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Monday, July 31

Quiet. The Moon in Scorpio sextiles healing Pluto at 4:10 am PDT early Monday morning and then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. Hold off on making critical purchases and decisions while the Moon is V/C as our intuition and judgment are not at their best during this part of the Moon’s cycle. Stick to routine and keep things simple today and tonight. Notable changes: Venus enters sentimental Cancer at 7:54 am this morning and will remain in this water sign until Aug 25. Cancer rules your home and family; Venus brings a desire for peace and beauty—this also is a very good time to buy and sell real estate. As times change.

THE WEEKEND: July 29-30

Love at first sight. Maybe it’s a person or a car or an idea. As loving Venus makes a sextile to Uranus in the heavens on Saturday, exact at 1:03 am PDT early Sunday morning. The power in all events in the Skywatch is greatest in the hours preceding the exact alignment. Green lights are up on Saturday, and with Uranus in the foreground, this is an especially good day to buy/sell computers, phones, cars and all machines that run on electricity, ruled by Uranus. This planet often gives us a sudden flash of truth, a lightning bolt that can make us see an old friend in a much different light. The Moon helps our cause, too, as she trines sweet Venus at 1:25 pm and opposes unpredictable Uranus at 2:30 pm. The Moon then turns Void of Course until she enters passionate Scorpio at 5:23 pm late Saturday afternoon. Evening hours are electric and fabulous for introductions, blind dates, and experiments. Maybe even a “walk on the wild side” with Uranus prompting the rebel inside us all to act out. Your homework Saturday night is to put truth on the table and see what response you get.

An angry, challenging tone is in the Skywatch Sunday morning. The Moon in fixed and intense Scorpio squares impatient Mars at 6:02 am PDT followed by the Moon squaring the Sun, also in fixed Leo with Mars, at 8:23 am. Clear skies follow once these two squares are in our rearview mirror and green lights come on for work or play. Evening hours hold a kiss: Moon trine psychic and romantic Neptune, exact at 8:30 pm. Neptune loves movies, dancing, music and sweet bedtime stories. As times change.

Friday, July 28

Smooth. And only one quack. The Moon in gentle Libra sails out into calm seas Friday morning. Green lights are up. This is a good day to network and to be in touch with people who can help you. The only stress marker in the Skywatch appears at 5:37 pm PDT when the Moon squares compulsive Pluto. The challenge here may not be worth your attention as Luna quickly leaves the square and heads for quiet waters for the rest of the evening hours. As times change.

Thursday, July 27

Saddle up. The Moon enters easygoing Libra at 8:37 am PDT this morning as green lights come on for work or play. Libra is ruled by Venus, so this is a good day to seek out and create beauty in your life and to meet and communicate with others. Libra natives want you to be fair and to compromise—and that’s the winning hand today as the Moon sextiles eager Mars at 5:32 pm and then sextiles the Sun at 6:08 pm. Evening hours are stellar for introductions, and social plans as Luna heads for the part of the Zodiac where lucky Jupiter sits. Exact at 3:35 pm early Friday morning. This energy will keep the poker game going past the usual hour. As times change.

Wednesday, July 26

Slow down. The main event in the Skywatch today is the Sun meeting feisty and impatient Mars in the heavens at 5:57 pm PDT this afternoon. Use this energy by taking action on a new plan or starting a project that is dear to your heart. There are better and worse times to also note. The Moon trines healing Pluto at 10:27 am encouraging agreement and compromises. Pull back and sit tight as the Moon squares grumpy Saturn at 5:51 pm just in front of the Martian bolt of energy. Luna travels on to square lazy Venus at 11:31 pm and then turn Void of course until tomorrow morning. As times change.

Tuesday, July 25

Details, details. The Moon enters practical and efficient Virgo at 3:32 am PDT early this morning. And the coast is clear. Green lights are up for work or play on Tuesday as Luna sails out into calm waters. This is a good day to tackle important chores and to order/purchase items using Virgo’s great ability to analyze matters carefully and make good decisions. Mercury also enters home sign Virgo at 4:41 pm Tuesday afternoon which also could bring some criticism from others judging our work. Try to make your comments positive/constructive today and tonight—we are all more sensitive to negative reactions and words while the Moon and Mercury travel through Virgo. As times change.