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If your birthday is this week (Jul 14–20)

You’ve got a big group of planets in your sign in your new Solar Return, Cancer.

Mercury Rx is next to your Sun. Plus, Mars and Jupiter are also conjunct in Cancer—this is a superb pair of planets to have conjunct in your sign. They protect you from screwing up as you’ll end up being at the right place at the right time.

Add to that the Water Grand Trine in the Skywatch now; it is an extraordinary jewel in this chart of your new year.

You can expect to break old records and to succeed when you follow your feelings and get in touch with the people and matters that bring you bliss, Cancer.

Reach out, explore, adventure and expand your world.

Speak up, tell yourself what you want out loud. You are the best at mothering others—this is the year to mother yourself and to get on the path of your destiny.

As times change.