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Monday, February 24

Be certain of your facts this morning — caution lights.  

Mercury is Retrograde in idealistic Pisces; the Moon is also in Pisces.  And she meets spacey Neptune, ruler of Pisces, in the heavens at 10:26 am PST.  This fog should clear fairly quickly and green lights come back on as Luna travels on to sextile optimistic Jupiter at 11:45 am.  

Monday afternoon is a stellar time to push something new out onto the table or into your life. All due to a high energy Sun Mars sextile that gives the afternoon hours a big lift, as it’s exact at 6:06 pm.  New plans get another boost Monday night as the Moon sextiles healing Pluto at 10:57 pm.

As times change.

If your birthday is this week (Feb 23–29)

You’ve got five powerful planets in earth signs in your new Solar Return this year, Pisces. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all in dependable and responsible Capricorn pushing you into working hard and long on top priority career goals in the months ahead.

Brilliant Uranus is in money sign Taurus gifting you with a new awareness about how you make and spend your money. Mercury is in your sign in this chart of your new year but in Retrograde motion cautioning you to be very careful with the important details and communications you send out this year.

Capricorn is the sign that rules time; get a new clock/watch to remind you that the time has come for you to prosper and find success in your undertakings this year, Pisces.

Times have changed.

Sunday, February 23

A New Moon in spiritual and creative Pisces, exact at 7:32 am PST, adds emotional energy to your Sunday morning routine. An energized Moon Mars sextile follows at 8:30 am.

However, there’s an aspect of overdoing it at about the same time. Lazy Venus squares overconfident Jupiter at 8:59 am, about the time Junior uses all the maple syrup on his French toast. The square itself is soft as these planets are called “the benefics” and only encourage exaggeration in the square. However, with Mercury Retrograde, exaggerations could be costly on Sunday.

Mental energy increases Sunday afternoon as Luna meets communicator Mercury in the heavens at 4:39 pm. Clear skies follow Sunday night.

As times change.

Saturday, February 22

Saturday’s Skywatch is blessed with another Uranus aspect encouraging you to experiment and open the door to new places and ideas.

The Sun lines up with this planet that rules your genius at 6:13 am PST and is a helpful guide to the day’s activities. Just hold off on finalizing matters as the Moon is Void of Course from yesterday and until she enters Pisces at 10:37 pm Saturday night.

V/C cycles cloud up our judgment and urge us to back away from the material world, and instead to explore nature, the arts, spiritual places, and ideas; and to help others.

Friday, February 21

Green lights. The helpful Jupiter Neptune sextile remains a positive force in the heavens now.

Just be certain of your facts with Mercury still in Retrograde motion. Otherwise, the Skywatch is clear and good for work or play.

The kiss of the day appears at 8:08 pm PST when the Moon sextiles affectionate Venus.

However, Luna then turns Void of Course until Saturday evening. As times change.

Thursday, February 20

Look for something good to happen today. A very welcome sextile between lucky Jupiter and creative Neptune, exact at 7:57 am PST fills the Skywatch with good vibes and positive energy to make a dream come true.

Just hold off on finalizing matters while the Moon is Void of Course from early hours until she enters Aquarius at 11:42 am. Green lights come on at this moment, and I hope you can open a door to a new opportunity today - the Force is with you.

One short blast of unsettled emotional energy shows up at 6:13 pm when the Moon squares “crazy legs” Uranus. However, there is another good blast of Uranian energy in the heavens Thursday night as Mars trines Uranus at 1:10 am early tomorrow morning. Uranus likes to experiment - this is a good night to do so.

As times change.