A March Letter from Lance…..

March 20, 2020


Pink blossoms are out on all the cherry trees...Spring is a wild woman here and hiding out.  She kisses me every morning...and I am so grateful to start a new day here in Birch Bay.  I’m amazed at how quickly we see Spring showing her colors.  Lots of folks plant heather in their yards, and now it’s a rosy, purplish splash of new growth.  Daffodils are up all over in their yellow glory.  White blossoms are also out of some of the apple trees.  And when you enter the grocery store here, you get delighted seeing at least ten different colors of tulips in tubs waiting for you to take home.  I love the dark purple the best.

March 13.  One last cold spell.  Down to 29 degrees and a north wind at 60 knots coming straight out of Canada…burrrrrrrr.  Big snow in the mountains which we need.  One short power outage, but the crews here got the juice back on quickly, even in the cold and wind, and late at night.  God bless them.

March 17.  Irish whiskey and corned beef today.  Always a somber day for me as my mother, Patty Jane, passed over on this day in 2004.  The event hit me much harder emotionally than I anticipated.  Probably true for everyone.  The good news is that sunshine has returned this week, and we can get out and get some fresh air and enjoy our drives on the backroads.  Spring calves are in the pastures now and so cute.  We are making plans to head south to La Conner to see the daffodil fields there.  We went last year, and it is so beautiful - you get blasted by acres of yellow faces.  Of course, this year we’ll have to take a picnic lunch as all the good spots for lunch will be closed.  If you’d like a yellow fix, go to www. La Conner Tulip Festival and check out the pics.

March 19.  I do think there is hope out there for this virus.  You’ll read about it in Skywatch in early April as Jupiter meets Pluto in the heavens, a rare event that occurs once every 13+ years.  Pluto is the healing agent in the Zodiac.  Jupiter always wants to expand whatever it touches (which will be your butt when he gets into your first house or conjunct your Sun), so we have high hopes this pair will lead to some kind of positive development, maybe a vaccine.  And this is not a one-shot deal.  This pair will hang out together for months, hit an exact conjunction again in July.  And do it again in November.  For those of you with a long memory, this Jupiter Pluto conjunction last appeared in the heavens in December 2007.

We had a great “little town” experience yesterday.  One of the great joys of living out in the sticks with dairy farms and raspberry fields is that we have fabulous dairy stores named Edaleen (named after the couple who own them, Ed and Eileen), which sell fresh milk, eggs, and superior ice cream in 30 flavors.

We stopped into the store in Ferndale, pop. 14,000) to get our ice cream fix and to get the best cottage cheese (five pounds for eight bucks) we’ve ever tasted.  And we parked in the back lot which is fenced because the train tracks are right there.  All of a sudden, a  big locomotive with two cars stopped on the tracks right behind us.  We saw the engineer climb down out of the cab and sneak through a hole in the fence (this ain’t his first visit), walk across the parking lot, and into Edaleen’s for his ice cream cone. He left the engine running and rumbling.  I might be 71, but the little boy inside me was delighted to be so close to a huge locomotive.  Somehow I don’t think this happens in Chicago or Houston.

Be well; help each other.  We will get through this.  As times change. 

2 thoughts on “A March Letter from Lance…..

  1. Margie Teraoka

    Thank you, Lance! I enjoyed your March letter. I was wondering how the astrology was going to be affecting the virus. It’s comforting to hear about Jupiter vs Pluto. I am proud to live in CA and happy for Gov Newsom’s leadership and proactivness. He stepped in where our federal government was slow to lead. We have a wealth of great minds and businesses here who have stepped in to create in whatever way they can to improve the situation. Keep your letters coming to show us what astrological aspects are influencing the virus situation that we are all in at this time!
    All the best to you and Leslie!

  2. jane dann

    Thanks Lance.
    Blessings to you and Leslie. Times have changed here in NJ (!)
    Any good news is, as always, appreciated.


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