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Wednesday, July 15.

Jump in. But don’t force the issue.

A string of positive markers fills the heavens this morning. The Moon lines up in harmony with Neptune, Jupiter, the Sun, and Pluto by 10:01 am PDT. However, the Sun opposes stubborn Pluto at 12:12 pm and this aspect makes most folks reactive to feeling pressure or manipulation from others.

A major healing and folks forging a bond of agreement is also possible today with this pairing. Oppositions, like all elements in astrology, have both positive and negative energies.

In all things, we all have a choice in how we use the energy of the day. Another positive aspect follows as Luna makes a very comfortable trine to reliable Saturn at 8:21 pm. The Moon then turns Void of Course until she enters Gemini at 10:19 pm.

Clear skies follow.

Tuesday, July 14

Upbeat but off-center.  The Sun opposes optimistic Jupiter early this morning at 12:58 am PDT, but the Moon in easy-going Taurus meets rebellious and unpredictable Uranus in the heavens at 7:14 am which could give you a little surprise. 

The good news is that the Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus then sails out into calm and quiet seas for the rest of the day and night, turning on green lights for work or play. 

Taurus is the money sign so this is a good day to attend to financial matters and shopping.  Evening hours favor social events and a rich dessert – Venus loves chocolate and sweets. 

As times change.

Monday, July 13

Hold your horses.  The Moon squares cynical and grouchy Saturn at 8:54 am PDT and then turns Void of Course until she enters dependable Taurus at 10:34 am. 

Green lights come on a minute later as the Skywatch clears.  The only other marker in the heavens shows up at 9:56 pm Monday night when the Moon sextiles Mercury. 

This might be a good moment to straighten out a misunderstanding or to make your case. 

As times change.

Sunday, July 12

Sunday's Skywatch opens with a creative and kind Sun Neptune trine, exact at 11:43 am PDT. Moreover, Mercury ends a three-week Retrograde cycle early Sunday morning.  But the good vibes won't last and caution lights kick on after the trine.  All due to the Moon squaring the Sun at 4:29 pm followed by Moon squares to Jupiter and Pluto at 7:25 pm and 10:03 pm Sunday night.  Save the talk on budgets for another night.  Let times change.

If your birthday is this week (July 12-18)

This can be the most powerful year in your life so far, Cancer.  Jupiter and Pluto join hands in your new Solar Return giving you a power potential that can heal the most difficult matters in your life and push you up the ladder of your ambitions rather quickly.  You have to stay on track and remain committed to your plans to get there along with one more thing.  These planets are in your house of partnership in this chart of your new year.  So, it's important to be working with and joining forces with the people who have your best interests at heart and giving as much as you get.  Most helpful in this new SR is psychic Neptune sitting in a marvelous and rare trine to your Sun amping up your intuition and ability to smell out the truth and the right way to do things.  Stay on the high and spiritual side of the road, Cancer, and you will find people and resources to help you make a dream come true in the months ahead.  Times have changed.

Saturday, July 11

Saturday is the best day to tackle important chores and to do your shopping.  Although misunderstandings and confusion are likely as the Moon squares Retrograde Mercury at 9:09 am PDT.  A big energy surge follows as the Moon in Aries meets ruler Mars in the heavens at 2:16 pm.  This is a moment to be careful with anything dangerous as Mars rules cuts, burns, and explosions.  Peace returns to the Skywatch when the Moon sextiles gentle Venus at 6:21 pm.  Clear skies follow.

Friday, July 10

Dreams?  The Moon meets dream maker Neptune in the heavens at 3:57 am PDT early this morning.  But that's the only difficult marker in the heavens on Friday – green lights are up for work or play. 

Luna sextiles optimistic Jupiter at 7:47 am and sails on to sextile healing Pluto at 9:51 am setting up a stellar morning for important calls and appointments.  A Moon Saturn sextile at 8:49 pm creates a good vibe for social activities Friday night. 

However, Luna turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters fired up Aries at 10:06 pm when action on the dance floor is bound to pick up.

As times change.