Friday, September 8

Be polite.

A happy Moon-Venus trine at 9:30 am PDT puts nearly everyone in a good mood Friday morning. But Luna quickly squares compulsive Pluto at 10:49 am, and this is when many folks will react negatively if they feel pressured or manipulated.

Afternoon hours are better for priority calls, and business as the Moon trines dependable Saturn at 6:27 pm.

Evening hours are upbeat as the Moon opposes generous Jupiter at 10:15 pm.

A powerful and healing Sun-Pluto trine follows at 3:41 am early Saturday morning—these good vibes will be hanging out in the heavens Friday night.

8 thoughts on “Friday, September 8

  1. Linda E.

    I see…but you don’t have to put Datebook in Sample section. I printed the 2017 copy after your
    tip in the previous email you wrote. So, thanks anyway.

  2. Valerie

    Good morning Lance and Leslie ,

    I love waking up to skywatch everyday thank you so much for bringing your talent to everyone!
    Have a great day !

  3. lance Ferguson

    thankfully, the fires are in eastern Washington….the big deal to us is finally we get some rain after 80 days of drought…it’s raining now…hopefully will help with the fires..

  4. kathleen

    Lance what’s the tip on printing skywatch from my end ? Thanks -I just connected w Carole Cilliers on Facebook she used to be on same radio station a few years back that you started the day with – in SF

  5. lance Ferguson

    once you join the member’s section you enter your password and all the issues are there to easily down load, including pass issues in case you want to look back and see what the Skywatch was on a paricular date.

  6. Mac

    Hi Kathleen, if you are a member, sign in, go to the monthly pdfs, open the one you want and hold down the CTRL and P keys, this should work just fine. If not, yell in the morning and I will help you with this……


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Thursday, September 7

Fired up. Green lights.

The Moon enters fire sign Aries at 5:01 am PDT early this morning and sails out into calm seas. This is a good day to make a new beginning and to go or do something first time—an Aries specialty.

You might notice that some folks are a bit impatient today, and it’s likely there will be a fight or two on the school playground.

Aries is the sign that rules our muscles and is ruled by feisty Mars. So it’s also a good day for physical activity.

Clear astrological skies continue into the afternoon and evening hours—it’s a good night to try out a new recipe, or to go someplace different and new.

As times change.

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Wednesday, September 6


The Moon in dreamy Pisces sextiles intense Pluto at 5:39 am PDT early this morning, and you are likely to be focused and in a good mood as you start your day.

Caution lights kick on as the Moon squares cynical Saturn at 1:29 pm and then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. Stick to routine during the V/C hours.

Evening skies are quiet otherwise.

As times change.

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Tuesday, September 5

Changes for the better.

Mercury ends his long three-week Retrograde cycle at 4:30 am PDT early this morning—expect recent delays to cease and the flow of events to pick up in the days ahead.

Mars enters Virgo this morning adding a practical, efficient energy to our days and the Skywatch. Mars spends about six weeks in a sign as he journeys around the Zodiac. So green lights are up on Tuesday.

With the Moon in psychic Pisces, check in and trust your intuition for answers today and especially tonight as the Moon meets Pisces ruler, Neptune, in the heavens at 10:08 pm just before the Full Moon becomes exact three minutes past midnight.

Neptune is the spiritual planet, and you may have a spiritual experience tonight or a celestial transmission, while others get lost in their dreams or a drug—all ruled by Neptune.

As times change.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 5

  1. Carrole Phillips

    How are you an Leslie … been thinking about you … are you in a House Boat by now ??? Are you still in Corpus Christie ???

    Hope to be able to order your letter pretty soon.

    Huna Hugs,


  2. Jack M

    What a great day! Mercury turns direct and Mars enters Virgo, thus ending its maddening conjunction with my natal Pluto. Good times ahead!

  3. Linda Everett

    Guess my timing was off–Sept. 4 passed before I saw your answer!. Thanks, tho. I appreciate the tip,
    re: 2017 Datebook–a gift. In recent past I saw your “gift” at the top of the pg., but it turned out to be the 2016 Datebook that I printed, so just thought that offer was just “old news”. Thanks again .

  4. lance Ferguson

    we have the 2016 Datebook in the sample section. The 2017 Datebook is in the member’s section…
    however…we will later this week post the 2017 issue in the sample section so you can get it.
    we’ll let you know when we do it.


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Monday, September 4.

Early risers will enjoy the Moon harmonizing with Saturn and Jupiter at 8:44 am Monday morning.

There’s lots of energy in the Skywatch on Labor Day. The Moon sextiles friendly Uranus at 6:56 pm but then lines up opposite Mercury Rx and Mars at 10:15 pm.

The main event of the day follows as the Sun lines up opposite dreamy, and hopefully sober, Neptune at 10:28 pm. Neptune can bring fairy tale endings but also bad accidents around water from carelessness or drinking.

Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters spacey Pisces, Neptune’s sign, at 10:28 pm. Play it cool and safe Monday night.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Monday, September 4.

  1. Pamela Noesner

    Hi Lance & Leslie! I couldn’t find the “if your birthday is this week” (for Sept 5th) in my pdf copies of skywatch….Maybe I’m just getting to old to find things haha! Hope you are both doing well


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THE WEEKEND: September 2-3

A lightning bolt of energy appears in the Skywatch early Saturday morning as Mars makes a high energy trine to Uranus at 5:13 am PDT. You might not sleep through it. Caution lights kick on as the Moon squares Uranus at 9:30 am and then turns Void of Course until she enters Aquarius at 1:06 pm Saturday afternoon. Green lights come on at this moment as the Skywatch clears for the rest of the day and night.

An argument could be brewing Sunday morning as Mercury Rx meets arrogant Mars in the heavens at 2:39 am. Meanwhile, the Moon in experimental Aquarius sails out into calm waters until she makes an opposition to Venus at 8:49 am, which is not likely to disturb your peace. The Skywatch is clear and friendly for the rest of the day and night on Sunday. As times change.

2 thoughts on “THE WEEKEND: September 2-3

  1. Bonnie Harris

    Okay, I confess – have not checked on you in awhile. And now I find out you have relocated to WASHINGTON! OMG! Nicely played – you are living my dream life surrounded by NATURE. So strange that I have tentative plans to move to Bellingham next year…

  2. lance Ferguson

    Bellingham looks and feels just like Berkeley in the 60’s…Western Washington U is the reason for lots of coffee shops., second hand clothing stores, no corporate bizs and great bagels….fabulous weather.
    seafood deluxe and local farms…no wonder the place is booming…


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