A September Letter…….

Friends,                                                                                                                                                          September 16, 2019

We were totally surprised on Labor Day when Summer left her lipstick and perfume on the kitchen table and walked out the back door without even a sweet “good bye.”  The weather turned the next day, and where we had been having sunny skies and highs in the low 80’s, the temperatures cooled off into the high 60’s, and we began to get daily showers of light rain.  The weather forecast today calls for rain for the next seven days.  Fall is lurking about; fallen leaves are getting thicker on the verges.  And there are bright orange pumpkins getting fatter and fatter in the neighbor’s gardens and backyards.  Raspberries and blueberry fields are now picked clean, but the blackberry vines still hold vast quantities of fruit, although the berries weren’t that sweet in this harvest - blamed on the unusual weather we had earlier in the year. Leslie’s tomato plants are still bearing, and we got a handful of ripe beauties this week.  Her cosmos are five feet high and command the edge of the driveway with color and beauty.  We actually like the change of weather and the rain.  I am amazed at how we have totally reconditioned ourselves to the weather here.  I’ve always been part lizard and loved the heat and getting baked by the sun. it is surprising to me how much I enjoy the cool days now and the crisp clean air.  Probably something to do with getting on in years, I suspect.  Leslie feels the same way. 

A powerful storm is brewing in the astrological skies now.  Saturn and Pluto are beginning to share their energy as they reach for a conjunction that will be exact in early 2020.  Saturn rules the foundations and structures of governments, business, and constructions.  Pluto is the destroyer and is the ruler of mass calamities. Together they are the most dangerous and potentially destructive pair of planets in the Zodiac.  Just a whiff of their power puts the idea of a recession into the air, and that may happen.  Meanwhile, we see the fury of this pair in the destruction of the Bahamas,  in the debacle of the Brexit, and the threat of war in the Mideast from the destruction of the oil fields.  On and on.  This pair puts extreme pressure on all of us and will push some souls over the edge of sanity and into violence and cruelty in the days ahead.

This conjunction will be in the Skywatch news for some time and is something I explain more fully in the new 2020 Long-Range Datebook.  While this pair creates a lot of stress as the new year begins, there are several stellar planetary alignments in the months that follow.  And if you have been waiting for a good time for any kind of medical treatments, surgery or launching a new endeavor, you’ll discover the dates and details in this new Datebook.  The price is $25, and we can send you either a pdf copy to your computer or a hard copy to your mailbox.  I’ll need two more weeks to finish editing and production, but you can order a copy now and be the first on your block to read about the Venus and Mars Retrogrades that are ahead and all the changes in the Skywatch in 2020.

We continue to shift print subscriptions to memberships on our website.  And this week we want to hear from everyone whose last name begins with F through M - this will be your last issue of Skywatch sent through the post.  Send us an email with your name, your password (“love” is a good choice) and Leslie will set up your membership on skywatchastrology.com.  She’ll transfer the months left on your subscription to your new account so you’ll be able to enter the member’s section and download the current issue of Skywatch plus the 2019 Datebook and all of the previous issues in case you want to look up birthday forecasts or a week in the past when things changed in your life.  Then you’ll be able to print off a copy for each bathroom and your best friend.  If you should need help signing in to the member’s area please contact Leslie at mac@skywatchastrology.com for assistance.

Leslie requests that you not wait until the last minute to contact her as it takes time to set up your new account and make certain you will be able to get the next issue.  A benefit of this change is that you’ll get each monthly issue a couple of weeks earlier than the current snail-mail delivery time.  We’ll get the November issue up shortly and keep posting each issue as quickly as I can write them.

Meanwhile, stay on the conservative side of the street and don’t gamble with your money or safety with Saturn and Pluto hanging out.  And stay tuned to the Skywatch.  As times change.

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