Monday, July 16

Low energy?  Remember that impatient Mars is Retrograde now.

This cycle began on July 26 and will continue on to August 27.  Mars rules your muscles and the first steps of any enterprise.  In Retrograde, our energy is diminished, and it becomes very important to be careful with the first action in any new endeavor as Mars Rx often delays quick reactions and progress.

Use this time well by working on something you will initiate after Mars resumes direct motion in late August.  Aries and Scorpio birth signs are ruled and co-ruled by Mars—don’t force the issue during the Rx cycle as matters are less likely to work out to your satisfaction.

The rest of Monday’s Skywatch is good for work or play.  The Moon in practical Virgo sextiles optimistic Jupiter at 8:34 am PDT Monday morning.  The only cloudy moment appears at 1:25 pm when the Moon lines up opposite dreamy Neptune, but astrological skies clear quickly past this moment and a healing Moon Pluto trine, exact at 7:29 pm, helps you get deep and clear emotionally—it’s a good time to say what’s on your mind.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Monday, July 16

  1. Deborah L Buchanan

    I think you meant Mars went retrograde on June 26, not July 26, since that’s still 10 days away. A minor boo boo, and I only mention it in case you want to edit it. I love your site, and have followed you for a long time. Thanks for everything!


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Sunday, July 15

Green lights are up on Sunday after the Moon enters earth sign Virgo at 10:32 am PDT.

This is another excellent day for a marriage or an adventure as the Moon travels on to trine friendly Uranus at 2:21 pm and then trine dependable Saturn at 5:55 pm creating an Earth Grand Trine, a formation in earth signs with a splendid balance between the old and new.

This is also a good time to buy a car or something high tech—Uranus ruled.  The kiss of the day shows up Sunday evening as the Moon meets sweet Venus in the heavens at 9:35 pm.  Love is in the air at this moment; it’s a stellar time to make a long distance call or to propose an engagement.

As times change.

One thought on “Sunday, July 15

  1. lance Ferguson

    ok, Skywatchers….check out the Moon tonight and you’ll see Venus hugging her.

    this is a nice kiss…love is in the air…


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Saturday, July 14

Easy going. Saturday’s Skywatch is fairly quiet.

The Moon in fire sign Leo squares opinionated Jupiter at 7:44 am PDT which could keep an argument brewing while the toast burns.

Clear skies follow until Luna meets clever Mercury in the heavens at 4:12 pm increasing the flow of communications and new ideas. Luna then turns Void of Course until Sunday morning.

Evening hours are good for social plans—Leo is the party sign.

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Friday, July 13

Play it safe and smart today.  And take your time with early calls and chores as the Moon is Void of Course from last night until she enters roaring Leo at 10:31 am PDT.

The big event in the Skywatch today is a welcome trine between sweet Venus and dependable Saturn, exact at 11:44 pm Friday evening encouraging positive decisions and purchases today.

Along the way, we have a couple of hot spots as the Moon squares erratic Uranus at 2:10 pm inviting a change of mind or something unexpected.  Luna will also oppose impatient Retrograde Mars at 10:12 pm Friday evening—it’s a moment when tempers can flare.

The positive trine follows and could mark the beginning of a powerful friendship or new business connection Friday night– reach out.

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Thursday, July 12

Power.  There’s a lot of energy in the Skywatch today.

The Sun opposes powerful Pluto at 3:01 am PDT early this morning, and he stays in the spotlight as a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer, exact at 7:48 pm, lines up exactly opposite to the planet that rules death and rebirth.

Positive markers make the morning hours stellar for priority calls and business as the Moon trines lucky Jupiter at 8:12 am and travels on to trine creative and psychic Neptune at 121:57 pm.

Pluto can bring a healing or a challenge, and both are more likely as the Moon opposes the planet that rules transformation and the Force at 6:43 pm.  Luna then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning.

Add it up, and this is an excellent day to let go of negative people and situations—and to plant a seed for future benefits.  Cancer rules your guts—trust your feelings today.

As times change.  (Happy Birthday, dear Leslie!)

9 thoughts on “Thursday, July 12

  1. Jackie Carter

    Happy Birthday, Leslie. You are a powerful and supportive force in his life. May you have many more years of Health, Happiness and Joy.
    Peace and Blessings.

  2. Lia

    Happy Birthday Leslie! 🙂 Wishing you many Blessings and a very magical year ahead!

    My Solar Return is on Sunday.


  3. Beth Haggerty

    So glad I checked my online version – to learn about your birthday, Leslie. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY – LOVE AND PEACE!!!

  4. thomas randall SMETHERS

    Happy Birthday!! How does it feel to know you & Lance are helping so many people?
    Blessings to you Both…Tommy

  5. Pam

    Wishing you lots of chocolate as well as happiness and health for your birthday Leslie! You and Lance make the world a better place..


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Wednesday, July 11

Be original.  There’s a nice string to positive planetary events in the Skywatch today.   It’s an excellent day for work or play.

The Moon enters home sign Cancer at 10:59 am PDT this morning kicking on the green lights. The main event today is Venus making a complementary trine to brilliant Uranus, exact at 8:26 pm Wednesday evening.

Along the way, the Moon will sextile both planets by 2:36 pm increasing the chances of positive encounters and good news Wednesday afternoon. The only slowdown today appears at 6:38 pm when the Moon opposes serious Saturn.

Love, at first sight, is possible with the Venus Uranus connection—this is a good night for introductions, blind dates, and discovering useful ideas and connections—reach out.

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