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Monday, May 28

Double-check your picnic hamper and all the details before you start out Monday morning. The Moon opposes forgetful Mercury at 10:25 am PDT and then turns Void of Course until she enters optimistic Sagittarius at 3:29 pm Monday afternoon. A surge of positive energy accompanies the Moon’s entrance into philosophical Sag. Evening hours are under the spell of a Full Moon when emotions rise. Love? Hate? Choices for you to make. As times change.

Sunday, May 27

Green lights are up on Sunday. The Moon in sexy Scorpio meets lucky and optimistic Jupiter in the heavens at 12:48 pm PDT early Sunday afternoon and you couldn’t ask for a better way to start your day. Luna then trines psychic Neptune at 1:24 pm adding more positive energy to the day. The chance to go deeper emotionally appears Sunday night as the Moon sextiles healing Pluto at 10:12 pm. This is a good time to spill your guts and to find out the cause of a problem. As times change.

Saturday, May 26

Take your time with people and difficult situations Saturday morning—caution lights are up. The Moon enters intense Scorpio at 6:39 am PDT early Saturday morning and promptly lines up opposite to jumpy unpredictable Uranus at 7:42 am. The Moon then squares hasty and aggressive Mars at 1:46 pm early Saturday afternoon. But that’s the last difficult aspect in the Skywatch for the rest of the holiday weekend. Green lights come up for both days as the heavens clear as soon as we get the square in our rearview mirror. Evening hours are stellar for introductions, blind dates, all concerts and social events as the Moon in passionate Scorpio sextiles realistic Saturn at 9:34 pm and then trines/kisses charming and affectionate Venus at 11:55 pm—that’s a happy ending.

Friday, May 25

Get the important stuff done as early in the day as possible—green lights are up. A creative and optimistic Jupiter Neptune trine at 2:49 am PDT early this morning may have left powerful dreams under your pillow. Another positive planetary connection follows as clever Mercury trines psychologist and researcher Pluto at 6:36 am. These two markers set up an excellent morning for priority appointments and business. Caution lights come on at the Moon squares inflexible Pluto at 2:03 pm and then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. A strange vibe is sitting in the Skywatch Friday night. Sweet Venus lines up opposite realistic, but often selfish, Saturn, exact at 11:40 pm. Use this energy well on Friday by helping others with their responsibilities and suggesting a compromise wherever possible. As times change.

Thursday, May 24

A difference of opinion. Green lights are up today, but you’ll need to allow for challenges or differences of opinion. The Moon in Libra trines Mars and the Sun at 5:48 am PDT which will give you an energy kick this morning. The Moon squares lazy Venus at 11:03 am who might also want to change the look of your project or design.A bigger challenge is likely as the Moon squares practical Saturn a 2:28 pm. Both Moon squares are minor in the face of a major event in the Skywatch: Jupiter trine Neptune which will be exact early Friday morning. This marker has been hanging out for weeks and will still be a welcome sign in the heavens for a bit longer. Use this positive pair by working on your dream now in any way you can. Jupiter blesses creative and charitable work inspired by Neptune. Pay attention to who and what shows up in your life now with during this period—some kind of benefit is likely. As times change.

Wednesday, May 23

Foggy, but high energy. Caution lights. Stick to routine today as the Moon trines healing Pluto at 7:55 am PDT but then turns Void of course until she enters gentle Libra at 11:52 pm Wednesday night! The firepower comes from the Sun making a trine to eager Mars at 7:39 pm which helps us tackle important projects and chores with gusto today but remember to hold off on finalizing matters with the V/C Moon.