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Tuesday, July 21.

An unsettling Moon Uranus square at 7:22 am PDT this morning is the only quack in the Skywatch on Tuesday—green lights are up once this square is in our rearview mirror. The Moon in creative Leo trines energetic Mars at 12:23 pm setting up an excellent morning to deal with the boss and all authority figures, ruled by Leo. Good vibes hang out in the afternoon hours as Luna sextiles agreeable Venus at 5:27 pm. Caution lights kick on a minute later as the Moon drifts off into empty space and turns Void of Course until tomorrow afternoon! As times change.

Monday, July 20

Time to plant seeds. A New Moon in emotional Cancer, exact at 10:33 am PDT, sets up a very good day to take the initiative. However, you need to keep it realistic and practical as this lunation opposes reliable and organized Saturn. Luna makes an opposition to this heavyweight at 10:55 am and then turns Void of Course until she enters Leo at 1:16 pm. The conservative pressure of Saturn remains in the Skywatch as the Sun then lines up opposite Saturn at 3:28 pm Monday afternoon. Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night. As times change.

Sunday, July 19

Sunday’s Skywatch is good if you don’t get up too early and get bit by the Moon squaring feisty Mars at 5:38 am PDT. And there may still be a bit of a frown in the air as you start your day. But the astrological skies clear quickly and remain clear for the rest of the day. A creative and romantic Moon Neptune trine lights up the evening skies at 9 pm and Luna sails on to oppose optimistic Jupiter at 10:27 pm. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (July 19–25)

the powerful and healing Jupiter Pluto pairing in the heavens now is also a crown jewel in your new Solar Return, late Cancer and early Leo birth signs. This is a rare occurrence in this chart of your new year, and these planets join responsible Saturn as the major players in your new SR. Realistic Saturn sits opposite your Sun, and he rewards patience and staying focused on your work and ambitions but he guarantees that the dues you pay off this year can give you a big boost up the ladder of success in the future. Keep open to new ideas and thinking with the very welcome Mercury Uranus sextile in your SR, giving you the ability to create new and better solutions and plans in your work and play in the months ahead. Have faith in your talents and forge ahead, Cancer and Leo. Times have changed.

Saturday, July 18

Saturday, July 18

Green lights. After the Moon enters home sign Cancer at 7:24 am PDT ending the long Void of Course cycle from Friday. Clear skies prevail for the rest of the day and into the evening hours when Luna meets/conjuncts messenger Mercury in the heavens at 9:19 pm. Feelings and thoughts can get mixed up with this pair—take your time making your case.

Friday, July 17

Tackle the hard jobs first thing. Astrological skies are clear this morning. Caution lights come on when the Moon squares spacey Neptune at 2:14 pm PDT and then turns Void of Course for the rest of the day and night. Stick to routine while the Moon is V/C and hold off on making important decisions and purchases. Simple plans work best during this part of the lunar cycle.

Thursday, July 16

Dress for success. Green lights are up today for work or play. The Moon in clever Gemini will help you communicate easily and clearly to others—speak up. Clear skies prevail from sunrise to sunset. The kisses in the Skywatch appear Thursday night when the Moon sextiles courageous Mars at 7:26 pm and then meets, conjuncts, lovely Venus in the heavens at 11:40 pm. Likely many folks will be into the cookie jar this evening. Good night kisses are more likely, too. Venus loves both. As times change.