in town. Here I have 15 to choose from, and there's another pinball emporium on the other side of town I haven't checked out yet. Diggity. It's therapy to me, and I solve the problems of the world keeping the steel ball moving - the payoff is a loud "KNOCK."  Which means I scored enough to win a free game. I always like to leave a free game ready in the machine when I leave cuz I know some young kid like me will go down the row of machines and hit the free game button on each one just to see if someone left one still to play. And bingo, he will get a free game that I leave and be smiling that someone was so dumb to leave it in the machine. It's a great feeling I remember well - miracles do happen.

5 thoughts on “Lance’s September letter………….

    1. Leslie McLaurin Post author

      Hi, Bridget, good question, I didn’t realize the letters weren’t in the Lance’s Letters folder! I just moved them all so you can read them all for this year. When I have some time I will post more. Thanks for letting us know!

  1. Nicole

    Thanks for these letters Lance! I love hearing your “voice” while I read them. So glad you were not in S. Texas for Harvey. I’m also surprised not to hear of any fire problems where you guys are now…. is my geography off? I thought the whole NW was suffering fires.
    Take care of each other!

  2. sandra L Alvord

    I just adore reading your letters Lance! Thank you for always making me smile even if the day is a Quack! Hahaha. Your perspective on things is always a breath of fresh air. I live where it is nice and dry in California, but seeing the plight of those in Texas & Puerto Rico touched my heart as well.
    The world is truly a much smaller place and I am sure I am far from the only one who added prayers for protection to the over flowing basket.

    Your work & your letters do make a difference, and I am very grateful to be a long time member!
    Thanks to Leslie as well for all the multitude of things she does!
    You are both appreciated!

  3. lance Ferguson

    thanks Nicole and Sandra…no fires close by,Nicole…thankfully….and now it’s falling leaves and lovely here…i appreciate your feedback…will keep the “Pine Cone Chronicles” coming…


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Green lights.  The pace of events picks up in October. Only two planets are Retrograde now, Neptune and Pluto—the pair least likely to interfere with your plans or to slow you down. All the other planets are blazing into new territory opening the door to new opportunities and connections—some exceptional days are ahead.

As the month begins, loving Venus and aggressive Mars find the same spot in the Zodiac and conjunct/meet in the heavens on Oct 5. This pair likes to buy things, make love, be creative and their energy and desire will be very strong the first week of the month. Amplifying the energy in this somewhat rare, once-a-year conjunction, is a Full Moon, also exact on Oct 5. It’s a superb date and time to propose marriage or a business partnership. A child born on this date will have an incredible sex appeal and charisma.

The main event in October’s astrological weather is Jupiter entering water sign Scorpio on Oct 10. Jupiter spends a year in each sign and thus he visits the sign of healing and transformation once every twelve years. It’s valuable to note the events of these years when Jupiter traveled through Scorpio: Nov/05 to Nov/06, Nov/93 to Nov/94, Nov/81 to Dec/82. I moved on every one of these periods as Jupiter transited my 4th house of home/family during those years. Remember, Jupiter is the planet of expansion and he is most helpful when we take action and keep the faith that matters can improve. Obviously, this is a good period of time for Scorpio birth signs and planets in Scorpio to shine. Water signs Cancer and Pisces will also get a blast of this positive energy in the months ahead. Yes, yes, yes. The energy to heal an important component in our life remains high for all of us over the next twelve months while Jupiter is in Scorpio. How has he helped you before?

Sweet Venus enters her home sign, Libra, on Oct 14 opening hearts and minds of most folks to love and compromise. She travels through Libra once a year and will leave the sign of partnerships on Nov 7. This is a very good window of time for finding new partners, getting a cosmetic treatment, buying art and beautifying your home or office in some way. It’s also a good time to find consultants who can really help you, including a lawyer. Venus loves weddings and all social events—this is a better than average time to schedule such.


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