THE WEEKEND: March 18-19

Saturday is a day of Grace. There’s a sweet lineup of planetary connections in the Skywatch Saturday morning as Clever Mercury meets agreeable Venus at 5:26 am PDT, the coffee is perfect and the day has promise. The Moon in adventuresome Sagittarius trines Venus at 1:59 pm and doubles the positive energy in this trine by making another one to Mercury at 4:06 pm. A yawn or moment of doubt appears at 8:57 pm Saturday night as the Moon squares dreamy Neptune and then sails out into calm waters. As times change.

Sunday’s Skywatch is easygoing and good for work or play. The Moon in optimistic Sagittarius sextiles ruler Jupiter at 1:36 pm PDT Sunday afternoon encouraging an adventure or experiment. The good vibes hang around as Luna trines friendly Uranus at 6:33 pm and then sails out into quiet seas. As times change.

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