A September letter from Lance

Friends,                                                                                                                                September 13, 2021

Cha, cha, changes are in the air.  And we are ready for it.  We’ve had one of the hottest and driest summers on record here in western Washington.  Records were broken, it was uncomfortable, and the only thing that saved us is living at the beach.  But now, a hint of Fall is in the air; temperatures have dipped from the 80s to the 60s.  And as we drive through a tunnel of evergreens a splash of red shows up from time to time as Japanese Maples are already giving up the ghost.  And rain which we badly need is now in the weather forecast for the next few days – a real storm, too, not just sprinkles.  We’ve discovered that we don’t need an alarm clock to wake up every morning.  The Canadian geese give us a loud e-flat honk in stereo at sunrise flying from the ocean to the fresh-water ponds behind our house and you really can’t sleep past the noise.  They are quite a sight, however, as five or six will fly by at a height of about 50 feet.  Our house sits on a ridge 41 feet above sea level so they are right in our line of sight as they fly back to the freshwater, and it’s a beautiful thing to see these huge birds cruising by.  On the smaller end of the wildlife scale, we are “hummer central” every morning.  Dear Leslie put up a hummingbird feeder that is attached to the kitchen window.  So, while I’m standing at the sink waiting for the coffee pot to fill up they are at the window just two feet in front of me – I get to see them up close.  We can spot the rookies because they keep flapping their wings while perched and guzzling the sugar water.  The veterans know better and just sit there on the little perch quietly filling up.  And every morning there will be 40 or 50 visitors zooming in and out, often engaging in aerial battles that are amazing.

I know you’ve seen us in the news.  Two more murder hornet nests have been found here in Blaine.  These things are really nasty with half inch stingers and the tendency to attack people and our pets. The scientists are worried there are more nests to be found and advise us to report any sightings.  Thankfully, we haven’t seen any so far.  Leslie is in heaven these days in her new kitchen.  She has acres of counter space, huge cabinets and drawers to stash pots and pans, and a five burner, two oven gas stove that was made in Italy.  It’s so snazzy even I am impressed.  I have had some lucky breaks in my life through the years, but finding Leslie is the luckiest of them all.  She cooked professionally years back and makes Pete and me wonderful meals.  Pete is on a keto diet and has lost 100 pounds with Leslie cooking up the right stuff every night.  He looks marvelous.  We have six different grocery and vegetable stores in Bellingham and Blaine to shop for supplies, and we hit them all regularly stocking up.  You will never find an open spot in our fridge as her Cancer habit is to make sure we have plenty on hand, including the “snack drawer” which is filled, no, stuffed, with tasty treats.

I got my second Moderna shot a few weeks ago and now am fully vaccinated.  Leslie will get her second shot soon and we will be protected.  Still, we always wear masks and are very careful to keep hand sanitizer in the car.  I am in charge of the “cootie patrol” and make sure we have clean masks and wipe down the grocery carts with disinfectant.

Mercury continues to Retrograde as we stroll into October.  Pumpkin time is just ahead.  We are well and so happy to be here in Birch Bay watching the hummers and the geese fly by.  We are ready for the rain and leaves to turn.  Autumn is glorious here.  I’ll give you a report next month.  Meanwhile, we send you our best wishes and hope you are well and ready for times to change.


Lance and Leslie

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  1. Stephen

    What a lovely letter, Lance, and thank you for updating us! You have been in my thoughts, along with other friend in the NW US and Canada. You must have felt like Texas was sneaking after you. Glad to know all is well again.


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