Thursday, March 23

Double-check the details.

Caution lights. The main event today is Mercury making a square to manipulative Pluto, exact at 5:52 pm PDT this afternoon.

This marker inspires some folks to confuse facts with their wishes and to try and talk you into something they want rather than what you need.  Of course errors and all kinds of misunderstandings also come along with a square to logical Mercury.

The rest of the Skywatch is mixed. The Moon sextiles Venus at 7:06 am bringing smiles to the breakfast table. An impatient moment follows as Luna squares hasty Mars at 2:20 pm.

Clear skies follow but this is not the night for criticisms or talks about the budget.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Thursday, March 23

  1. nancy

    Hey Kids,

    There is some goofiness in the March 29th – 30th Skywatch descriptions, check it out…

    Thanks for everything !!

  2. lance ferguson

    yes, there is….sorry about this…the second March 29 is actually the report for March 30…..
    and it’s a day you need to know about with the big square.

  3. lance ferguson

    The Mercury square suggests disagreements in Congress…big ones….Pluto doesn’t like to be manipulated…and is stubborn. He is good at getting to the bottom of a problem today….just be open to another viewpoint….


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Wednesday, March 22

Stick to routine.

The Moon squares goofy Uranus at 6:20 am PDT and then turns Void of Course until she enters experimental Aquarius at 7:28 pm Wednesday evening.

Hold off on finalizing matters today. Unique, original places and ideas seem to work well when the Moon is in this air sign, co-ruled by brilliant Uranus.

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Tuesday, March 21


The Moon in grounded Capricorn sextiles psychic Neptune at 9:18 am PDT Tuesday morning and then sails out into calm seas. Until she makes a square to trickster Mercury at 3:20 pm.

Double-check the details around this moment and edit your work for errors. Luna travels on to meet intense Pluto in the heavens at 10:32 pm Tuesday evening.

Make love; make war. Pluto does both well. And he is at your command tonight.

As times change.

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Monday, March 20


The Sun enters Aries at 3:29 am PDT.  At almost the same moment the Moon and Saturn meet in the heavens at 3:37 am. This is a heavy, difficult conjunction to have in the chart of the Vernal equinox, Spring.

We cast a chart at each of the cardinal points, the beginnings of the seasons, and look for information in that chart about events to unfold in the three months to follow. Saturn is conservative, heavy, restricting, practical, cold-blooded. The Moon is the public: fluffy, emotional, easily channeled. Saturn is not about giving the Moon what she wants. He has his own self-serving agenda.

Back to Monday: Luna becomes Void of Course from the meeting with Saturn to when she enters serious Capricorn at 8:31 am. A clash of energies appears in the Skywatch as the Sun and Moon make a challenging square at 8:58 am. And finally, the Moon squares Retrograde Venus at 11:32 pm and caution lights are up around major purchases and partnership agreements.

Retrograde planets lose clarity and focus as they retreat. Squares bring energy and challenges. Accept the challenge and the energy in a square becomes a trine. The most powerful people have major squares in their charts.

Expect changes to show up here and there over the next couple of weeks. And, Skywatchers, let’s observe if the Moon-Saturn conjunction in the Vernal Equinox chart describes the energy that appears in this country over the next three months.

As times change

5 thoughts on “Monday, March 20

    1. Alexia

      My daughter quit ice skating after 2 years of it just in time for this Spring Equinox. Sad the past is being let go because she was a beautiful skater but excited to see what the future holds.
      Should I sell her skate gear just yet Lance?

  1. lance ferguson

    with Venus Retrograde….no….she might change her mind….and Mercury Retrograde is coming up before long…that might change her mind, too. Wait.


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THE WEEKEND: March 18-19

Saturday is a day of Grace. There’s a sweet lineup of planetary connections in the Skywatch Saturday morning as Clever Mercury meets agreeable Venus at 5:26 am PDT, the coffee is perfect and the day has promise. The Moon in adventuresome Sagittarius trines Venus at 1:59 pm and doubles the positive energy in this trine by making another one to Mercury at 4:06 pm. A yawn or moment of doubt appears at 8:57 pm Saturday night as the Moon squares dreamy Neptune and then sails out into calm waters. As times change.

Sunday’s Skywatch is easygoing and good for work or play. The Moon in optimistic Sagittarius sextiles ruler Jupiter at 1:36 pm PDT Sunday afternoon encouraging an adventure or experiment. The good vibes hang around as Luna trines friendly Uranus at 6:33 pm and then sails out into quiet seas. As times change.

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Friday, March 17

Keep it simple and stay out of the line of fire this morning.

The Sun squares grumpy and selfish Saturn a 2:47 pm PDT reducing everyone’s ability to grasp new ideas or expand their frame of reference.

Some relief follows as the Sun and Moon make a welcome trine at 2:56 pm, but Luna turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters generous Sagittarius at 8 pm Friday night.

By that time, the square will have faded and you’ll note that spirits lift once the Moon enters the sign ruled by lucky Jupiter. Just in time for St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

As times change.

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