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Friday, October 29

Green lights until sundown.

The Moon in generous Leo sails out into calm seas this morning. Luna makes a sextile to chatty Mercury at 3:32 pm PDT suggesting a good time to make an important call.

Caution lights come on Friday evening. The Moon opposes overindulgent Jupiter at 9:24 pm. Much worse, the Sun lines up in a square to selfish and rigid Saturn at 2:53 am early tomorrow morning and this challenging square lowers the energy and kindness level Friday night — call it early.

Thursday, October 28

Mix Master. Tackle the hard jobs first thing Thursday morning.

The Moon leaves the long Void of Course cycle from yesterday when she enters roaring Leo at 2:07 am PDT early this morning.

The kiss of the day is lovely: Venus sextile Jupiter, exact at 12:15 pm. Venus in Jupiter ruled Sag loves the connection to optimistic Jupiter setting up a stellar morning for important appointments and meetings.

Stress levels are likely to rise this afternoon when the Sun squares the Moon at 1:05 pm and then opposes grumpy Saturn at 4:03 pm. However, astrological skies clear and green lights come on for social plans once we cruise past this last aspect.

The Moon in fun-loving Leo enjoys romance and anything creative. As times change.

Wednesday, October 27

Get an early start. The Moon trines creative Neptune at 7:47 am PDT and then sails out into calm seas this morning.

Stress levels are likely to rise when the Moon opposes demanding Pluto at 3:07 pm. Luna then squares impatient Mars at 11:02 pm and then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, October 26

Maybe, maybe not. There’s a confusing element in the Skywatch today. Venus, ruler of love and money, makes a square to unrealistic and perhaps deceitful Neptune at 6:06 pm PDT Tuesday evening.

Best then to tackle the hard and important stuff first thing, but keep your radar on for mistakes, errors and unrealistic expectations. The kiss of the day shows up at 4:37 pm when the Moon sextiles friendly Uranus.

Skip the budget talk tonight as the Moon squares Mercury at 10:10 pm doubling the chances of misunderstandings with the Neptune square hanging out. As times change.

Monday, October 25

Hold your horses. A fired-up Moon Mars trine at 7:11 am PDT pushes the "go" button this morning. But Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters home sign Cancer at 2:00 pm.

Hold off on finalizing matters or making critical purchases while the Moon is V/C. Green lights for all come on once the Moon changes signs. The kiss of the day is a beauty: Sun in Cancer trine the Moon in Scorpio, exact at 7:54 pm.

The two water signs suggest a very good moment/evening to approach difficult subjects with friends and loved ones. Trines create times of harmony between the connected planets (and for ease of discussion we also refer to the Sun and Moon as planets in this instance).

Clear skies follow. As times change.

Sunday, October 24

The Moon trines Mercury at 3:17 am early Sunday morning and then flies out into calm space. Luna lines up opposite lazy Venus at 2:42 pm and a nap is likely to be on the agenda for many.

One confusing note shows up at 7:14 pm when the Moon squares foggy Neptune. But green lights are up for social plans Sunday night with a very friendly Moon Jupiter trine, exact at 10:33 pm, filling the heavens with an optimistic and upbeat energy.

As times change.

If your birthday is this week (October 24–30). A big square between responsible Saturn and your Sun in your new Solar Return demands hard work and attention to all your duties in the year ahead, Scorpio. It may be necessary for you to pay some dues in the months ahead which will guarantee future benefits and progress. Saturn tests your commitment to your goals and plans in a big way once every seven years. A very helpful Venus Jupiter sextile in your new SR promises help and benefits when you do the work. Venus is in upbeat Sagittarius, the sign ruled by lucky Jupiter, which doubles the power in this aspect. Love and money are Venus ruled and those matters that are bound to show some improvement in the months ahead. Stay focused, be realistic and you can make tremendous progress this year, Scorpio. Times have changed.