Tuesday, April 11

A bit of static is in the air this morning as the Moon lines up opposite erratic Uranus at 4:31 am PDT. You may not get to sleep through it.

A calm and dependable Moon-Saturn trine follows at 11:19 am setting up the best hour of the day for priority calls and business.

Luna turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters secretive Scorpio at 3:42 pm. Be cautious and hold off on making critical decisions and important purchases while the Moon is V/C.  Especially since Mercury and Venus are both Retrograde now reducing our ability to see matters clearly.

Calm astrological skies return once the Moon changes signs ending the V/C cycle.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, April 11

  1. Thomas Smethers

    Thanks for all you do…Hope you’re feeling better…coupla burning Questments for you…What happened to IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY THIS WEER. SAT APRIL 8?
    I think there’s a 50% GOOD side to Mercury retrograde, is there not?…Thank You…Thomasso

  2. Ashley

    We have some car maintenance due that we have been putting off, probably going to cost quite a bit, would you recommend just waiting it out until Mercury retrograde is over so nothing goes terribly wrong? (We have another vehicle we use so safety is not a concern for me) Thoughts?
    Thanks for all your posts!

  3. lance Ferguson

    If you have a birthday on a Quack day…this is not the totality of your Solar Return, the chart of your new year. The two squares on the 8th are a part of it and that means you can expect challenges around love and money from Venus-Saturn, and the Sun-Pluto square calls out a time to claim your power and to shift the wheat from the chaff in relationships….ok…you have had equally stiff aspects in the past, just didn’t know…now you do and that helps a lot. Mercury Rx is not a big deal in a Solar Return…just advises you to be smooth with the details and pay attention to the small stuff….helpful in going back and over plans before you set sail. Again this has happened before, but now you know to be certain of the facts/numbers before you begin, Thomas. Suggest you get a reading of your transits this year…the better way to see the cycles and issues ahead, along with the timing of events. Solar Returns only give you a still picture; transits give you a motion picture with a clock in the foreground. Also. note Venus and Jupiter, the two sweetest planets, are in Mutual Reception in your new SR Thomas…that means they are in each other’s signs and really work well together. This is what I mean about there is a lot of stuff in a SR, and these two squares don’t call out the year.

    Ashley…wait until after Mercury Rx ends to fix the car…people make more mistakes than usual during the Rx and let’s not give your mechanic the chance. This time might be helpful in making certain you have the best and cheapest service company to fix the car.


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