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THE WEEKEND: May 22-23

Signals are mixed on Saturday. Morning hours are the best for chores and shopping. But stay focused and realistic in your plans. Because there is a square between Mercury and confused and unrealistic Neptune in the heavens on Saturday, exact at 7:43 pm PDT. Along the way Luna trines realistic Saturn at 5:11 pm and then trines sweet Venus at 11:36 pm. Stay up later and you’ll meet a feisty Moon Mars square at 12:51 am early Sunday morning.            

Signals are also mixed on Sunday. A chipper Moon Mercury trine at 8:59 am PDT makes breakfast pleasant Sunday morning. But Luna sails on to square demanding Pluto at 2:36 pm and then turns Void of Course until she enters intense Scorpio at 8:00 pm. The kiss of the day follows when the Moon trines optimistic Jupiter at 9:37 pm. Notable, Saturn turns Retrograde today and will be backing up on the bases until October 11. This is a period of time to review your ambitions and responsibilities—do they lead you to your ambitions and goals? If not, this will be time to make adjustments. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (May 23–29) There’s an emotional element in your new Solar Return, Gemini. Mars is in water sign Cancer and Jupiter is in water sign Pisces along with Neptune in your new SR. Water is the element that rules your emotions and they are important to notice and follow in the months ahead. Things that “feel right” are likely to be the best choices you can make. Of course you are an air sign and you have both Venus and Mercury in Gemini in this chart of your new year; this is a lovely pair that will help you speak with conviction and get your ideas across. Just remember to stay on the honest side of matters: Venus is square to dishonest Neptune in this new chart—instant karma can get you if you cheat or lie, Gemini. As times change.

Friday, May 21

Caution lights. There’s static and fog in the Skywatch this morning.

The Moon squares Mercury at 4:47 am PDT and then opposes dreamy Neptune at 6:24 am. Some folks will go overboard this morning as the Sun squares extravagant and boastful Jupiter at 8:03 am.

Save important work for the hours that follow as the Moon sails on to trine healing Pluto at 12:56 pm. Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters gentle Libra at 6:35 pm. A very welcome Sun Moon trine at 8:46 pm opens hearts and minds to compromise and agreement Friday night—speak up.

Thursday, May 20

Green lights. Morning hours are the best of the day for priority calls and business.

The Moon trines friendly Uranus at 11:08 am PDT encouraging agreements and good ideas to blossom. Back off a little when the Moon squares overly sensitive Venus at 4:01 pm, but this is not a hard square.

Energy levels will rise as Luna sails on to sextile adventuresome Mars at 7:57 pm. Clear skies follow.

As times change.

Wednesday, May 19

Hold your horses.

The Sun and Moon make a square at 12:12 pm PDT. And Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters Virgo at 1:59pm.

Green lights come on at this moment as a realistic Venus Saturn trine sets up in the heavens. Exact at 6:58 pm, this marker rewards practical action and is a good sign for dealing with authority figures and folks older than you today.

Clear skies follow.

Tuesday, May 18

A scratchy start.

The Moon squares jumpy Uranus at 4:04 am PDT and then opposes grumpy Saturn at 7:29 am this morning. But that’s the only trouble in the heavens today and green lights come on for work or play a few minutes later.

The Moon still enjoys her run through Leo and she makes only one more connection, a sextile to clever Mercury at 7:55 pm Tuesday night.

As times change.

Monday, May 17

Wide open. The Sun trines healing Pluto at 2:48 am PDT early this morning which coats early hours with good vibes and a “can do” attitude. The Moon enters generous Leo at 5:44 am and then sails out into calm seas for the entire day and night on Monday.

Leo is the sign that rules bosses and authority figures of all kinds, so this is a good day to put plans before your boss and to be an authority on your own account. Leo is also the fun-loving sign that is romantic and that suggests this is a good night for social plans and introductions.

As times change.