A Late May letter from Lance

Friends,                                                                                                                                May 15, 2019

I’ve found the end of the world – get a new computer.  Way, way more buttons and clicks than I can understand. Quack, quack, quack.  However, I am blessed with a wife who can set me up and show me the way to computer heaven – my actual arrival date is still uncertain but I do know Leslie will get me there in this decade. Times change.  I remember starting to analyze data and writing the first Skywatch report on Jan 1, 1979 on a portable electric typewriter sitting on the kitchen table in San Ramon, California.  I still have some very fragile and yellowed pages from those days sitting in my files.  We’ve had a wild streak of weather and it seems like the whole country has, too.  We had a HEAT WAVE last week.  All caps due to daytime high temperature of 85 degrees in Seattle (breaking old records) that sent all the tv weather folks into a frenzy,  apologizing to listeners for the discomfort of such a difficult day. As Texans we had to laugh at that response to what would be a lovely Spring day in Austin.  But since we live at the coast, our highs didn’t get to 80 here and we had a sweet onshore breeze – making for a chamber of commerce day.  However we have learned that many locals are uncomfortable and hate temperatures  above 80, some even cooler.  Times change – it’s cooled off and now we have the rain again which the farmers need.  News is not good in the raspberry fields as farmer’s report that they have lost 30% of the berry crop due to damage to the canes from the last and late Winter storm that blew in out of Frazier Valley, Canada.  Luckily the Blueberry crop was not hurt but you can expect to pay more for raspberries this year. The sunshine and rain has encouraged a marvelous and colorful display from all of the pots of flowers Leslie has planted over the last two weeks.  Pick a color and you’ll see that face in the dozen or so pots on the back porch or the half dozen pots lining the walkway. How rare is it to have a computer wizard who also grows flowers and keeps us surrounded with color and joy?  I do feel very lucky to have Leslie in my life. And there is more color about. The entire area is blessed with huge blooming hydrangas in red, white, pink and orange walls of color.   Fabulous wisteria and lilac trees in full bloom also add color to our meanderings on the back roads.   Most of all we love driving through patches of the forest which separate farms and houses – it is a wall of green everything and dark cool moments of incredible beauty and peace  before we break out into the sunshine, pastures and open fields.  I find it really odd that we have big hills on some roads, the forests in stretches and mountains in the background of our vision but that we  will then suddenly drive out into huge patches of flat, treeless land where the farmers grow alfalfa and corn and where red barns and moo cows reign.  At a cost, the rich, funky smell of these dairies preceeds your arrival and makes you thankful that the folks who bring you milk and ice cream can live in this atmosphere.  You might not want to.  A change of seasons also means that the Bellingham Farmer’s market is back in full operation.  This is a Saturday event we love to  shop.  The same farms are there every year; our fav is Rabbit farms ( “a hop above the rest”) where we buy lettuce, leeks and anything that looks good.  All yummy and organic.  It’s like a carnival scene with performers playing all kinds of instruments entertaining the crowd and hoping for donations to their open instrument cases. Leslie and  I usually start the shopping with a cheese pretzel and an iced coffee. 

We then check out all the booths and load up our Trader Joes bag with local produce and other goodies we find.  Food choices go from wood fired pizza to BarBQ to empanadas which Leslie loves and usually gets.  The Summer fun season has begun.  We are so blessed and happy to be here. 

I need some help.  When you send me a check, please tell me what it is for.  Renewal?  Datebook?  A friend’s subscription? My retirement? And I’ll be certain to fulfill your requests promptly.  Thanks for your support and love.

1 thought on “A Late May letter from Lance

  1. Karena Mahoney

    YAY, L&L!

    I so love reading your posts. They are charming, visual, and get the other senses stirring, scents and sounds, feelings, the gamut.

    My middle son in Egypt is building an obelisk! And it’s unusually hot as hell there for May. Meanwhile, Kevin and I are also experiencing wildly variant coastal weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we are filling our formerly drought resistant yard that became a choke of weeds this year, putting down landscaping fabric and adding lovely rocks. We’re not dumb, this wonderful rain we’ve been experiencing in California will not last forever. So, family loving of rocks, the crystallized blood of Mother Earth: both here and in Africa. So awesome.

    Love and best to you both, and will be sure to add a note to my check for Kevin’s birthday reading coming up in July.

    Karena (aka K&K) 😉


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