Tuesday, May 2

More normal, but still weird.

Mercury Rx and Uranus are conjunct in the heavens sharing energy and charging up our mental side, ruled by Mercury. Uranus rules our genius, so this can be the time when you come up with brilliant ideas and plans—likely outside the box, where Uranus lives as a contrary and independent rascal who comes and goes, ruling alternating current—have you been vacillating on whether or not to make a move/action? Suggest you wait until Mercury resumes direct motion and gets away from free-thinking Uranus.

The Moon in ego-driven Leo makes a sextile to Mars at 10:47 am PDT Tuesday morning—tackle the hard jobs first thing. The stress level rises as the Sun and Moon form a challenging square a 7:47 pm Tuesday evening.

Step away from a difficulty then and you’ll enjoy the Moon-Jupiter sextile that follows at 11:58 pm.

As times change.

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