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Tuesday, October 31

One trick.  One treat.  Morning hours are the best of the day for important calls and business on Tuesday.  The Moon in psychic Pisces trines logical Mercury at 10:21 am PDT which will help you get your message out and heard – it’s a very good time to put your cards on the table and to ask for what you want.  Caution lights kick on as the Moon squares demanding Saturn at 2:08 pm and then turns Void of Course until she enters charged up Aries at 11:43 pm Tuesday night.  This is when the party really gets going.  As times change.

Monday, October 30

Tackle the hard jobs first thing.  The Moon in Pisces trines the Sun in Scorpio at 6:34 am PDT encouraging a balanced approach to matters that require attention Monday morning.  A short spacey interlude appears in the heavens Monday afternoon as the Moon meets Pisces ruler, Neptune in the heavens at 2:33 pm.  Low energy, confusion of some kind and idealistic thinking are all attached to this pair.  Not a good time to make binding decisions or to have important appointments.  A clearing trend immediately begins after this conjunction and clear skies prevail for the rest of the day and night.  As times change.

Sunday, October 29

Green and yellow lights are up on Sunday. Morning hours are the best of the day for chores and shopping as the Moon sextiles Saturn and Uranus at 9:22 am PDT.  Caution lights come on a minute later as the Moon turns Void of Course until she enters dreamy Pisces at 4:46 pm Sunday afternoon.  Hold off on making important purchases and decisions while the Moon is V/C as our intuition and judgment are not sharp during this part of the lunar cycle. Green lights come back on after the Moon changes signs and vibes are good Sunday evening for social plans as the Moon trines generous Jupiter just after midnight.  As times change.

Saturday, October 28

Rock on.  The Skywatch is clear and upbeat Saturday morning with the Moon in friendly Aquarius flying out into calm skies.  A very nice kiss lights up the heavens Saturday afternoon as the Moon trines sweet Venus at 6:02 pm PDT.  Listen carefully around this hour as Luna also squares distracted Mercury at 6:35 pm. Not a good time to order pizza, but clear skies quickly follow for the rest of the evening.

Friday, October 27

Caution lights. This is another strange day in the Skywatch.  The Moon enters eccentric Aquarius at 5:59 am PDT early this morning and sails out into calm seas. Tackle the hard jobs first thing. Stress levels are bound to rise Friday afternoon as the Moon squares Jupiter at 1:30 pm and then squares the Sun at 3:22 pm.  A difficult Venus-Pluto square follows at 8:19 pm which inspires some folks to manipulate the situation and cloud the truth.  Be extra cautious with financial transactions on Friday – Venus rules your money and love. Pluto can get jealous or greedy quickly.  Best if you keep the lines of communication open as Mercury lines up in an even-tempered sextile to Pluto at 8:22 pm following all the stress markers.  Bottom line:  let the smoke and dust settle if things get weird today- clarity will come after the squares expire.  As times change.

Thursday, October 26

Surf’s up.  This is a day of Grace in the Skywatch.  That means this is a stellar day for top priority appointments, meetings, and travel.  Why?  The Sun meets lucky Jupiter in the heavens at 11:10 am PDT encouraging a positive attitude in most folks and a generous reaction to your ideas/thinking.  Jupiter is the b.s. King and you are bound to hear some of that today, too.   The only quack or stress marker in the heavens on Thursday appears this evening at 10:22 pm when the Moon squares rebellious Uranus and then turns Void of Course until Friday morning.  As times change.