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Thursday, July 12

Power. There’s a lot of energy in the Skywatch today. The Sun opposes powerful Pluto at 3:01 am PDT early this morning, and he stays in the spotlight as a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer, exact at 7:48 pm, lines up exactly opposite to the planet that rules death and rebirth. Positive markers make the morning hours stellar for priority calls and business as the Moon trines lucky Jupiter at 8:12 am and travels on to trine creative and psychic Neptune at 121:57 pm. Pluto can bring a healing or a challenge, and both are more likely as the Moon opposes the planet that rules transformation and the Force at 6:43 pm. Luna then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. Add it up, and this is an excellent day to let go of negative people and situations—and to plant a seed for future benefits. Cancer rules your guts—trust your feelings today. As times change. (Happy Birthday, dear Leslie!)

Wednesday, July 11

. Be original. There’s a nice string to positive planetary events in the Skywatch today. It’s an excellent day for work or play. The Moon enters home sign Cancer at 10:59 am PDT this morning kicking on the green lights. The main event today is Venus making a complementary trine to brilliant Uranus, exact at 8:26 pm Wednesday evening. Along the way, the Moon will sextile both planets by 2:36 pm increasing the chances of positive encounters and good news Wednesday afternoon. The only slowdown today appears at 6:38 pm when the Moon opposes serious Saturn. Love, at first sight, is possible with the Venus Uranus connection—this is a good night for introductions, blind dates, and discovering useful ideas and connections—reach out.

Tuesday, July 10

Get an early start. Morning hours are the best for important appointments and calls. The Moon sextiles clever Mercury at 10:24 am PDT suggesting an excellent time to make your case or to place an order. A touch of confusion in the Skywatch kicks on the caution lights when the Moon squares spaced out Neptune at 1:01 pm. Luna then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. Keep it simple while the Moon is V/C. Some good news is Jupiter leaving this Retrograde cycle today—no miracles from this event but it does signal an easier time ahead to make some progress. Keep the faith. As times change.

Monday, July 9

Whoa! Tricky Mercury squares dialed out Jupiter at 2:14 early Monday morning—bad ideas are center stage. Caution lights come on as the Moon squares lazy Venus at 9:10 am PDT and then turns Void of Course until she enters clever Gemini at 9:58 am. Green lights kick on at this moment as the Skywatch clears. Use Gemini’s ability to communicate your wishes on Monday: call, visit, email and put your ideas out there. The Moon trines Mars Rx at 11:27 pm and you may have some worthwhile new concepts strike you Monday evening. As times change.

Sunday, July 8

Sunday is a day of Grace. This is the best day I’ve seen this year to get married or to make a dream come true. The main event is the Sun making a trine to romantic and devoted Neptune at 7:42 am PDT Sunday morning. Green lights are up for everything on your agenda as the Taurus Moon also makes a sextile to Neptune at 10:48 am and then sextiles the Sun at 11:01 am. Sextiles blend energies involved and inspire positive, healing situations. Luna then trines healing Pluto, ruler of marriage, at 5:11 pm late Sunday afternoon. This is an exceptional line-up. Clouds roll in late Sunday night as Mercury lines up in a square to boastful Jupiter early Monday morning: communication problems, lost keys, who let the dogs out? As times change.

If your birthday is this week (July 8–14)

sweet Venus is on center stage in your new Solar Return, Cancer. She makes a trine to innovative and friendly Uranus and also trines realistic and dependable Saturn, too. Trines blend energies and bring out the best in both parties. Venus is the ruler of love and money. Her connection to Uranus suggests a good year to buy a new car and/or a computer or anything high tech. Love affairs developing from friendships are also more likely with this pair. The Venus-Saturn trine helps you get favorable reviews from bosses and authority figures, so this an excellent year ahead to apply for loans, grants, and scholarships and even if you were turned down before, try again, Cancer. A New Moon and Solar Eclipse in your sign this week promise positive new situations and opportunities in the months ahead. And Venus is your ally this year. As times change.