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Thursday, October 29

Caution lights!!! The Moon in impatient Aries meets ruler Mars Retrograde in the heavens at 11:33 am PDT.  Let’s not even speculate on what kind of accidents, conflicts, and challenges this pair can generate.  

Do pay extra attention to the kids and critters this morning, and try to slow down and measure your words and actions carefully with this high-powered pair on stage.  The best hours of the day for calls and business follow as astrological skies remain clear until the evening hours.

Luna squares bombastic Jupiter at 7:39 pm and also squares obsessive and manipulative Pluto at 11:25 pm Thursday night. No love or mercy in this pair — save the budget discussion for another night.

As times change.

Wednesday, October 28

Slow down, slow down.

The Moon enters fired up Aries at 1:45 am PDT this morning and will push hot buttons in some folks with ruler Mars now Retrograde until Nov 13.

Luckily, the Moon sails out into calm waters once she opposes Venus at 2:32 am early this morning. After that contact, the coast is clear and green lights are up.

Doing something new, something you’ve wanted to do for some time is a very good way to use the Mars and Aries energy in the Skywatch on Wednesday.

Use the energy so it won’t use you is the old lore.

As times change.

Tuesday, October 27

New and welcome energy shows up in the heavens today.  

The only foggy note appears at 2:41 am PDT when the Moon meets dreamy Neptune. Luna will then make three upbeat sextiles to other planets in the hours that follow, kicking on the green lights.  

The Moon sextiles lucky Jupiter at 6:38 am, and then Pluto at 10:58 am.  Sextiles bring times of opportunity and good times to take action.  The Moon sextiles dependable Saturn at 5:46 pm but then turns Void of Course until Wednesday morning.  

New energy comes from Mercury backing out of intense Scorpio and into gentle Libra. At the same time, charming Venus enters Libra for a lovely 25-day visit.

Planets in Libra tend to soften our need to contest matters — this is especially favorable for Mercury Retrograde to be in a sign ruled by Venus while agreeable Venus enters her home sign — a double kiss in a way.

As times change.

Monday, Oct 26

Green lights. There’s not a cloud in the sky today.

We do have Mercury and Mars in their Retrograde cycles and need to be careful with the details and communications; and we need to pace ourselves and stay out of the fast lane.

The Moon is in psychic and compassionate Pisces, and she makes only one connection, a sextile to friendly Uranus at 7:44 am PDT Monday morning. Luna then sails out into calm seas for the rest of the day and night.  

As times change.

Sunday, October 25

Take your time with everything important Sunday morning. We have a long Void of Course cycle which started on Saturday and finally ends at 2:18 pm when the Moon enters creative Pisces. The rest of the Skywatch on Sunday is upbeat and positive. The Moon trines Mercury Retrograde at 6:59 pm and then trines the Sun at 8:30 pm. Trines bring times of balance and good energy—note who calls you or shows up on these times. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (October 25–31),

You also have four planets in earth signs in your new Solar Return, Scorpio. Practical concerns are in the foreground with earth signs and you are also in a period of changing times and events. Once every 84 years, Uranus lines up opposite your Sun and it began in 2020 and will continue to be an influence in your life in 2021. Uranus rules changes and the process of individuation. “Follow your bliss” is his mantra and he has an unexpected and rebellious side that can push your buttons and encourage you to leave confining situations and relationships and start new patterns of life and work that more closely fill the deepest needs you have inside. Truth is calling you in the months ahead. Do not be afraid to answer. As times change.

Saturday, October 24

Green lights.  This is the best weekend of the month for social events, shopping, and an adventure. Saturday’s astrological weather is lovely.

Agreeable Venus trines dependable Saturn at 8:40 am PDT Saturday morning encouraging calm and deliberate attitudes and thinking all day long.

The Moon in friendly Aquarius makes a sextile to Retrograde Mars at 2:54 pm, and hopefully, you can be done with the hard stuff by then as Luna jumps into her Void of Course cycle a minute later until she enters Pisces Sunday afternoon.

The good vibes in the trine are not diminished by the V/C cycle, so green lights remain up for social plans Saturday night.