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THE WEEKEND: August 25-26

Hit and miss.  Saturday’s Skywatch is stellar for work or play.  The Moon leaves the V/C cycle by entering creative Pisces at 10:32 am PDT Saturday morning.  Green lights kick on at this moment as a most welcome Earth Grand Trine appears in the heavens.  This stellar formation is created by the Sun making a trine to brilliant Uranus at 9:36 am PDT and also to dependable Saturn at 3:07 pm Saturday afternoon.  These trines set up an excellent day to buy a car, computer and all high tech gear—ruled by Uranus.  This is also a splendid day to experiment or go on an adventure.  Yes, yes. Yes.  A Full Moon perches in evening skies; this one is in Pisces, the sign that rules drugs and alcohol—be careful on the roads if you are out late.

Caution lights are up on Sunday. A Full Moon in dreamy Pisces, exact at 4:56 am PDT early Sunday morning super charges our emotional reactions on Sunday.  And a challenging square between loving Venus and manipulative Pluto at 12:18 pm can push some folks into taking more than they give in relationships or spending money foolishly.  Work towards a compromise if you can, and keep your money in your pocket on Sunday.  Better days are ahead.  As times change.

Friday, August 24

Double-check the details.  And tackle the hard jobs first thing while the Skywatch is clear.

Communication problems are likely Friday afternoon as the Moon in determined Aquarius opposes Mercury at 1:27 pm PDT and then squares opinionated Jupiter at 6:56 pm.

Love lights come on Friday night as the Moon trines affectionate Venus at 9:39 pm. Luna then turns Void of Course until Saturday morning, but the good vibes remain for the rest of the evening—reach out.

As times change.

Thursday, August 23

Hold your horses.  The Moon meets aggressive Retrograde Mars in the heavens at 7:19 am PDT and then turns Void of Course until she enters friendly Aquarius at 9:56 am Thursday morning.  Green lights kick on at this moment, but you can expect some kind of surprise this afternoon when the Moon squares or challenges unpredictable Uranus at 2:55 pm.  Nothing difficult except Mars Rx is in the Skywatch for the rest of the day and night.  As times change.

Wednesday, August 22

Dreamy and intense.

The Moon sextiles dream maker Neptune at 4:28 am PDT and then sextiles philosophical Jupiter at 5:21 am early Wednesday morning.  The intensity comes from Luna meeting powerful and compelling Pluto in the heavens at 11:45 am Wednesday morning.

Better hours for calls and business follow as the Skywatch clears for the rest of the day and night.  Notable: the Sun enters Virgo today at 9:09 pm.  Job and health matters are likely to come to the fore from the Virgo energy.

As times change.

Tuesday, August 21

Wide open.  Green lights.

The Moon in practical Capricorn trines Uranus and conjuncts Saturn at 2:33 am PDT early Tuesday morning and then sails out into calm seas for the rest of the day and night.

This is a very good day to handle important chores and responsibilities.  Evening skies favor something comfortable and from the past.

As times change.

Monday, August 20

Saddle up.  The Moon in optimistic and lucky Sagittarius sails out into calm seas this morning—green lights are up.

The only marker in the Skywatch is a kiss, Sun trine Moon, exact at 4:47 pm PDT.  Trines blend the energies involved and bring good times to take action and to make decisions and purchases.

Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters realistic Capricorn at 8:59 pm Monday evening.  Hold off on making purchases and decisions while the Moon is V/C.  You’ll get a fresh surge of energy after the Moon changes signs.

As times change.