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Saturday, July 7

Stellar. The Moon enters gentle Taurus, ruled by Venus, at 5:51 am PDT early Saturday morning, and green lights are up. An unexpected note in your routine shows up as the Moon meets brilliant but unpredictable Uranus in the heavens at 9:45 a.m. New ideas from this pair often solve a problem or make an astute observation. Luna travels on to make a trine to dependable Saturn at 2:59 pm. Both are in earth signs signaling an excellent time to shop and make important decisions. The only hot spot in the Skywatch appears at 8:52 pm when the Moon squares impatient Mars Saturday night. Take a walk, do the dishes, take action, and use the Mars energy in a positive way and you’ll likely enjoy the evening as the Moon in Taurus quickly sails back out into calm seas.

Friday, July 6

Caution lights. The Moon is in fired up Aries now, ruled by feisty Mars who is Retrograde. Challenges of some kind are likely as the Moon squares or fights with compulsive Pluto at 11:54 am Friday morning. Moon squares usually fire up about an hour prior to the exact connection. This one is likely to send some child to the principal’s office or connect you to someone angry on the phone. The Skywatch clears completely after the square and green lights come on for work or play. There’s a sweet spot in the heavens Friday evening as the Moon makes an affectionate trine to sweet Venus nine minutes past midnight. So, if you are 16 and on a first date tonight, yes, you are likely to get a good night kiss if you ask for it. I always did. As times change.

Thursday, July 5

Mixed signals. A positive and upbeat Sun-Jupiter trine at 4:04 am PDT puts an optimistic vibe into the Skywatch this morning. However, caution lights come on as Mercury lines up opposite Retrograde Mars at 4:49 am. A cranky Moon-Saturn square follows at 7:56 am. Let these two markers expire before you tackle anything difficult as astrological skies clear immediately past the challenging square. Afternoon hours are excellent for priority calls and business as the Moon sextiles Mars Rx at 2:29 pm and we all get a little energy boost. The kiss of the day appears in the heavens next as the Moon makes a trine to messenger Mercury at 3:38 pm—here’s the moment to make a request or to place your order. Clear skies follow until an unpleasant Sun-Moon square pulls exact just after midnight at 00:51 am. Hope you are in bed by then. As times change.

Wednesday, July 4

Be careful. The Moon sextiles Pluto at 2:46 am PDT early this morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters impatient Aries at 9:50 pm Wednesday evening. The caution lights are from Mars Rx, one of the most accident-prone conditions that appear in the Skywatch. Mars rules explosions, violence, and foolhardy actions. Most helpful is the Sun making a trine to lucky Jupiter early Thursday morning, exact at 4:04 am. This marker encourages a festive vibe and hopefully will reduce the chances of problems with fireworks and accidents this evening; although some will let Jupiter take them to excesses and going overboard in some way. As times change.

Tuesday, July 3.

Green lights. The Skywatch is excellent today—hope you get to start your holiday celebrations early. The Moon and Sun form a wonderful trine in the heavens at 9:58 am PDT Tuesday morning creating a stellar moment to make decisions and purchases and to get organized for the day’s events. An upbeat and high-energy Moon Jupiter trine follows at 1:21 pm which usually puts everyone in a good mood. Luna meets dreamy Neptune at 7:20 pm which fires up the romantic and creative juices in most folks, although for some it will be a double shot of tequila at the bar leading to another and another as the Moon and Neptune are in Pisces, the sign that also rules drugs and alcohol. Clear skies follow. As times change.

Monday, July 2

Stop and go. The Moon is Void of Course from Sunday until she enters creative and psychic Pisces at 10:31 am PDT Monday morning. Green lights come on at this moment as the Skywatch clears. Luna makes a welcome sextile to friendly Uranus at 2:38 pm suggesting a good time to make an important call or appearance. Evening skies are mellow as the Moon sextiles dependable Saturn a 9:27 pm. Mars remains Rx, and that means you might not have as much energy as usual today. Projects started during this Rx cycle often fail, and need to be restarted after Mars turns direct in motion on August 27. Meanwhile, this is a good time to be working on matters that will be launched after the Rx cycle ends. And times change.