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Tuesday, April 20

Get an early start. Morning hours are the best of the day for priority calls and business. The Moon squares superficial and lazy Venus at 1:21 pm PDT and then squares undependable Uranus at 6:11 pm.

A low-energy Moon Saturn opposition at 10:56 pm won’t get you a good night kiss. Save anything important or social for tomorrow.

As times change.

Monday, April 19

The Bulls take over the Skywatch today. As both the Sun and Mercury join Venus in the fixed earth sign Taurus. Green lights are up for work or play on Monday and with Taurus energy so strong now, this is a good day to handle all financial matters and for shopping.

The Moon in Cancer trines psychic Neptune at 7:56 am and then sails out into calm waters. However, astrological skies cloud up this afternoon when the Moon opposes demanding Pluto at 5:03 pm PDT and then turns Void of Course until she enters Leo at 11:10 pm.

A tense Sun Moon square follows at 11:59 pm. Call it early tonight and you’ll skip this moment. As times change.

Sunday, April 18

Sunday’s Skywatch is easygoing. The Moon in sensitive Cancer sextiles friendly Uranus at 8:18 am and then sails out into quiet seas for the rest of the day and night. Cancer rules your home and family so this is a good day to putter around the house and to fix something yummy for supper. The Sun meets messenger Mercury in the heavens at 6:49 pm encouraging calls and mail. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (April 18–24). This is a year when you are likely to have some good news that surprises you, late Aries and early Taurus birth signs. This is all due to loving Venus sitting next to unpredictable Uranus in your new Solar Return. This pair makes it a good year to buy a new car, computer and anything that runs on electricity, ruled by Uranus. And with both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in this chart of your new year, give yourself a chance to experiment and try new ways of doing things in the months ahead—you’ll be likely to succeed beyond your expectations. You are leaving a challenging period of time in your life and this is a year to look forward to new vistas and plans. Times have changed.

Saturday, April 17

Another mix up.

Mercury is on center stage in the Skywatch on Saturday. Caution lights are up Saturday morning as the Moon meets impatient Mars at 5:08 am PDT and then sextiles the Sun at 8:03 am.

But Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters home sign Cancer at 12:25 pm. In this window of time, Mercury sextiles broadminded Jupiter and Mars at 12:09 pm which offers positive energy and perhaps some new good plans.

A touch of resistance or a challenging idea could show up when Mercury squares demanding Pluto at 2:49 pm Saturday afternoon. Peace returns Saturday night when the Moon sextiles sweet Venus in Taurus at 8:49 pm and for many a sweet tooth demands satisfaction.


Friday, April 16

Mixed signals. A hard line and challenging Sun Pluto square at 6:26 am PDT Friday morning will excite the ego-maniacs and cause some folks to resist your wishes or thinking.

But there is hope and some relief in the Skywatch as eager Mars trines lucky Jupiter at 10:14 pm this evening. You’ll have to duck a dreamy Moon Neptune square at 8:15 pm along the way but the trine’s power will complement a good attitude and a willingness to compromise for all of us today and tonight.

As times change.

Thursday, April 15

Yes, yes, yes.

This is a stellar day to make your case or to interview for a new job. There is only one exact marker in the Skywatch today and it is an extremely comfortable sextile between the Sun and optimistic Jupiter, exact at 9:58 am PDT.

This blast of positive energy will help you all day long to get approval of your ideas and plans and will even make an early dental appointment easier to survive. The Moon remains in curious Gemini so you can expect mail or the phone to ring tonight.

As times change.