Wednesday, April 8

An echo of yesterday’s turmoil is in the heavens today. Caution lights are up.

The Moon squares Pluto at 5:17 am PDT and also makes a square to overblown Jupiter at 5:50 am. Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters intense Scorpio at 1:17 pm.

Hours that follow are stressful as the Moon squares fearful Saturn at 3:03 pm. An echo of yesterday appears later as the Moon opposes Uranus and squares Mars at 11:40 pm Wednesday night.

Stay home and keep it simple tonight.

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Tuesday, April 7

Caution lights. A high-powered, stressful square between pushy and inconsiderate Mars and rebellious and unpredictable Uranus lights up the Skywatch at 11:50 am PDT (be sure to convert this time to your local time - you want to know this moment to watch out, maybe stay out of elevators or push your luck.)

And listen closely today. Uranus rules “the truth,” and we have two golden Mercury aspects in the Skywatch Tuesday afternoon, along with a Full Moon in Libra at 7:35 pm.

Mercury sextiles Pluto at 2:28 pm and sextiles lucky Jupiter at 7:20 pm. There’s good news in that pair - speak up and let new ideas guide you to action. This is an extraordinary amount of energy in the heavens today. Anger and tempers can dilute it.

Don’t let emotions take you into either, and this can be a banner day. As times change.

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Monday, April 6

Times change.

Caution lights are up for today and tomorrow as a very, very dangerous aspect shows up in the heavens. Aggressive and impatient Mars in Aquarius squares explosive Uranus in Taurus Tuesday morning.

Squares in fixed signs like these are always the strongest. And Mars has a tendency to show his hand a day before the exact square. So caution lights are up today. And don’t be surprised if arguments and accidents increase in your home or business. Headaches, too, ruled by Mars. And problems with cars, computers, anything electrical, ruled by Uranus.

Keep it simple Monday morning as the Moon is Void of Course from 6:29 am PDT until she enters Libra (thankfully - a very good sign for the Moon to be in with this square) at 2:16 pm.

The best hours of the day for important calls and business show up Monday afternoon. Luna trines dependable Saturn at 3:52 pm and then trines Venus at 6:56 pm. Slow down in the hours that follow as fiery Mars trines the Moon at 10:20 pm, and that might set off loose cannons with the big square powering up.

Be careful, safe, and cool Monday night. As times change.

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Sunday, April 5

The good vibes in the powerful trine give Sunday’s Skywatch a positive boost. Green lights are up, and the coast is clear on Sunday. The only exact marker appears at 9:38 pm Sunday night when the Moon opposes romantic Neptune. This pair suggests a lovely night for a concert, dancing, and anything artistic and creative. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (April 5–11)

All of the powerful elements in the Skywatch this week are also in your new Solar Return, Aries. This will be a year to remember, and if you can keep your temper under control, and be patient ( I know I’m asking for a LOT), this can be one of the best years of your life. Lucky Jupiter and powerful Pluto are both on your side, and they give you horsepower and the ability to find the key to problems and needs. Sweet Venus is in Gemini, suggesting two loves and choices at every turn. Focus on the top priorities in your life and take your time making important decisions and purchases, Aries, and it’s a very safe bet you will be much better off on your next birthday if you stay committed, because the Force is with you. As times change.

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Saturday, April 4

Give it your best shot this weekend. We have a stellar conjunction, a meeting in the heavens, of lucky Jupiter and powerful Pluto Saturday evening. This shared exchange only happens once every 12+ years and spreads good energy and the chance of miracles and breakthroughs of all kinds over the weekend and the rest of the month.

Additionally, loving Venus trines, reliable Saturn at 10:09 am PDT Saturday morning. The Moon is Void of Course from yesterday, but she enters Virgo at 2:18 pm and then walks into a quiet square to lazy Venus at 4:08 pm. Green lights come on a minute later, and the Jupiter Pluto conjunction pulls exact at 7:44 pm followed by Luna making a trine to friendly Uranus at 11:06 pm.

As times change.

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Friday, April 3

A little foggy. Morning hours are the best for priority calls and business as the Sun and Moon trine at 12:29 pm PDT. Caution lights come on a minute later as the Moon turns Void of Course until Saturday afternoon.

And a foggy Mercury Neptune meeting in the heavens throws an idealistic and confused energy into thinking and plans Friday afternoon. However, evening hours are good for social events as affectionate Venus walks into the room with dependable Saturn on her arm.

And the powerful Jupiter Pluto conjunction is in full flower — reach out.

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  1. Jack M

    I personally would be a bit careful with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. Jupiter will amplify Pluto’s power, which is often good but not always, depending on your natal chart.


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