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THE WEEKEND: August 24-25

Venus and Mars make an exact conjunction Saturday morning at 10:04 am PDT which is bound to prompt some folks to spend a lot of money buying things on the web or in the car lot. Venus likes luxuries and satisfaction; Mars wants it all NOW. Best if you take your time shopping as the Moon in fickle Gemini opposes overindulgent Jupiter at 10:53 am and then squares unrealistic Neptune at 4:18 pm. A touch of sanity returns as the Moon sextiles Mercury at 11:58 pm although Luna then turns Void of Course until Sunday afternoon.

        Don’t get into anything too complicated Sunday morning. The Moon is Void of Course until she enters home sign Cancer at 2:05 pm PDT. However, green lights kick on at this moment as the Skywatch clears. Evening hours are very friendly as the Moon sextiles the Sun at 6:33 pm and travels on to sextile both Venus and Mars in the hours that follow. This is a stellar night for introductions and all social plans. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (August 25–31)

The year ahead can be one of the best years in your life so far, Virgo. Yes, yes, yes. Sweet Venus sits next to your Sun in your new Solar Return, helping you find love and money in the months ahead. Brave and determined Mars is sitting next to both of them, giving you the energy to do things you’ve never done before. Lucky Jupiter is in home sign Sagittarius in this chart of your new year, dealing you aces in the game of life. And brilliant Uranus is lined up in a trine to your Venus, Mars and the Sun in your new SR, increasing your ability to make changes in your life and times that will give you lifetime benefits. Get out and meet people, Virgo. Step up to the microphone and ask for what you want. You won’t ever pass this way again. The Force is with you. As times change.

Friday, August 23

Expect a challenge, and possibly some rude behavior from others today.  The Moon enters restless and critical Gemini at 7:34 am PDT this morning and immediately runs into a cranky square to the Sun at 7:56 am.  

Affectionate Venus and impatient Mars are meeting in the heavens now which can make for loving encounters or angry lover’s quarrels this afternoon as the Moon squares them both.

Luna squares Venus at 1:17 pm and the nastier square to Mars appears at 2:19 pm.  Venus and Mars are both in Virgo and sitting side by side tonight.  

Love vs. war.  It’s up to you tonight.  

As times change.

Thursday, August 22

Double-check the details this morning.  The only difficult marker in the heavens today shows up at 6:22 am PDT when the Moon squares trickster Mercury.  

Green lights come on a few minutes later as the Skywatch clears.  Your instincts are likely to be right on when the Moon sextiles psychic Neptune at 8:23 am.  Clear skies follow until afternoon hours when the Moon trines astute Pluto at 2:32 pm.

Luna then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning.  Evening skies are still pleasant with the Moon traveling through sensual Taurus.

As times change.

Wednesday, August 21

A pleasant surprise is likely this morning.  The Moon in trustworthy Taurus sails out into calm seas this morning UNTIL Luna meets unpredictable Uranus in the heavens at 10:33 am PDT.

However, there is a wave of positive energy in the Skywatch at the same time due to bright Mercury sitting in a trine to upbeat Jupiter, exact at 3:05 am.  So, this is a good morning to make a surprise visit or call.  

Another notable change in the Skywatch is sweet Venus entering earth sign Virgo, traveling through this considerate sign until mid-September.  Virgo rules our pets, making this a good window of time to get a new puppy or kitty.  

Evening skies are clear and friendly.  As times change.

Tuesday, August 20

Green lights.  

The only quack in the heavens today appears at 3:53 am PDT early Tuesday morning when the Moon squares obsessive Pluto. (note that this square shows up at 6:53 am on the east coast - be sure to convert Skywatch time to your local time zone). A big-time clearing trend follows as the Aries Moon sails out into calm waters.  

Two lovely kisses grace the Skywatch this afternoon and evening.  The Moon trines the Sun at 5:01 pm, encouraging positive reactions from everyone in your home or office.  Romance blooms Tuesday night when the Moon trines affectionate Venus at 9:06 pm.  

A short Moon Void of Course cycle follows until Luna enters gentle Taurus at 9:37 pm.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, so the good vibes continue.  

As times change.

Monday, August 19

New ideas and thinking are likely to help you solve problems and open new doors of understanding Monday morning. All due to the Moon in Aries making a trine to clever Mercury, exact at 8:41 am PDT.

Signals are mixed Monday afternoon as the Moon squares cynical Saturn at 2:56 pm but then trines optimistic Jupiter two minutes later. Best then to ignore the negative stuff that comes up with the square.

Let times change.