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The Weekend: July 24-25

Saturday is the best day this weekend to handle important chores and shopping. Mercury makes a trine to psychic and aware Neptune at 9:35 am PDT prompting you to listen to your intuition and feelings for information. The Moon in friendly Aquarius meets serious and practical Saturn at 11:24 am suggesting a good time to spend your money. Something surprising could show up when the Moon squares unpredictable Uranus at 5:42 pm. Clear skies follow.

        Oppositions are on the astrological menu on Sunday. Challenges to your thinking and plans are likely when Mercury opposes inflexible Pluto a 1:14 pm Sunday afternoon. Some folks will throw in a touch of anger when Luna opposes feisty Mars at 4:13 pm. The Moon then turns Void of Course until she enters Pisces at 8:30 pm. The kiss of the day follows when the Moon meets easy going Jupiter in the heavens at 8:56 pm Sunday night and perhaps you can find an agreement or compromise that works.

If your birthday is this week ( July 25-31). Keep your eyes on the future, Leo. Saturn in Aquarius in your new Solar Return promises success if you stay committed and work hard this year. Lucky Jupiter has just backed into Aquarius, too, and will aid your concentration in the months ahead. The only caution light I see in this chart of your new year is Mars sitting opposite to Jupiter. Not a bad thing but this opposition warns you not to go overboard in your promises, expectations and spending; as Clint says: “you’ve got to know your limitations.” Helpful is Venus sitting in analytical Virgo in your new SR, Leo. She’ll help you make good decisions and be more efficient in your spending and actions. Happy Birthday, Leo.

Friday, July 23

Emotional. And unfocused for a short spell.

The Moon conjuncts intense Pluto at 9:34 am PDT this morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters Aquarius at 5:12 pm.

Hold off on finalizing matters while the Moon is V/C. A Full Moon lights up evening skies, exact at 7:37 pm.

Fools and coyotes will be out Friday night — play it safe and be aware of what’s around you.

As times change.

Thursday, July 22

Maybe more than you need but brighter. Greedy Venus opposes hungry Jupiter at 5:45 am PDT early this morning. This is a soft aspect but does inspire us to put too much sugar on our cereal or to expect more than possible today.

Green lights are up otherwise as the rest of the Skywatch is good for work and especially play. All due to the Sun entering home sign Leo at 7:26 am setting up a month that is perfect for vacations and trips to Disneyland - Leo favorites.

The only other marker today is a kiss that appears Thursday afternoon when the Moon trines friendly Uranus at 3:25 pm. Here’s a good time to buy a car, stereo, new phone or anything high tech, all ruled by Uranus.

Clear skies follow although a Full Moon will be perched in evening skies. As times change.

Wednesday, July 21

The energy and vibes today are very good but there will be a very short time out.

The Moon trines Mars at 7:06 am PDT, and we have energy to spare this morning. Green lights are up for work or play. Afternoon hours are stellar for important appointments as the Moon trines gentle Venus at 3:25 pm.

A short time out follows as Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters serious Capricorn at 3:36 pm. But green lights come back on once the Moon changes signs and an upbeat Moon Jupiter sextile at 4:41 pm keeps the positive energy in the day going.

Clear skies follow with one minor change. Venus enters practical and analytical Virgo at 5:37 pm and will stay in this earth sign until August 15. Virgo rules our pets, small animals, and this will be a good window of time to get a new pet and to take your pet to the vet.

Tuesday, July 20

Green lights.  A flash of brilliance may hit you today due to clever Mercury making a sextile to innovative Uranus at 2:37 am PDT early Tuesday morning.

In power all day and night, this sextile urges you to think outside the box and to put your original ideas and thinking into play on Tuesday.  A calm and very welcome Moon Saturn sextile at 8:31 am is the only other exact aspect in the Skywatch on Tuesday.  

The Moon in optimistic Sagittarius today favors sales folks and those trying to sell their ideas to the boss. Speak up.  

As times change.


The Retrograde parade gets another cowboy to join this month as Uranus appears to back up in the heavens on August 19 joining Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto — table for five. The idea here is be very cautious making long-range and one-time decisions and deals as conditions may change in a big way once these big planets return to direct motion.

        Meanwhile, there’s excellent energy in the heavens to tackle the important details and small stuff you’ve neglected this Summer. Most helpful is that Venus and Mars begin August in analytical and efficient Virgo, an earth sign ruled by intelligent Mercury. Virgo also rules our pets and this pair makes the entire month a good time to take the kitty to the vet and/or to get a new puppy or kitten.

        Save any decorating or beauty treatments for the days when Venus travels through artistic Libra. This once a year three + week cycle of charming Venus traveling through her home sign begins on August 15 and will end when Venus enters Scorpio on September 10. Venus in Libra also kicks on the green lights for all social plans, reunions and meeting new friends and romantic possibilities. Air signs Libra, Gemini and Aquarius especially.

        This is an exceptionally good month to purchase a car, computer, phone or any high-tech equipment. Start comparing prices and equipment early in the month. Mars in Virgo amps up your ability to research a purchase and when he trines Uranus, ruler of everything electrical, on Aug 20-21, you are very likely to purchase something that fits your needs and that will last (yes, cars are ruled by Uranus—internal combustion engines need a spark and won’t run without a battery and electricity).  

AUGUST KISS DAYS: 2, 11+, 21, 28. (Get the August pdf to read the rest.)