Sunday, January 3

Sunday, January 3

Sunday’s astrological weather is very quiet. Green lights are up . The Moon trines friendly Uranus at 5:12 am PST early Sunday morning and then sails out into calm waters. The Kiss of the day appears at 5:44 pm when the Sun and Moon form a trine balancing yin and yang in an agreeable exchange of energy - a stellar moment to make a positive connection with people and ideas - reach out. Clear skies follow. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (January 3–9).

This is a very good year to experiment a bit, Capricorn. Not your usual MO but you have both lucky Jupiter and your ruler Saturn in creative and original Aquarius in your Solar Return this year. Won’t ever happen again in your life. The crown jewel in this chart of your new year is a sextile, a positive link, from your creative Sun to spiritual and imaginative Neptune — energy to create a masterpiece or to come up with original and successful ideas and projects. Dreams are in the foreground with Neptune on stage, and you’ll have a psychic awareness at times that feels way out of the ordinary. Foreign people and places have a positive vibe and connection with Venus in Sagittarius in your new Solar Return, Capricorn. In too, you are moving away from destruction and towards a new order. As times change.

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