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Saturday, March 31

Charged up. the Moon in Libra squares Mars at 00:12 am PDT and then squares grumpy Saturn at 2:22 am and then turns Full at 5:37 am Saturday morning.

This is a powerful load and pushes emotions out to the surface. Communication problems, illogical ideas are also more likely as Luna opposes Mercury Rx at 9:15 am.

The light at the end of the tunnel follows a few minutes later as the Moon sails out into calm seas for the rest of the day and night on Sunday.

As times change.

Friday, March 30

Easygoing. But wait until the Moon leaves the V/C cycle and enters gentle Libra at 10:52 am PDT before you tackle anything important.

Astrological skies clear completely for the workday.

Trouble is brewing Friday evening as a Full Moon in Libra squares angry Mars twelve minutes past midnight.

Mercury Retrograde is no help in this situation and you are likely to hear sirens in the city tonight as accidents, arguments and fights are more likely with the Moon squaring Saturn two hours later.

Play it safe and cool Friday night.

As times change.

Thursday, March 29

Hold your horses. The Sun squares grumpy Saturn at 7:16 am PDT and the Moon opposes spaced out Neptune at 8:49 am Thursday morning.

Mercury Rx now doesn’t help, so it’s best to let these aspects expire before you attempt anything important on Thursday.

The Moon in efficient Virgo sails out into calm waters after the Neptune contact turning on green lights for work or play for the rest of the day and night.

Evening hours are good for new connections, classes and adventures as the Moon trines powerful Pluto at 7:35 pm and then sextiles optimistic Jupiter at 9:59 pm. Luna turns Void of Course a minute later.

As times change.

Wednesday, March 28

Get involved. The Skywatch is excellent for work or play on Wednesday.

The Moon enters practical Virgo at 7:30 am PDT and green lights come on as astrological skies are blessed with a Venus Uranus conjunction, exact at 5:46 pm Wednesday afternoon.

Uranus opens an unexpected box or spits out a truth. This is an electric pair that inspires innovation, thinking outside the box, and a walk on the wild side.

The good vibes continue as the Moon trines Mars at 6:24 pm and then trines dependable Saturn at 10:30 pm.

Clouds roll in a few minutes later—call it early.

Tuesday, March 27

Green lights. The Moon in fired up Leo trines Retrograde Mercury at 7:09 am PDT early Tuesday morning pushing some good mental energy into your first cup of coffee.

This is a good day to deal with bosses and authority figures or to be one your self with the Moon in the sign of the king of the jungle.

The only stress marker in the heavens today is minor as the Moon squares opinionated Jupiter at 7:05 pm when you want to avoid talking about politics.

Quiet hours follow.

As times change.

Monday, March 26

Saddle up. There’s only one exact marker in the Skywatch today and it’s a good one.

The Moon enters generous Leo at 4:45 am PDT early this morning and sails out into calm seas. She links up in a most welcome trine to the Sun, the ruler of Leo, at 3:13 pm Monday afternoon.

This pair creates an excellent atmosphere for important appointments, decisions, meetings, and interviews. Or to take your kitty to the vet or your car to the mechanic.

This trine sets up an afternoon when most things are going to work out in a favorable way, even with Mercury Retrograde.

Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.