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Friday, June 30

. Make an appearance—get in touch with the people who can help you today. Green lights are up. The Moon enters friendly partnership sign Libra early Friday morning and sails out into calm waters. There’s only one quack or challenging aspect in the Skywatch today; a square between the Sun and Moon at 5:51 pm PDT Friday afternoon. A square joins two forces in a challenging angle; in this case, the emotional Moon competes for recognition with the egotistical Sun. In life, this often brings on a temper tantrum, rude behavior and/or bad decisions and a negative reaction to a positive situation in some folks. Fortunately, the Moon will quickly leave this hot spot and sail out into calm seas a few minutes later for the rest of the day and night. It’s a good evening for social plans with the Moon in gentle Libra—reach out. As times change.

Thursday, June 29

Speak softly. A grumpy Moon-Saturn square at 11:51 am PDT inclines some folks to take a negative point of view Thursday morning. Better to wait until the Moon trines agreeable Venus at 1:34 pm if you have to make an important call or appearance. Caution lights come on a minute later as Luna turns Void of Course until after midnight. The main event in the Skywatch appears next at 5:34 pm as Mercury opposes Pluto, who is often manipulative. You may get challenged all day long with this marker in the heavens, and find it hard to get a compromise or a straight answer. You can use this pair to solve problems and to research a new subject. But be aware that some people may try to talk you into something today that is in their best interest, not necessarily yours. Clear skies follow into the late hours. As times change.

Wednesday, June 28

Slow down. The main event in the Skywatch today is distracted Mercury meeting fired up Mars in the heavens, exact at 12:51 pm PDT early Wednesday afternoon. Good new ideas and verbal battles are both likely around your home or office with this pair. Slow down in your car and in giving instructions so that you will get what you order. The Moon in practical Virgo opposes spacey Neptune at 6:58 pm but energy levels will rise in the hours that follow as Luna travels on to sextile Mars and Mercury at 11:44 pm. Both markers invite positive responses and keep the dealer busy at the poker table tonight. As times change.

Tuesday, June 27

Two different faces. Mercury is in the spotlight today. He squares b.s. artist Jupiter at 11:21 am, and you are likely to hear a tall tale then. Do pay attention to words spoken today as truths are more likely to be revealed Tuesday afternoon when clever Mercury trines psychic and intuitive Neptune at 5:23 pm. Meanwhile, the Moon trines dependable Saturn at 6:38 am PDT and travels on to trine brilliant Uranus at 2:12 pm Tuesday afternoon. Both trines encourage you to listen to your feelings and gut reactions when you get a barrage of information today—trines to the Moon help us identify our honest feelings. Evening hours are quiet. As times change.

Monday, June 26

Rise and shine. The Skywatch is upbeat and good for work or play on Monday. The Moon in fiery Leo sails out into calm waters Monday morning and makes only one connection: a sextile to generous Jupiter at 1:43 pm PDT. This is a stellar moment to talk the boss or to take command of a situation and be the leader as Leo rules fathers, bosses, and leaders of the pack. Evening hours are good for Romance or something fun—Leo requirements of life. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (Jun 25–July 1)

you have an unusual set of aspects in your new Solar Return, Cancer. Both Mercury and Mars square overindulgent Jupiter in this chart of your new year—you’ve got to know your limitations and not bite off more than you can chew in the months ahead. Stay conservative in your plans of expansion, and don’t cut corners, Cancer. Art, music, all creative and charitable work get green lights as both Mercury and Mars are aligned in harmony with imaginative and compassionate Neptune. Finances are likely to improve with Venus in money sign Taurus in your new SR. Meanwhile, Lucky Jupiter is still in partnership sign Libra (ruled by sweet Venus in her home sign Taurus) urging you to get on the dance floor if you are single as Venus attracts loving folks and pleasant companions. Be patient, take everything in stride and stay positive as you approach new matters this year, Cancer. The past is done—don’t look back. The future looks bright if you keep your attention focused on the here and now. As times change.