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Wednesday, December 2

Feelings count today. Green lights are up as the Moon in sensitive Cancer sextiles innovative, and friendly Uranus at 10:00 am PST this morning.

Clear astrological skies follow.

Evening hours have a lovely kiss as the tender Moon trines/harmonizes with affectionate and charming Venus at 11:43 pm.

You can do no wrong then — reach out.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Sit tight. The Moon is in the unfocused Void of Course cycle from yesterday until she finally enters home sign Cancer tonight at 7:33 pm!

Hold off on making important decisions and purchases while the Moon is Void of Course, as this is when we are all more likely to misjudge the value and use of a situation or purchase.

Chop wood and carry water today. Handle the routine chores and keep it simple. An extremely good day to put a plan into motion appears this month on December 14 when a Solar Eclipse and New Moon light up the heavens with positive energy.

Plan something even if it’s small potatoes.

As times change.

Monday, November 30.

Speak up. There's a nice blend of energies in the Skywatch today. Emotions are likely to be high as a Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in curious Gemini line up exactly in the heavens at 1:30 am PST early this morning.

Most helpful is that Mercury, ruler of Gemini, sextiles dependable Saturn at 11:01 am setting up a stellar morning for important calls and appointments. Luna travels on to sextile eager Mars at 6:13 pm, but a low energy Moon Neptune square follows at 8:23 pm, and Luna then turns Void of Course until tomorrow evening!

As times change.

Sunday, November 29

Sunday's Skywatch is quiet. The Moon trines practical Saturn at 4:48 am PST and then turns Void of Course until she enters loquacious Gemini at 8:16 am. Green lights come on at this moment as the Skywatch clears. I understand if you feel like howling at the Full Moon in the sky tonight. t's hard to shut up with a Full Moon in Gemini. I know we'll hear the coyotes tonight, the forest's choir. Be safe and play it cool Sunday night. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (Nov 30–Dec 5)

You have three powerful planets in earth sign Capricorn in your new Solar Return, Sagittarius. Many of you will use this determined, practical, and hard-working attitude and energy to accomplish a great deal in the months ahead. There is no mountain you can’t climb with this group. Moreover, you have brave Mars in home sign, Aries, in this chart of your new year — his best suit is helping you succeed with first-time events. Yes, this is the year to do what you always said you would do, Sag. Dreams and visions are likely to be powerful as you have dream-maker Neptune in home sign Pisces in this SR — pay attention. Tackle the important stuff this year and don’t take short cuts, Sag, and you can make this one of the most productive years of your life. As times change.

Saturday, November 28

Green lights are up on Saturday.

There are positive changes and aspects from sunrise way past sundown. The Moon in easygoing Taurus sextiles creative Neptune at 8:29 am PST and sails on to trine healing Pluto at 6:39 pm.

In the interim Neptune leaves his Retrograde cycle and returns to direct motion. A bigger deal to Neptune ruled Pisces than to most of us, but it could help you get to sleep faster in the weeks ahead.

The kiss of the day is useful in work and play as clever Mercury makes a sextile to wise Jupiter at 6:51 pm. Yes, speak up Saturday night and you are likely to find some agreement, as Luna makes a trine to philosophical Jupiter at 11:53 pm.

A nightcap might be in order, too.

Friday, November 27

You bought what? Strange tastes and actions are likely today as unpredictable Uranus is again on center stage.

An aware Mercury Pluto sextile at 2:36 am PST will hopefully guide you to make good decisions today. But a very unsteady Venus Uranus opposition follows at 9:10 am. This energy is doubled at the Moon conjuncts Uranus at 11:10 am and opposes Venus at 11:25 am! Whew.

This is a rush of energy that will inspire impulse shopping in some folks and "experimental" purchases of all kinds—it could be love at first sight.

And it could be the same story with introductions and the Moon in gentle Taurus, ruled by affectionate Venus, and clear skies continuing for the rest of the day and night