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Wednesday, April 15

Stay under the speed limit. It will be easy to go overboard today with the Sun making a square to overindulgent Jupiter, exact at 3:58 am PDT early this morning. Your best chance to make an error appears at 12:09 pm when Luna squares unpredictable Uranus. The best hours of the day for priority calls and business follow as the Skywatch clears. The Moon sextiles Mercury at 3:40 pm and then trines agreeable Venus at 8:29 pm. A hot moment follows as the Moon meets impatient Mars in the heavens at 10:42 pm—back off. Quiet hours follow.

Tuesday, April 14

Mixed signals. The Sun Pluto square at 4:06 am PDT puts a grouchy vibe into the air this morning. A Moon Neptune sextile at 5:10 am doesn’t help much; but clear skies follow until Tuesday afternoon when Luna conjuncts Pluto at 3:01 pm and then squares the Sun at 3:56 pm, echoing the big square early this morning and putting an extra measure of stress into communications and activities around your home or office. We get a positive blast of energy at 4:47 pm when the Moon meets optimistic Jupiter in the heavens, and peace returns to the Skywatch. However, Luna turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters Aquarius just after midnight. As times change.

Monday, April 13

Green lights. Jump in. The Moon in realistic Capricorn sails out into calm waters this morning. It’s a good day to get organized and to build something—Capricorn specialties. Caution lights come on Monday night as the Sun begins to form a square, a challenging aspect, to formidable Pluto whose manipulative tactics and spiteful behavior can prompt some pilgrims to violence and lawless action. Lock up and play it safe tonight. You’ll likely hear sirens in the city. As times change.

The Weekend: April 11-12

Saturday is the best day for priority chores and shopping. The Moon in easy-going Sagittarius opposes Venus at 12:27 am PDT and then sextiles Mars at 3:03 am, giving everyone a little energy boost. The kiss of the day follows as logical Mercury sextiles realistic Saturn a 4:58 pm Saturday afternoon. A lazy and dreamy Moon Neptune square to 10:53 pm will send many to bed and others to the bar for a nightcap.

      Easter Sunday is quiet. The Sun and Moon trine at 4:46 am PDT early Sunday morning, but Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters practical Capricorn at 5:05 pm. Moon Void of Course hours are best used avoiding material concerns, shopping, and buying. Instead, these hours are stellar for spiritual work, being in nature, creative projects, and helping others—all good ideas for Sunday activities. The only stress marker appears Sunday night at 11:00 pm when the Moon squares Mercury increasing the chances of a misunderstanding. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (April 12–18)

The message in today’s Skywatch is a big part of your new Solar Return, Aries. Keep things under control and stay under the speed limit with expansive Jupiter sitting in a square to your Sun. Pluto is also square your Sun in this chart of your new year. His message to you is to let go of people, things, habits that you don’t really need, and that interfere with your progress. Both squares give you more power in the months ahead, but you have to be patient and realistic in using your energy and in making plans. There’s a lovely trine in your new SR between charming Venus and eager Mars that can help you find more love and money in the next year. Mercury is in your sign in this new SR encouraging your pursuit of new ideas and new ways to fix old problems. Stay committed to top priority matters, Aries, and you can make some real progress this year. As times change.

Friday, April 10

Springtime is official today as Mercury, ruler of the winds, enters Spring sign Aries at 9:48 pm PDT tonight. And this is a good day to start new projects and ideas in your life.

Green lights are up. The Moon sextiles Pluto and Jupiter and then trines clever Mercury at 12:35 pm PDT. Back off as a short Void of Course period follows that ends as the Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius at 1:35 pm.

Hours that follow are stellar for important appointments as Luna then sextiles realistic Saturn at 3:37 pm. Mercury in Aries could spark some new ideas tonight.

As times change.

Thursday, April 9

Green lights. Wide-open.

The Moon in healing and problem-solving Scorpio sails out into quiet waters this morning. This is a good day to put some muscle into clearing up old messes and creating order from a chaotic situation.

The only exact maker shows up tonight as the Moon opposes dreamy and romantic Neptune at 8:32 pm PDT. It’s a perfect time for a sweet, bedtime story.

As times change.