What is Skywatch?

For thousands of years astrologers have closely watched the starry firmament and followed the cycles of the Sun, Moon and planets as they danced across the heavens. They noticed how the comings and goings of people and events
here on Earth were described by the cycles of the planets and their connections with each other.

So, you won’t be reading about your personal astrology in these pages. To be honest, those newspaper reports will never have the accuracy of a real astrological reading. They speak to only to your Sun sign, ignoring the other 90% of
your birth chart.

Skywatch is a report on the astrology of the day—the energy that is on the street for everybody—all over the Earth. The pattern changes quickly. Some days are better than others. Following the Skywatch will alert you to these shifts in energy and mood in your personal and business concerns. And help you have good timing in life.

Read ahead. Use the good days, the kiss days as I call them, to schedule priority appointments, meetings and travel. Here are the best days to handle difficult people and situations, or to present your case to the boss. These are also excellent days to adventure, gamble and put your work/ideas out on the table.
Scale back your plans on the stressful times/days and stick to routine, if you can. Complications are more likely on these days, moods will be uneven, out of sorts, and things may not go as planned or expected. Quack. People are more likely to be distracted, unfocused and not at their best in these moments. You, too. These are the days to simplify your routine and to avoid complications or challenges, if possible. Kids and critters are also more likely to need extra attention on these days, especially when Mars is active.

In all, your attitude and effort is what counts and what determines whether you find success and love out in the world on the kiss days. Skywatch points out the highs and lows—the energy that is available to us all—the day’s biorhythm. What happens on those kiss days depends on how you play your cards and how prepared and ready you are to succeed. If timing is important to your efforts, follow the Skywatch.

BIRTHDAYS: If you birthday falls on a Quack day do NOT assume you are going to have a bad year. There are so many other factors in your Solar Return, the chart that plays the movie of your next year, to consider. Much more than any one day or
aspect could do to totally dominate/influence your year ahead. Same thing if your birthday falls on a Kiss day. The future will be what you make it and there are many more factors to consider in your astrological future than just the events of one day.

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  1. Josephine M Stephanchick

    Hi Leslie and Lance,

    I would like to know if Lance does individual readings such as a solar return chart? I appreciate all the work you two do on this site. Peace, Josie


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