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Sunday, March 10

Sunday’s Skywatch is blessed with a creative, compassionate Mars-Neptune sextile, exact at 9:21 am PDT Sunday morning.  Green lights are up as the Moon in dependable Taurus sails out into calm waters.  This is a very good day to help others, create something beautiful and to back away from the material world as you can.  The only stress marker is very minor: the Moon squares Venus a 9:45 pm suggesting a debate on which tv show to watch or the sad awareness that my cookie jar is empty.  As times change.

If your birthday is this week (March 10-16)

Two connections to your Sun are important aspects and pieces of your new Solar Return, Pisces.  There’s a great deal of positive energy in the Pluto sextile to your Sun. Master astrologer Lois Rodden says of this time in your life: “As one area of your past is resolved or concluded, a door opens that is opportune to a new cycle.” Yes, yes, yes.  This is the year to step out on your gifts and talents, Pisces.  You just have to know your limitations as the Jupiter square to your Sun will help you draw aces, but you have to keep all matters, costs, and expectations in a realistic and practical frame.  And with Mercury Retrograde in this chart of your new year, attention to the fine print and all the details is very important.  Be open to finding new ways of doing things and new opportunities in the months ahead, Pisces.  Times have changed.

Saturday, March 9

Caution lights are up on Saturday.  The Moon squares Pluto at 8:56 am PST and then trines lucky Jupiter at 9:14 am.  But that’s the last good news on Saturday as Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters Taurus at 11:10 pm Saturday night.  Could be a surprising moment this evening as the Moon then runs into unpredictable Uranus at 11:31 pm.

Friday, March 8

Green lights are up this morning as the Moon in Aries sextiles sweet Venus at 4:29 am PST.  This is an excellent day to organize a project or to interview for a new job.  The Sun makes a comfortable and encouraging sextile to dependable Saturn at 11:10 pm Friday evening.  This marker is in play all day long and suggests a good day to deal with bosses, your father and authority figures of all kinds - or to be one yourself. Stay up later, and the energy changes as the Moon squares Saturn, who can be grumpy, at 12:44 am early Saturday morning.

Thursday, March 7

Caution lights.  The Moon meets Retrograde Mercury in the heavens at 11:08 am PST and then turns Void of Course until she enters impatient Aries at 12:27 pm on Thursday.  Hold off on making important purchases and decisions while the Moon is V/C as our judgment can be cloudy and off-center during this part of the lunar cycle.  And of course, Mercury Rx adds to the confusion and increases the chances of misunderstandings, delays, and errors around your home or office.  Green lights come on once the Moon changes signs and the Skywatch clears for the rest of the day and night.  As times change.

Wednesday, March 6

Who’s on first?  Caution lights are up today.  We have a New Moon in spacey Pisces.  And worse, the Sun and the Moon both conjunct dreamy Neptune in the heavens.  The New Moon pulls exact at 8:04 am PST which generally calls out a good day to initiate new plans and to take action.  But Luna immediately meets unrealistic Neptune in the heavens at 8:48 am increasing the odds of errors and misunderstandings today with Mercury now Retrograde.  One note of sanity appears at 12:58 pm when Luna sextiles dependable Saturn.  But the Sun meets dreamer Neptune at 5:01 pm and the Moon squares opinionated Jupiter at 9:37 pm.  Both of these markers keep the caution lights flashing.  There might be some relief and sanity when the Moon sextiles healing Pluto at 9:41 pm.  Best, however, if you stay out of the line of fire today and don’t believe all you hear - Neptune and the truth are often strangers.

Tuesday, March 5

Double trouble. Mercury begins a three-week Retrograde cycle at 10:19 am PST this morning.  This Rx cycle is in watery Pisces, whose symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions - easily the most difficult sign for logical Mercury to Rx in.  Moreover, Mercury will end this Rx cycle sitting on top of dreamy Neptune, ruler of Pisces, from March 24 to April 2.  This is an extremely hazy and potentially deceitful period of time not well suited for anything other than relaxation and simple tasks where you are certain of the procedure and outcome.  Adding to the smoke of this Rx cycle, the Moon enters dreamy Pisces at 12:11 am PST early Tuesday morning.  Luckily the coast is clear as Luna sails out into calm waters for the rest of the day and night.  As times change.