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Tuesday, December 10

Green lights. The Moon enters clever Gemini at 8:47 am PST and sails out into quiet seas this morning. One simple contact appears at 12:43 pm PST when the Moon opposes Mercury, ruler of Gemini. Make certain you have your facts straight then as errors and misunderstandings are more likely. Quiet hours follow in the Skywatch. As times change.

Monday, December 9

Positive energy is building in the Skywatch this week. The headliner is a wonderful trine between lucky Jupiter and the rulers of changes, Uranus, which will be exact next Sunday and in power all this week. One astrologer says of this trine and the time it signals in our life: “there is no better time to make a change than NOW.” Whatever you’ve been putting off waiting for the right time, here it is. And there is a supportive line-up of positive markers over the next seven days, giving you lots of opportunities to start something special in your life or to leave a situation that is no longer to your advantage. Green lights are up on Monday to get the ball rolling as the Moon in practical Taurus sextiles creative Neptune at 6:21 am PST, trines agreeable Venus at 8:07 am, and then trines realistic Saturn at 11:54 am. This is a stellar line-up for priority meetings, purchases, and sales calls. Another kiss follows as Luna travels on to trine healing Pluto at 5:12 pm. The Moon then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. As times change.

Sunday, December 8

Likely you had strange dreams early Sunday morning with Neptune hanging out in the heavens. Something surprising is likely as you rise with the Moon in Taurus meeting unpredictable Uranus at 5:34 am. Green lights come on past this marker as the Skywatch clears. The kiss of the day follows at 1:49 pm when affectionate Venus makes a lovely sextile to romantic and spiritual Neptune. This aspect encourages love and reverence and appreciation of the arts and music on Sunday. Quiet hours follow in the Skywatch. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (December 8–14)

You’ve got a powerful and upbeat Solar Return this year, Sagittarius. The fortunate Jupiter Uranus trine is a crown jewel in this chart of your new year. These planets favor making changes in your life that give you more freedom and independence. Uranus rules inventions, brilliant thinking; Jupiter expands any planet it touches and will help you get approval for your work and plans in the months ahead. Uranus also rules cars, computers, and all high tech stuff, so this is a good year to buy new machines and a new car. Sweet Venus sits next to powerful Pluto in your new SR, which will help singles find a powerful new love and all of you to create a better financial condition and have more money in the bank by your next birthday. Get involved and ask for what you want this year, Sag. Times have changed.

Saturday, December 7

Spacey and creative Neptune is on stage this weekend.

Caution lights are up on Saturday as the Moon squares demanding Pluto at 7:01 am PST and then turns Void of Course until she enters practical Taurus at 11:29 pm Saturday night.

The bigger problem is a foggy, maybe drunk square between the Sun and unrealistic Neptune, exact at 1:01 am early Sunday morning and in full power Saturday night.

Friday, December 6

Don’t be hasty. The Moon in aggressive Aries runs out into calm skies this morning but gets into an argument with agreeable Venus as they make a square at 2:57 pm PST.

Green lights come on past this moment as Luna travels on to make a splendid trine to the confident Sun at 5:04 pm. Clear skies follow.

As times change.

Thursday, December 5

Don’t be in a hurry. Caution lights are up. The Moon trines Mercury at 12:15 am PST early this morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters fired up Aries at 11:44 am.

An over the top moment follows as Luna then squares fanatical Jupiter at 1:09 pm. Save important matters and calls for the hours that follow as the Skywatch clears for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.