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Monday, January 25

Painless. But don’t rush in.

The Moon is Void of Course until she enters sensitive Cancer at 10:52 am PST. Green lights come on at this moment as the Skywatch clears. There is a kiss and some clouds in the sky Monday night.

The Moon sextiles friendly Uranus at 11:49 pm. However, a contrary square between the Sun and rebellious Uranus hits exact in the early hours of tomorrow and could throw you a curve Monday night.

As times change.

THE WEEKEND: January 23-24

An extremely positive blast of energy is in the heavens Saturday morning. This is a stellar day for shopping, decisions, adventures and social plans. A very friendly Sun Moon trine at 7:27 am PST adds optimism to morning plans. Luna then trines dependable Saturn at 8:19 am. Agreeable Venus sextiles creative and psychic Neptune at 11:49 am followed by the Moon trining lucky Jupiter at 4:03 pm. Just stay under the speed limit and within budget today as the Sun meets conservative and practical Saturn at 7:01 pm rewarding those who don’t go overboard in plans and actions.

Sunday’s Skywatch is fairly quiet. A muddled Moon Neptune square at 1:36 pm PST is the only bit of confusion in the heavens on Sunday. The kiss of the day shows up Sunday night when the Moon trines talkative Mercury at 11:17 pm. Luna then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (January 24–30). You’ve got green lights for adventure, branch out and to step out into new territory this year, Aquarius. Both lucky Jupiter and hard-working Saturn are sitting next to your Sun in your new Solar Return, a very rare situation that will never happen to you again. This pair can help you climb the ladder of success if you stay committed to your work and plans. A better financial picture is bound to come along with your progress as you have a very welcome Venus Pluto conjunction in this chart of your new year. Bottom line: invest in yourself, Aquarius, and reach beyond the limits you have now. Ask for help and keep the faith you will succeed—the Force is with you. Times have changed.

Friday, January 22

Don’t go overboard. And you’ll be tempted as impatient Mars lines up in a square to overindulgent and overconfident Jupiter at 11:49 pm PST this evening.

The greatest power in all of the aspects is strongest in the moments, maybe days, sometimes months, prior to the exact alignment. So today this square is hot as you start your day and will inspire some folks to make huge errors and spend or promise more than is realistic.

Morning hours are the best of the day for priority calls and shopping. Luna trines healing Pluto at 1:28 pm but then turns Void of Course until she enters Gemini at 11:43 pm followed by the big square.

Keep it safe and simple Friday night.

Thursday, January 21

Hope you slept through all the charged up energy in the Skywatch very early this morning. The good news today is that astrological skies clear at dawn and green lights are up for work or play.

The only exact maker in the Skywatch on Thursday is a nice kiss: Moon trine sweet Venus at 9:28 pm PST this evening.

Make the call and be a hero then.

As times change.

Wednesday, January 20

Caution lights.

A dangerous Mars Uranus conjunction at 12:38 pm PST will inspire some folks to get into fights, arguments, and accidents today. And there’s lots of additional static in the heavens to make this day one to back off and be very careful with anything or anyone capable of causing you trouble. Don’t rush in this morning.

The Moon is Void of Course until she enters Taurus at 10:56 am. Compounding the chances of problems today, Luna squares the Sun at 1:01 pm and squares grumpy Saturn at 7:00 pm.

Stay up late and the trouble returns as the Moon conjuncts Mars and Uranus at 1:08 am!! The cops will be busy and you’ll hear sirens in the city tonight.

Tuesday, January 19

The Aquarian surge of energy is boosted today as the Sun enters the sign of the Water Bearer at 12:40 pm PST.

The symbol can lead you astray. Aquarius is an air sign: the symbol of a person bringing you water reflects the desire to help all humanity and one of the traits of folks born with this Sun sign is their support of humanitarian and charitable groups and endeavors.

Green lights are up as the Moon sextiles clever Mercury at 9:53 am. This is a good time to make an important call.

Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night but there is a sticky Moon Pluto square at 12:29 am tomorrow morning. Hit the rack early and you’ll miss it.

As times change.