An August Letter………

Friends,                                                                           August 10, 2020              

We are “masked up” and suffering through this pandemic as you are.  I am in charge of the “cootie patrol” and make sure we have clean masks, sanitizer and antiseptic wipes in the car as we get out and about, mostly to the grocery store and to pick up a cheeseburger or piece of pizza.  We usually grab something and head for a small park, three parking spots, that overlooks the bay.  As we tailgate and enjoy the pizza, a fat crow and gray squirrel show up begging for a bite.  Of course, we share and enjoy the view and day.  We feel so lucky to be here.  Our peace of mind is driving the two-lane country roads and enjoying the scenery.  Right now that means seeing pastures sprinkled with bales of freshly cut hay and huge fields of corn that grow at the rate of a foot a week, it seems.  And always a cool break of green forest in between the farms and country estates.   Did you see the hurricane that hit southern Texas?  We knew exactly where the hurricane hit in Corpus Christi - Bob Hall Pier.  It was strange seeing a spot we visited often get bushwacked by the storm - we ate breakfast several times in the funky joint there at the end of the pier.  Strange also to us is we pass a street on our way to Lynden named Bob Hall.  The guy must get around.  Berry season is in full swing now.  At the grocery store you see big boxes filled with pints of blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries – great colors and taste and usually about ten bucks.  On the home front, Leslie is called the flower lady of the neighborhood as we have a brilliant display of purple, pink and white cosmos flowers lining our driveway.  But her real pride and joy is on the front porch, an avocado tree that now stands two feet high and has more than a dozen new leaves.  I’ve seen scores of those seeds in glasses in kitchens of friends for years but never have seen anyone get the seed to turn into a lovely plant that is bound to keep growing.  Her first event of the morning, even before she gets a cup of my good coffee, is to go out on the porch and talk to the plant – it’s true love, I think.  Scientists here are really worried about the murder hornet getting a foothold and destroying the bee population.  These insects have huge jaws, get into a beehive and cut the workers apart and murder the hive.  They found one worker here in Birch Bay and have put out 600 traps looking for more.  They want to catch one alive, so they can put a small gizmo on the back of the hornet which they can track and thus let the hornet lead them back to the nest which is usually in the ground. Amazing to me they can do this.  When the nest is found men in hazmat suits will show up at night when they are all back home and destroy the nest.  The stingers on these hornets are so long, regular bee keeper’s clothing cannot stop the sting, so they have to wear hazmat clothing.  The scary part is each nest can produce up to 200 queens, each of which can start a new nest.  So, this is a big deal here as bees are so necessary to pollinate the fruit crops.  A hopeful note in the local wildlife news is the female orca who carried her dead calf for a week two years ago is pregnant again.  Everyone is watching, and praying all goes well this time.  And it might, as the state of Washington has destroyed more dams on the rivers here which prevent salmon from spawning and they are the orca’s main food source.

A critical time approaches with Mars Retrograde beginning to be a big problem.  Suggest you print extra copies of this month's Skywatch and give to friends who are open to learning about the cosmic cycles and astrology.  Especially if they are an Aries or Scorpio birth sign or have those signs prominent in their charts.  You can get your birth chart calculated for free at  Just click on horoscopes and fill in the blanks.  Lots of other info on astrology there. – it’s a great resource.

Meanwhile…mask up.  Be well. And remember, times change.  Leslie and I send you our love and best wishes from Birch Bay, Washington.

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  1. Kathleen

    My Hubbie is Aries I’m Scorpio ….. in a word .. caution notes ??
    Lovely on Leslie being the flower plant lady


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