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THE WEEKEND: March 30 – 31

Wide open. The Skywatch is clear and friendly Saturday morning. The only exact aspect is a kiss: Moon sextile the Sun, exact at 2:53 pm PDT, suggesting a good time to shop and make important purchases. Just double-check the details and read the fine print if you buy something as the out of focus Mercury Neptune conjunction is still a factor in the astrological weather.

           It’s the same story on Sunday. Astrological skies are clear save for the Mercury Neptune connection. The only exact marker on Sunday is a kiss: Moon sextile easy going Jupiter at 8:02 pm, suggesting a good moment to make a long distance call or for a sweet bedtime story. Luna turns Void of Course a minute later until Monday morning.

As times change.

Friday, March 29

Clear skies give us some hope Friday morning but remember that Mercury is still under the influence of dreamy Neptune throwing some fog into our thinking and communications.

The rest of Friday’s Skywatch speaks to taking action in some way as the Moon trines eager Mars at 5:05 pm PDT.  Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters eccentric Aquarius at 6:46 pm.

Have you noticed that whenever the Moon enters a new sign, she makes a connection with distracted Uranus, and that’s the case tonight, due to Uranus being in an early degree of Taurus and the first target on the Moon’s travel through a new sign.

Tonight we get the square, a challenging aspect, between the Moon and Uranus, exact at 9:10 pm - this could be a pleasant surprise as clear skies follow.

As times change.

Thursday, March 28

A break in the clouds.  

Mercury ends his long three-week Retrograde cycle this morning at 6:59 am PDT.  This is helpful, but Mercury, while direct in motion, is still nuzzled up next to spacey Neptune and will make the exact conjunction again on April 2.  

Afternoon hours are the best of the day for important calls and business as the Moon sextiles Mercury at 2:48 pm and then sextiles Neptune at 4:34 pm. A low-energy Moon-Saturn conjunction follows at 10:00 pm.  

As times change.

Wednesday, March 27

Cheerful.  Green lights are up this morning as we have some positive aspects in the Skywatch.  Luna enters practical Capricorn at 7:07 am PDT and then sextiles agreeable Venus at 9:06 am, and then trines friendly Uranus at 9:10 am.

This pair magnifies the Venus sextile to Uranus at 9:44 am which suggests a very good time to make changes around your home or office and to deal with cars, computers and all high tech machines.

Energy levels are likely to fall as the Sun and Moon form a square at 9:10 pm Wednesday evening.  And with Mercury still Rx and sitting next to impractical Neptune, this is not the night to make major decisions or to balance your checkbook.

As times change.

Tuesday, March 26

A foggy start.  The Moon squares Retrograde Mercury and dreamy Neptune at 6:08 am PDT Tuesday morning - double-check your briefcase before you leave the house.

Venus enters Pisces at 12:43 pm and this is a good thing as this is her favorite sign to be in, but also adds to the spacey Pisces power in the Skywatch now.

The kiss of the day appears early Tuesday evening when the Moon meets/conjuncts lucky Jupiter in the heavens at 7:37 pm.  This positive bolt of energy suggests a good time to ask a favor and to discuss budgets and the future.

Clear skies follow.

As times change.

Monday, March 25

Proceed with caution.  And tackle the hard jobs first thing.

The Moon travels through optimistic Sagittarius on Monday and makes only one aspect, a trine to the Sun at 7:30 am PDT.  Luna then drifts out into calm skies for the rest of the day and night.

Double-check the details today as Retrograde Mercury sits next to unrealistic Neptune in the heavens throwing up a fogbank of confusion and possible perfidy from some folks who can’t stand the truth.  The benefit of this pair is that it increases our creative juices and fires up our imaginations, but may lack the practicality to make the dream real.

Dreams and visions can be powerful now with Neptune and the sign Pisces on center stage.

As times change.