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Friday, January 31

Caution lights. The Moon squares Saturn and Pluto at 6:24 am PST and then sextiles clever Mercury at 7:09 am.

But Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters practical Taurus a 4:28 pm Friday afternoon. Hold off on making critical decisions and purchases while the Moon is V/C. Green lights for all come on as the Moon changes signs, ending the V/C cycle.

Luna conjuncts unpredictable Uranus at 10:10 pm. Clear skies follow.

As times change.

Thursday, January 30

Don’t speed. The Moon in impatient Aries squares overconfident Jupiter at 6:54 am PST this morning. But Green lights come on a few minutes later as the Skywatch clears.

The kiss of the day is an energy-charged Moon trine Mars, ruler of Aries, at 5:49 pm this afternoon. Clear skies follow.

As times change.

Wednesday, January 29

Wide-open. Green lights are up today as the Moon enters courageous Aries at 3:51 am PST and then motors out into quiet seas.

This is a good day to try something new and to make a new start — all more powerful with an Aries Moon.

Stay up late and you get to enjoy the kiss of the day: A Sun Moon sextile at 11:50 pm.

Tuesday, January 28

A foggy morning. Neptune clouds remain in the heavens as you start your day.

But the Moon in sensitive Pisces meets loving Venus in the heavens at 3:02 am PST kicking on the green lights for work or play.

Afternoon hours are the best of the day for priority matters as Luna sextiles Saturn and Pluto at 5:08 pm. These positive aspects are followed by a long Moon Void of Course cycle that will not end until tomorrow morning.

Keep it simple tonight.

As times change.

Sunday, January 26

This challenging square between love, Venus, and war, Mars puts a tense vibe into the Skywatch on Sunday. Caution lights are up. The moon remains V/C Sunday morning and until she enters dreamy Pisces at 3:44 pm Sunday afternoon. The big square follows at 5:37 pm PST. Venus is going to travel on and meet confused Neptune on Monday. Problems with love and money are more likely Sunday and ahead. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (Jan 26–Feb 1)

The energy in your new Solar Return is part Tinkerbelle and part Howard Hughes, Aquarius. The practical and ambitious side is fueled by Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, all sitting in earthy and realistic Capricorn in this chart of your new year. These three can help you make this one of the best years in your career and in satisfying your top ambition, but you’ve got to avoid the Tinkerbelle energy in a Venus Mars conjunction in Pisces that makes a challenging square to unrealistic Neptune. Both kinds of energy have value as the Pisces vibe helps you be more compassionate and aware of the spiritual side of life. Reason things out carefully before you act, Aquarius, and you’ll make good choices — you are like Mr. Spock and logical at heart. And you’ll know what to do when times change.

Saturday, January 25

Tackle the hard jobs first thing. The Skywatch is clear and upbeat Saturday morning.

Clever Mercury sextiles energetic Mars at 5:10 am PST. The Moon joins the party by making a sextile to Mars at 10:34 am and then conducting Mercury at 11:06 am. Luna then turns Void of Course until Sunday afternoon.

Caution lights kick on at this moment as another more powerful event lines up in the heavens encouraging bad decisions and difficult moments in relationships. Venus in idealistic Pisces squares impatient and feisty Mars in opinionated Sagittarius Sunday afternoon and this energy is strong in the heavens Saturday night.

This is not the night to push it hard or pick a fight.