A March letter from Lance……….

Well, we’ve been robbed again. Just like last year and the years before. The trees were barren, skies were cloudy and Winter held on to the last days of February. Three days later the trees were full of new leaves, purple buttercups appeared on the roadsides, and the temperature climbed to 88 degrees. Spring came in the back door and with no warning swept across the south Texas coast. It happens so fast here with no awakening and no days to welcome the transition. Nope. Spring is a hustler here who takes your money and robs you of anticipation. However, there are some benefits to this sudden change of seasons: rain and flowers. Leslie has wonderful taste and a green thumb as she has loaded little pots of joy with bright faces and new leaves in all colors on the patio. The list includes: Gerbra daisies, geraniums, Dahlberg daisies (one of her favs), assorted herbs, onions and potatoes, marigolds, avocados, a lime tree, red salvia, esperanza and spider plants everywhere in between. Thank you, Leslie. The rain started this morning. We’ve been back in a drought condition so far this year and really need the rain that’s coming down right now. Of course, in Texas, you’d better be ready for the creeks to rise and you’ll be smart to keep a full tank of gas just in case you get stranded or have to make a big detour. I know the farmers are breathing a big sigh of relief; they have the ground all prepared for seed but need the rain to plant their crops. This storm should do it. And temperatures will be back in the 80’s this weekend when the Spring Break crowd shows up. I made a run to the beach last weekend knowing the crowds will take over for the next two weeks and traffic will be brutal. That’s ok. The kids can have it for two weeks. I did have a chance to talk to the pelicans while I was there who are completely disgusted with the elections and politics. Boom! Another explosion of thunder and flash of lightning prompted me to turn on the tv for weather news - and we are under a “Flash Flood Advisory”. This is what I mean about when the rain comes in Texas, you had better be ready. Sixteen pounds of kitty kibbles is going faster and faster each month. A beautiful blonde kitty who’s hungry has been around occasionally. And the two rebels, the two feral cats, now come into the kitchen every morning and demand groceries. Meow, meow. It’s hysterical. Boston Blackie also comes around every now and then and that makes a table for five on the patio with Muffin Marie inside sneering at the infidels outside. She doesn’t remember she was one herself. Leslie found her in the alley and she was about gone, a little teeny kitten we nursed back to health. And is now the queen of the house.
I hope you find some flowers blooming in your life and times this Spring. We send you peace and love from the south Texas coast.

6 thoughts on “A March letter from Lance……….

  1. Brandon

    Thank you Lance for the beautiful spring details… bluebonnets are taking over the roadsides here in the Hill Country. Blessings to you and Leslie!

  2. Pamela Noesner

    So happy to see Lance’s letters again…have truly missed them!
    Appreciate your taking the time to write them!

  3. Marlene Smith

    I also have missed your letters!!! I’m so happy to see you writing again! I bet those little cats just make you chuckle every day!! I know mine does, they are such little characters!! But then aren’t all animals just wonderful!!!
    You and Leslie have a wonderful spring and summer!!!

  4. Helga

    Hello Leslie and Lance, hailing from SF- thank you for your lovely letter, we did experience some
    of that texas rain here this year, hopefully a little more yet to come. Was in the Wine Country
    yesterday, due to the rain, the grass is long and very green, you know that sharp green that sings
    of spring, fat cows and wonderful milk. Today we have a heat wave, 80 now, I live on the coast,
    normally we freeze, it’s so nice I am on my deck at 8:30 pm enjoying a bit of ocean breeze, still
    it’s 80. Tomorrow this will be over, back to the 50’s and fog. For Leslie- my pansy’s from last year
    decided to give me one more festival of blooms, just so pretty-so happy! Is spring not wonderful!
    Greetings from your old home!

  5. sandra alvord

    Thank you for your messages! I so enjoy reading them. They make me smile and chuckle, so they are precious!


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