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Friday, April 19

A Full Moon in the last degree of Libra pulls exact at 4:12 am PDT early Friday morning. Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters intense Scorpio at 5:40 am.

Surprising reactions from others are likely today as the Moon opposes unpredictable Uranus at 9:35 am. But that’s the last event in the Skywatch on Friday as the Moon sails out into quiet waters for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

Thursday, April 18

Tackle the hard jobs first thing. Green lights are up this morning as the Skywatch is friendly and clear with the Moon still in agreeable Libra.

Clouds roll in this afternoon when the Moon squares grumpy, and often selfish, Saturn at 1:48 pm PDT. Another stressful marker follows as Luna sails on to square demanding Pluto at 6:18 pm.

We get some relief and an emotional uptick as the Moon then sextiles optimistic Jupiter at 8:07 pm and clear skies follow.

As times change.

Wednesday, April 17

Speak up. The Moon enters partnership sign Libra at 4:22 am PDT and immediately opposes tricky Mercury at 4:51 am Wednesday morning.

But astrological skies clear a minute later and green lights come on for work or play as the Skywatch improves Libra is ruled by agreeable Venus, so this is a good day to work with others, flirt with a new interest, and to make an appearance to ask for what you want.

Evening hours are high energy as the Moon trines energetic Mars at 11:46 pm which is bound to keep many up late watching old movies.

Tuesday, April 16

Finally. Mercury finally leaves Winter sign Pisces and enters Spring sign Aries today at 11:01 pm PDT. And he’s late by almost 26 days.

But now you can expect warmer weather to show up after a long, hard Winter. Green lights are up today as the Moon trines dependable Saturn at 12:40 pm and then trines powerful Pluto at 5:10 pm.

The only clouds in the Skywatch appear at 7:03 pm when the Moon squares overoptimistic Jupiter and then opposes lazy Venus at 9:29 pm. These last two contacts are minor and just call for compromise and not going overboard in some way.

New ideas are brewing Tuesday night as Mercury enters Aries.

And times change.

Monday, April 15

Tax day and it is likely to be a disappointment to many as the main event in the Skywatch today is Venus, ruler of money, in square to Jupiter, the planet of abundance.

Spending too much, expecting too much, promising too much are all likely with a Jupiter square on deck.

Meanwhile, the Moon enters practical Virgo at 3:14 am PDT early this morning and then trines friendly Uranus at 6:42 am.

Don’t push your luck in front of the big square that perfects at 4:15 pm Monday afternoon.

A cranky Moon Mars square follows at 8:28 pm.

As times change.

Sunday, April 14

Sunday’s astrological weather is superb - green lights are up for work or play. The Sun trines optimistic Jupiter at 6:40 am which is likely to bring smiles to the breakfast table.

Afternoon hours are stellar for social events as affectionate Venus sextiles passionate Pluto at 4:48 pm.

Two more kisses follow as the Moon trines lucky Jupiter at 5:49 pm and then trines the Sun at 6:38 pm. Luna then turns Void or Course until Monday morning.

As times change.