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Friday, May 31

Saddle up. here’s an excellent day to handle top priority business and personal matters. Agreeable Venus sextiles dependable Saturn at 8:26 am PDT and this marker will help you make good decisions and connections all day long. Especially since the Moon is in favorite sign Taurus, ruled by Venus, today. Luna makes only one connection on Friday and it’s a kiss as she sextiles determined Mars at 4:49 pm Friday afternoon. Clear skies follow. As times change.

Thursday, May 30

Gentle and undependable. There’s a strange and out of focus energy in the Skywatch today. Caution lights are up. Challenges are in the air this morning as the Moon squares compulsive Pluto at 8:08 am PDT and then turns Void of Course until she enters Taurus at 9:43 pm Thursday night. Along the way agreeable Venus sextiles compassionate and creative Neptune at 9:51 am setting up a stellar day to help others and for any spiritual study. Who’s right and who’s wrong? That’s the question when Mercury opposes opinionated Jupiter at 8:12 pm Thursday night—not the time to talk politics or budgets. No, no, no. As times change.

Wednesday, May 29.

Caution lights. Is it truth or fiction? It may be hard to tell today as tricky Mercury makes a square to unrealistic and impractical Neptune at 6:23 pm PDT. This marker encourages some folks to bend the truth a little and can also be a time when secrets come out of the closet. The Moon today is still in impatient Aries and she makes a square to ruler Mars at 4:30 am and then sails out into quiet waters. Best to save important calls and decisions for another day.

Tuesday, May 28.

Don’t rush in. The Moon is Void of Course from last night until she enters fired up Aries at 11:32 am PDT Tuesday morning. Green lights come on at this moment as the Skywatch clears for the rest of the day and night. Aries energy is useful is tackling new jobs and initiatives. And this is a good evening for something new and different—Aries favorites. As times change.

Monday, May 27

The Skywatch is friendly but a bit foggy as you begin your Memorial Day celebrations on Monday. The Moon in psychic Pisces sextiles sweet Venus at 4:52 am PDT but then meets/conjuncts dreamy Neptune at 12:40 pm. However, Luna travels on to sextile realistic Saturn at 3:22 pm followed by Luna making a square to over-optimistic Jupiter at 5:54 pm. Positive energy returns to the heavens as the Moon sextiles healing Pluto at 9:21 pm but then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. As times change.

Sunday, May 26

Sunday is the better day to handle important chores and duties. But take your time getting started as the Moon sextiles Uranus at 8:01 am PDT but then quickly makes a challenging square to the Sun at 9:34 am. Green lights come on a few minutes later as the Skywatch clears and a high energy Moon Mars trine, exact at 1:07 pm, gives us the muscle to clean out the garage or pantry. Clear skies follow. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (May 26–June 1)

you have the same fortunate pair of generous and lucky planets in your new Solar Return as in last week’s birthday forecast, Gemini. Yes, yes, yes. Sweet Venus in home sign Taurus attracts positive energy to your efforts and opens the door to finding increased income and savings in the months ahead. Lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages you to travel, increase your education and to settle any legal matters which will more than likely work out in your favor. Moreover, your ruling planet, Mercury, is also in Gemini in this new SR which helps you make good decisions and to communicate your ideas and wishes with clarity. Nothing holding you back from winning big time in the year ahead, Gemini. Times have changed.