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Saturday, July 31

Trouble early, fun later. The Sun and Moon line up in a challenging square early this morning at 6:16 am PDT meaning the worm gets you. A cranky square between the Moon and Saturn at 9:47 am is time better spent with another cup of coffee and working on plans for the day.

A much better vibe and mood shows up at 12:41 pm when the Moon trines agreeable Venus and things tend to smooth out.

A surprise, and maybe a good one, is likely when Luna meets unpredictable Uranus at 6:34 pm. Clear skies follow. As times change

Friday, July 30

Green lights with a short time out. Astrological skies are clear Friday morning and favor new starts with the Moon still in Aries. Luna sextiles optimistic Jupiter at 12:38 pm PDT but then turns Void of Course until she enters gentle Taurus at 1:08 pm Friday afternoon.

A high-energy and upbeat Moon Mars trine follows at 2:26 pm suggesting a good time to shop and place your order on line. Taurus is the money sign ruled by Venus. And that means green lights are also up for social plans Friday night.

Something rich for dessert will on the table after a good meal for many — Venus loves the sweet stuff.

Thursday, July 29

Don’t go overboard. The only caution light in the Sky watch today is Mars lined up opposite Jupiter, exact at 8:50 am PDT. This is a good pair in many ways as long as you stay under the speed limit and don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Green lights are up with this one small note in mind. The Moon in eager Aries sails out into calm waters this morning and doesn’t get involved in any problem with other planets—the coast is clear.

Mars leaves party sign Leo and enters efficient and practical Virgo for a six-week run at 1:32 pm. Something new or first time is an Aries specialty — take the plunge Thursday night. As times change.

Wednesday, July 28

Dress for success. Green lights are up today.

As noted in my 2021 Datebook this is a kiss day when astrological skies hold only positive elements. And it’s a very good day to put new plans and ideas into motion.

Because the Moon enters courageous Aries at 2:57 am PDT and sails on to trine clever Mercury at 4:42 am — I won’t be surprised if you wake up with a good new idea. Jupiter backs into Aquarius, the sign that rules the future, at 5:42 am, and the Sky watch is set for a stellar day to make some progress in your life and times.

The kiss of the day appears this afternoon when the Sun and Moon trine at 2:19 pm; this is a moment of Zen, a time of balance and harmony useful in all events and decisions.

A quiet but dependable Moon Saturn sextile at 10:53 pm closes the day with positive energy — reach out.

Tuesday, July 27

Green lights with a short time out.

The Moon in aware Pisces sails out into calm waters this morning. We have a short time out when Luna meets Neptune, co-ruler of Pisces, at 1:47 pm PDT and a foggy moment is better spent with a cup of coffee rather than using your credit card.

Clear skies follow until the Moon makes a sextile to healing Pluto at 6:13 pm. Luna then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. Simple plans work well when the Moon is V/C.

As times change.

Monday, July 26

There’s something for everyone in the Skywatch this week. Load your calendar as the drift is upbeat and positive.

Green lights are up on Monday. The Moon opposes lazy Venus at 6:04 am PDT this morning when many will hit the snooze button. But astrological skies clear a few minutes later and remain clear for the rest of the workday.

Evening hours hold a friendly Moon Uranus sextile, exact at 10:28 pm setting up a good night to check in with friends and loved ones.

As times change.