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Friday, February 26

Back to business. The Moon enters practical Virgo at 9:07 am PST after a short V/C period this morning.

Luna then lines up opposite Venus at 11:50 am suggesting a difference of opinion, but no real difficulties. Evening skies are friendly as the Moon trines agreeable Uranus at 9:54 pm.

Get in touch with your friends tonight - Uranus welcomes your attention as a Full Moon perches in the evening sky.

Thursday, February 25

Sweet, sweet.  Venus is the planet that rules love and money.  Today she makes her once a year entry and run through her favorite sign, Pisces.  Lasting until March 21, this is a lovely period of time for artists to create masterpieces and for romantic relationships to bloom. 

Green lights are up today as the main event is another welcome kiss: Sun sextile Uranus, exact at 1:13 pm PST.  This is a stellar moment to surprise someone in a good way and/or to stumble upon a brilliant new idea or plan. 

The Moon in Leo amplifies any desire you have to party or find romance tonight.  As times change.

Wednesday, February 24

Roar.  The Moon enters fiery Leo at 4:23 am PST early this morning and then sails out into calm waters. 

The kiss of the day is a very powerful Mars Pluto trine exact at 5:51 pm this afternoon.  Step lightly around this hour as the Moon squares unpredictable Uranus at 5:49 pm suggesting a surprise which could be a good one. 

Luna travels on to oppose serious Saturn at 6:52 pm and then clear skies return for the rest of the evening hours. 

As times change.

Tuesday, February 23

Green lights.  The Moon trines psychic and creative Neptune at 10:05 am PST this morning.  Luna then sails out into calm waters until she makes a sextile to energetic Mars at 7:59 pm. 

The rest of the evening’s energy is up to you as the Moon opposes intense Pluto at 8:54 pm.  It could be a healing moment or a stand off. The stars impel, they don’t compel. Void of Course hours follow. 

As times change.


This is a much, much better than average month in the Skywatch. There are more good days than difficult ones and all planets are direct in motion now. This is actually a rare situation and will continue until the end of April when Pluto turns Retrograde. This is the only period of time this year when we have all planets moving along in an orderly fashion. What does it mean? Start your engines! This is a stellar window of time to put top priority plans into motion or to move and make major changes in your life.

     We have a cluster of planets in water sign Pisces in March. We begin the month with the Sun, Venus and Neptune in this water sign. Mercury will join the group on March 15. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and sets the tone for this group. Neptune has tremendous creative energy often found in power in the birth charts of artists, musicians, dancers (Pisces rules the feet in the body), actors, doctors and the folks who work in charitable organizations or those who help the public in some way. We get a lot of gifts from folks with this sign prominent in their lives.

     The dark side of Pisces is very dark and includes drug dealers and addicts, escape artists who are irresponsible, alcoholics, liars and cheats of all descriptions—some folks likely to be in the headlines this month as each of the planets traveling through the sign of the Fishes will meet Neptune in March.

     Neptune rules our dreams and this is a good month to start a dream journal and to ask for information in your dreams just as you begin to drift off to slumberland. Neptune has psychic energy and awareness—pay attention to your intuition and inner voices in the weeks ahead. Water signs Cancer and Scorpio especially—Pisces energy flows easily into your consciousness and will help you make good decisions.

     Romance is another area of Neptune’s charm and there is a romantic New Moon in Pisces that is aligned with loving Venus on March 13. Complete the picture with no Retrogrades, ALL planets direct in motion, and this is an exceptionally good weekend for a wedding or an important social event or concert.

Monday, February 22

Better, better.  There’s still some static left in the Skywatch from the Saturn Uranus square and Mercury Retrograde.  But, the rest of the astrological weather is extremely good today and for the rest of the week!!  

Early risers get the best energy Monday morning as the Sun and Moon trine at 3:47 am PST followed by the Moon lining up in a complimentary sextile to friendly Uranus at 10:09 am. 

Green lights continue to shine as the Skywatch remains clear for the rest of the day and night.  As times change.