A January 2021 Letter


We’re well, sitting tight and masked up here in Birch Bay.  We hope you are the same.  I know we are all ready for things to change and get better in America.  Vaccines and a change in leadership are coming our way, which gives me hope.  As you might suspect, I found the birth data of our President-Elect and was amazed at what I found in his natal chart.  I think you will be amazed, too, to see how the planets line up in the signs.

President-elect Joe Biden.  November 20, 1942, 8:30 am, Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Joe’s chart has five planets in water signs – his emotions are powerful.  He is a Scorpio Sun with Mars, Mercury and Venus also in this powerful fixed sign. Scorpio’s gift is bringing order out of chaos, and he has a great deal of energy to do that as his Mars in Scorpio is in rule and extremely strong, especially since Mars resides in his 11th house of the future.  The other three Scorpio energies are in his 12th house of service to humanity, the Pisces house.  Both George W Bush and Carter both had their Suns in the 12th, too.  Notable, charming Venus conjuncts his Sun, Mercury, and his nearby ascendant in early Sagittarius.  Venus wants peace, and she will help him deal with adverse people and situations during his term.  In his 10th house of career/ambition we find Neptune, ruler of Pisces totally complimenting his planets in the 12th.  The sign on the cusp, the dominant desire, is Virgo, the sign of service. 

Making a stellar trine to this Scorpio stellium is Jupiter in water sign Cancer sitting in his 8th house, Scorpio’s domain, repeating his desire to be a force of healing energy.  This is the same Jupiter in Cancer placement as  Jupiter in the chart of the USA.  His Jupiter also trines the Sun and Venus in Cancer in America’s birth chart.  These connections suggest his deeper alignment with America’s values.

Joe was born on a Full Moon, and the always important Moon in his chart is in grounded Taurus.   Stable and dependable Taurus is the best sign for the emotional Moon to work through.  Taurus is also ruled by Venus, and this sign is noted for kindness and patience beyond the norm.

His Sag rising promotes an optimistic vibe, and is mutable, open to new ideas and thinking and is especially strong due to sign ruler Jupiter sitting in Cancer.

Gemini is the sign on his house of partnerships in the President’s chart, and that signals an acceptance and easy connection to younger people and ideas.  Notable, Joe has two planets sitting on and influencing his connections to others.  Conservative and reliable Saturn, also in Gemini, increases his ability to make logical decisions and to communicate effectively with all authority figures and those in power.  The second planet sitting on his line of partnerships is brilliant and imaginative Uranus, the rebel.  This is an exceptionally rare and valuable pair of planets joining forces in a birth chart.  Uranus wants to put a new idea on Saturn’s old ways and improve them.  These two planets rule Aquarius, the sign of the energy surge that is building in the heavens now. 

I’ll outline the planets and signs in Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris’s chart next month.

Meanwhile, read ahead in February’s Skywatch.  You’ll find highs and lows – an unusual set of events. 

As times change.

Sending out peace and love,


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  1. Jenny Wiberley

    Hello Lance, a little late reading this letter but man I’m glad I did! Just makes me FEEL GOOD! So thankful for all your insight into astrology. Sending love to you and Leslie..


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