Friday, April 21

A sad note.

Venus again exactly squares pessimistic Saturn at 4:10 am PDT Friday morning. This cold-blooded marker has been hanging out in the Skywatch since April 8, and we are delighted to see its last day.

Two mild but welcome kisses follow as Luna sextiles Saturn and Mercury Rx at 11:23 am. Caution lights kick on a minute later as the Moon turns Void of Course until she enters spacey Pisces at 12:43 pm.

Another stressful note follows as the Moon squares impatient Mars at 1:13 pm. Green lights kick back on after the square passes as Luna travels on to sextile the Sun at 4:25 pm. And that’s it for the day as the Skywatch is clear for the rest of the day and night.

Just remember Mercury is still Retrograde.

As times change.


4 thoughts on “Friday, April 21

  1. donna

    Lance…thanks for reminding us about the end of the ‘sad note’. i felt this strongly and will be glad to see it fading into the past.

  2. banes

    No mention of what happens with contracts consummated, signed and delivered under Mercury Rx, along with all the other Rx planets…

  3. lance Ferguson

    things signed during Merc Rx need very careful scrutiny as details may be missing or in error…

    correct documents are no problem usually…it’s in the fine print where the trouble lies…
    other Rx cycles are not so difficult…Venus inclines one to misread the value of something…
    this is when you really need to shop around and compare prices…


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