Wednesday, May 3.

Green lights. This is a good day to finalize matters and to state your case. Mercury ends a three-week Retrograde cycle at 9:33 am PDT this morning.

Moreover, the Moon trines/harmonizes with Mercury at 4:17 pm. The Sun makes a compassionate and creative sextile to psychic Neptune at 5:51 pm urging you to find a place in your heart to help others today.

More positive aspects follow as Luna trines dependable Saturn and also trines friendly Uranus at 9:35 pm Wednesday night. This is an excellent Skywatch for a first date and introductions—this is the information you need that the dating outfits don’t tell you.

Some nights are much better than others to meet new people and to make accurate appraisals of who you share a drink with. Your psychic and intellectual powers will be strong tonight—so you are more likely to make good decisions—and that’s not always the case.

Read further: Venus square Pluto is ahead—Pluto rules the vampires—the night to stay home.

As times change.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday, May 3.

  1. lance Ferguson

    any weather changes in your town? we will finally hit 70 degrees today…snapping a long spell of colder days…this is typical stuff when Mercury finally ends his Rx cycle. better days are ahead.

  2. Wren

    It’s been crazy hot in the Bay Area the last few days. Real contrast to all the cool rainy days we’d been having. Thanks Lance!


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