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Wednesday, June 30

An early touch of fog and then we clear up. The Moon in dreamy Pisces conjuncts ruler Neptune in the heavens at 5:24 am PDT.

Luna then makes a sextile to helpful Pluto at 10:39 am. Caution lights kick on a minute later as the Moon turns Void of Course until she enters fiery Aries at 6:21 pm.

Hold off on making important purchases or decisions while the Moon is V/C. Try something new or different tonight with the Moon in Aries and you are likely to enjoy the experience.

Tuesday, June 29

Tackle the hard jobs first thing. The Skywatch is stellar this morning.

The Moon trines the Sun at 121:53 am PDT in the early hours and sails on to sextile friendly and innovative Uranus at 11:47 am. Here’s a good time to deal with/buy computers and all high tech gear—ruled by Uranus.

It’s a good time, too, to make changes around your home or office. A slight misunderstanding could appear tonight when the Moon squares critical Mercury at 7:59 pm. Clear skies follow.

As times change.

Monday, June 28

Trust your instincts. The Moon enters psychic Pisces at 10:51 am PDT and sails out into calm seas Monday morning.

Green lights are up once the Moon changes signs, ending the V/C cycle from yesterday. Schedule the priority call or appointment for afternoon hours when the Moon conjuncts/meets lucky and optimistic Jupiter in the heavens at 2:33 pm.

The good vibes in this pair will linger into early evening hours and the coast is clear—there’s no other marker in the skies Monday night.

As times change.

THE WEEKEND: June 26-27

We switch gears on Saturday. The Moon enters experimental Aquarius at 7:08 am PDT and green lights come on for work or play. Sweet Venus enters fun loving and romantic Leo at 9:27 pm Saturday night for a 3+ week run. A short-tempered Moon Mars opposition at 11:29 pm Saturday night is the only other event in the heavens on Saturday.            

Early hours on Sunday are a bit unsettled. The Moon squares unpredictable Uranus at 6:16 am PDT. But that is the only problem in the Skywatch on Sunday. Luna sails on to trine Mercury at 12:07 pm but then turns Void of Course until Monday morning. Rest, relax and avoid making important purchases and decisions while the Moon is V/C. There’s nothing else in the heavens to concern us on Sunday. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (June 27–July 3). Warrior Mars is on center stage in your new Solar Return, Cancer. This feisty planet opposes patient Saturn and squares erratic Uranus in the chart of your new year. The best way to handle the stress he’ll bring is to be patient with people and matters and accept changes as they occur. All challenges this year can bring you growth and progress, Cancer. Be open to experimenting and trying new ways to make a dream come true. A strong bolt of positive energy arrives with lucky Jupiter kissing your Sun as your new year begins. Patience until then will serve you well. Times will change.

Friday, June 25

Easygoing. Green lights. Just stay conservative and practical today with the Moon in serious Capricorn.

Luna trines friendly Uranus at 4:04 am PDT early this morning and then sails out into calm seas for the rest of the workday. She makes one connection, a sextile to creative Neptune at 7:51 pm Friday night.

Clear skies follow.

Thursday, June 24

An emotional high tide.

The Moon enters realistic Capricorn at 6:05 am PDT and green lights come on for work or play. The Moon sextiles upbeat Jupiter at 9:33 am. Luna sails on and opposes the Sun creating A Full Moon at 11:40 am. Clear astrological skies follow for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.