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Friday, February 23

Emotionally draining—the Moon has no friends or allies on Friday. Caution lights. The Moon in superficial Gemini squares dialed out Mercury at 9:51 am PST Friday morning—double-check the details then and in everything, today as Luna travels on to square confused Neptune at 3:28 pm. Agreement may be hard to find as the Moon squares Venus at 8:26 pm and then lines up opposite impatient and feisty Mars at 9:57 pm Friday night. This is a good time for a short walk or to do the dishes—use the Mars energy in a positive way.

Thursday, February 22

Stick to routine. The Moon opposes Jupiter at 3:46 am PST and then turns Void of Course until she enters clever Gemini at 4:07 pm Thursday afternoon. Hold off on making important purchases and decisions while the Moon is V/C. Clear astrological skies return a minute later and continue until the Moon gets into a fight and squares the Sun at midnight. This is an unpleasant moment, and it only gets worse as times change.

Wednesday, February 21

Yes, yes, yes. Green lights are up. Here is a stellar day for pleasure, love, excess and even going to work. All of the aspects in the Skywatch today are soft and very good for important appointments and meetings. The Moon is in gentle Venus ruled Taurus now. Meanwhile, sweet Venus meets spiritual, creative, romantic and spaced out Neptune in the heavens at 10:42 am PST Wednesday morning. Luna then sextiles both planets at 11:23 am keeping a mellow tone and defenseless posture in the Skywatch. Afternoon hours are excellent for important calls and decisions at clever Mercury sextiles practical Saturn at 12:23 pm. More good energy appears in the evening skies as the Moon trines passionate and astute Pluto at 11:30 pm. As times change.

Monday, February 19

Pace yourself. The Moon in fired-up Aries trines ruler Mars at 7:18 am PST Monday morning, and we all get a nice charge of energy—green lights are up. But the blast of energy won’t last as Luna quickly runs out into quiet seas until she makes a square to challenging Pluto at 5:47 pm late Monday afternoon. Lousy traffic and moods come and go as the Moon breaks off contact and sails out into calm waters in the hours that follow. As times change.

Tuesday, February 20

A fuzzy start. Caution lights. The Moon conjuncts Uranus at 3:11 am PST early Tuesday morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters earthy Taurus at 11:12 am. Green lights come on his moment as a series of positive markers line up in the heavens. The Moon sextiles the Sun at 3:16 pm, sextiles Mercury at 9:12 pm and trines dependable Saturn at 11:14 pm. Work or play, this is a stellar afternoon and evening to schedule/arrange events/meetings/interviews in your life. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (Feb 18–24)

you’ve got a posse joining your Sun in Pisces in your new Solar Return. Clever Mercury, sweet Venus and spiritual and creative Neptune are all also in your sign and can inspire you to develop more of your gifts and talents in the months ahead. It’s time to add something to your life, Pisces. And to move away from people and matters that drain your strength. Neptune in your sign helps you become more aware of a personal spiritual path which could be the key to moving negative energy out of your life and times, Pisces. Lucky Jupiter is in healing Scorpio in this chart of your new year—he is the healer deluxe and will help you dig down deep to heal and strengthen your will and energy to win. Your mantra this year: The glass is half FULL. As times change.