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Thursday, August 6

Upbeat but unfocused. An optimistic Moon Jupiter sextile at 9:20 am PDT puts good energy in the Skywatch this morning. However, the Moon in dreamy Pisces meets the sign’s ruler, Neptune, in the heavens at 11:11 am. More coffee might help clear the fog from this moment; staying close to the facts is also a good idea as Neptune tends to bend the truth at times. Green lights appear once the Moon sails past Neptune as the Skywatch clears. The kiss of the day shows up at 4:38 pm when Luna sextiles powerful Pluto. Sextiles bring times of opportunity; Pluto is the healer and invites you to speak up and work on solutions. Clear skies follow into the late hours. As times change.

Wednesday, August 5

No problems. Green lights are up today as the Moon in creative Pisces sails out into calm waters this morning. Trust your intuition with the Moon in this psychic water sign. The only exact marker today is a kiss that appears in the heavens at 4:01 pm PDT when Luna sextiles inventive Uranus. Clear skies follow and it’s a good evening for a film, dancing, musical concert, fishing and a sweet bedtime story – all under the spell of Pisces. As times change.

Tuesday, August 4

Caution lights. Aggressive Mars squares gambler Jupiter at 6:06 am PDT early this morning; a tendency to go overboard in some way will be with us all day long due to this square.

The best hour of the day for an important call or request appears at 2:45 pm when the Moon trines agreeable Venus. However, Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters spacey Pisces at 7:27 pm.

Hold off on making important purchases and decisions while the Moon is V/C. Quiet hours follow.

As times change.

Monday, August 3

Emotional rebellion is one way to translate the activity in the Skywatch this morning.

A Full Moon in Aquarius that squares/challenges sign ruler Uranus pulls exact at 8:59 am PDT Monday morning. Surprises and odd reactions to your plans and thinking are likely around your home or office. Additional communication challenges are likely as restless Mercury opposes stubborn Saturn at 2:00 pm.

More trouble is brewing Monday night. A helpful Moon Mars sextile at 11:45 pm is overshadowed by Mars lining up in a square to overconfident and opinionated Jupiter.

Likely the cops will be busy Monday night. Mars rules speeding and violence. Jupiter rules the law. Slow down and keep your cool tonight.

As times change.

Sunday, August 2

Caution lights are up Sunday morning. The Sun in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus at 4:19 am PDT early this morning and is followed by the Moon meeting grumpy Saturn in the heavens at 6:59 am. Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters friendly Aquarius at 11:11 am when green lights come on for work or play. Clear astrological skies offer peace and quiet for the rest of the morning and afternoon hours. A Full Moon in eccentric Aquarius lights up the sky Sunday night – likely you’ll hear sirens in the city. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (Aug 2–8)

Uranus, the planet that rules changes, is sitting in a square to your Sun in your new Solar Return, Leo.  This energy has been cooking in your life over the last two years and thankfully, is going to wane as the months roll on. Uranus prompts you to listen to your heart and soul and to live the truth that is deep inside you. The process of individuation is a Uranian concept and while this planet also rules the unexpected elements in life, this process is nearly always aiming at finding out the truth. Four planets are in practical earth signs in this chart of your new year. That means you can make a lot of progress in career and financial matters this year. Sure, it takes hard work and you’ll be asked to step up to the plate and do more than before, but the rewards will be worth it in the long run, Leo. Accept change and look for it, Leo. Improvements are very likely if you do. Times have changed.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Buckle up.

There are at least a dozen days this month when caution lights will come on. The most difficult of them involve feisty Mars in impatient Aries making squares to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, all in conservative Capricorn.

Be sure to read ahead and pay attention to these squares as accidents, breakdowns, and conflicts are all more likely to appear during these events. These are the days to back off, keep it simple, and to pay extra attention to the kids and critters.

A challenging tone is in the heavens this morning as logical Mercury opposes contrary Pluto at 3:52 am PDT. Clear skies follow until 2:22 pm when Luna squares pushy Mars and tempers can flare.

The kiss of the day follows as the Moon meets, conjuncts, lucky Jupiter in the heavens at 4:57 pm and the good vibes roll on as the Moon then sextiles psychic Neptune at 5:55 pm.

A wild wind of rebellion is blowing Saturday night as the Sun lines up in a square to erratic Uranus and the Moon conjuncts intense Pluto at 10:57 pm. Play is safe and cool Saturday night.