Monday, April 10

High hopes but don’t throw out anything of value.

A Full Moon, exact at 11:08 pm in partnership sign Libra hits the spot where lucky Jupiter sits in the heavens at 3:58 pm PDT Monday afternoon. The warning comes from the Moon squaring unforgiving Pluto at 6:54 pm raising emotional pitch of many and encouraging some to burn bridges and sign off on friendships.

The complication which increases the tension in this lunation is that Venus and Saturn are both Retrograde now, and backing up they will stay in a tight 90-degree angle, a square, until April 21st. Saturn is stingy and tests the love of Venus—this is going to be a difficult time for all of us to stay positive.

I’ve never seen an alignment like this go on this long. Add to all that Mercury is also Retrograde—misunderstandings and unforeseen problems are certain to appear in the days ahead. Just remember this is all temporary—be very careful about making important purchases and major decisions in this window of time.

You might not have all the facts, and you might change your mind when it’s all over.

As times change.

6 thoughts on “Monday, April 10

  1. lance Ferguson

    Delta just cancelled 3,500 flights is what it says on tv…we say Mercury Retrograde.
    Please let all of us know about your Rx moments so we can all laugh about it together.
    Humor is the best medicine for the things that happen now even though it’s not funny
    when it does goof things up.

  2. lance Ferguson


    don’t worry…the 22nd is good for moving and the 23rd is also good…

    yes, mercury Rx but you’ll be ok…at least you know about it…think of the poor folks
    who have no idea what is happening to them.

  3. lance Ferguson

    one note…a lot of times machines will malfunction during the Rx cycle but not need repair/replacement and then return to normal use after the Rx. However, weak parts or batteries often fail during the Rx cycle…
    not always easy to tell which is which…but if you can limp along with a machine that’s hinky, often it will “fix itself” when the Rx cycle ends….hope this is an easy one to fix, Henri.


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