A New Winter Letter from Lance…..

Friends,                                                                                               February 13, 2019

We are snowed in today, and it’s going to last a bit longer.  A major Winter storm blew in last Sunday and dropped a couple of inches of snow on our front yard.  Four more inches of snow followed the next day and night.  The storm brought snow and ice to all of western Washington - Seattle is snowed in and paralyzed – and we live 125 miles north of the big city.  Today, Wednesday, there is 8-10 inches of snow on the streets and our lawn.  Schools are closed all over, and administrators worry about how to make up all the snow days when schools reopen as the kids have been off all week long.  Plus, more snow is expected, and we may not be able to leave the house and see the schools reopen for another day at least, and maybe two.  This storm has Leslie into action as she fills the hummingbird feeders (she bought an extra for the back yard) and then brings in the feeders every morning as they are frozen solid.  She thaws them and refills, and we watch the little hummers fill up and survive when she hangs them back up.  She picked up a trick from the local birding society of tying hand warmers on the feeders and covering it with an old sock.  And it worked!  The sweet liquid did not freeze overnight with the lows dropping into the low 20’s.  We’ve also got seed out for the little birds and goobers for Blackie, the squirrel.  Yesterday our dear neighbor, Dave, came over with a snow shovel and cleared our walkway of snow.  He was back again this morning clearing off our front porch.  We are truly blessed to have such wonderful neighbors.  Including neighbor Al, who came down last week and invited us, along with most of our other neighbors, to a dinner at his house; so we could all get acquainted and trade phone numbers and info.  We’ve got beef short ribs in the slow cooker this morning – beef we got from a local source.  Leslie’s son, Pete, works with a man who has a small ranch just down the street from us.  He runs a few head of cattle, and we bought a piece of the last steer he butchered.  We got ribs, steaks, hamburger all packaged well and adding up to a cost of five bucks a pound.  This is grass-fed beef with no hormones or chemicals added.  This is another benefit of living in Western Washington, folks here want organic food with no chemicals, and that’s what the ranchers and farmers produce.  So now we have a steady supply of good beef and enjoy knowing the source and that the ranch is nearby.

I got swamped with readings to do last month but have finally worked through the pile of charts on my desk, and I want to thank those who ordered a reading for being so patient.  So, this is a good time to order a personal reading for 2019 if you want a peak ahead to know your highs and lows for the months ahead.  The 2109 Long-Range Datebook comes with all readings so you’ll also have the list of kiss and quack days for the year along with the Retrograde dates.  For questions or details, send me an email at Lance@skywatchastrology.com.  Be sure to look over this March issue and note the problems with Mercury up ahead.  Logic gets cast aside with idealistic Neptune on stage.  However, this is extremely creative energy which could help you lay out your masterpiece as our imagination is turbo-charged by this Pair.  Strange dreams and visions are also likely with Neptune and Pisces energy - this is a good time to start a dream journal.  Meanwhile, best wishes to you all from snowed-in Birch Bay – if this issue is a little late in getting to your house, now you know why.

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