A Late Winter letter from Lance…..

Friends,                                                                                               March 13, 2019

There’s still a few patches of snow left on the ground underneath the big pines and cedars and in the shadows of barns and houses out on the back roads.  Extremes in our weather have been the story here in western Washington.  After the hottest and driest Summer on record, we had the coldest February in 70 years.  The good news is that we have a deep snowpack up in the mountains which will feed our rivers through most of the Summer months and several ski areas say they will be open until July 4th.  But we are finally beginning to warm up.  The forecast high for the weekend is in the ’60s with sunshine.

And that will inspire Leslie to be out in the garden.  She’s already cleaned out the front flower bed and her herb garden yesterday and commented this morning that she is “a bit creaky” from the work, but feels good after getting her hands into the soil.  And flowers are again in a beautiful display in the entryway of our local grocery store.  Daffodils are blooming in our neighbor’s yard, and we’ll soon be heading to La Connor for the daffodil festival and sightseeing.  La Connor is a fabulous little town – check it out at www.lovelaconnor.org

There ought to be a federal agency that goes to every state and picks out the best things they do and shares those ideas with all.  And we have some good ideas here in Washington.  We have roundabouts in the neighborhoods and on the back roads at intersections.  They keep the traffic moving and according to the state troopers are much safer for drivers; the number of crashes is about the same as with stop signs and stop lights, but the accidents that do occur are not deadly or likely to send the occupants to the hospital, as most of the accidents are just scrapes and minor, instead of head-on collisions or t-bone wrecks from folks running a light.  The other great idea here is how they put eight bright red led lights around a stop sign that blink on and off.  They are powered by a solar panel and battery that keep the lights flashing day and night – no external wiring needed.  And even in the dense fog, we get from time to time, the stop signs with these blinking red lights are impossible to miss.  And in Blaine, there’s a kindness I’ve never seen before.  The note in the paper there says: “ Loads of love, Monday, Feb 18, at the Washhouse.  Laundry costs covered”.  Have no idea who sponsors this event, but this note is in the paper every month.  Our governor, Jay Inslee, is running for president.  He is an Aquarian who is in touch with the current global warming crisis and our weather extremes.  He’s a good man but not really known to the country, and I don’t know if he has a chance to win, but we would be in good hands if he does.

Here’s a new month and it’s a good one once we get past the first two days.  Time is flying.  Got our taxes done and in the mail…thankfully.  St. Patrick’s day ahead always a quiet day for me as this is the day my mother passed over years ago.

Spring will be a bit late this year, and you might have a late freeze if that’s possible.  Details in this issue.  As times change.

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  1. Karena Mahoney

    Thanks for the great share, Lance and Leslie! Always nice to feel connected with you both. Joyous Spring to you and to all SkyWatchers.



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