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Saturday, August 31

Positive but out of focus. The good vibes from yesterday’s New Moon remain in the heavens on Saturday.

However, the Moon trines Pluto at 1:46 am PDT early this morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters Libra at 4:08 pm Saturday afternoon.

Green lights come on at this moment as the Skywatch clears for the rest of the day and night.

Good stuff is brewing in the heavens this evening—reach out.

As times change.

Friday, August 30

This is easily the best day of the month and maybe the year to plant a seed, to initiate a new course of action and to bring something new and positive into your life.

Green lights are flashing. Today we have a New Moon in Virgo that trines brilliant Uranus at 3:09 am PDT then conjuncts courageous Mars at 5:15 am and then loving Venus at 11:13 am.

Best of all, this New Moon trines dependable Saturn at 3:14 pm encouraging you to think long-range in your planning and mission. Stay with Saturn and be conservative in your expectations and promises; however, as Luna travels on to square overoptimistic Jupiter at 4:39 pm and then oppose idealistic Neptune at 8:36 pm Friday night.

All elements in astrology can be beneficial if we are aware and grounded (Saturn) so even those two aspects can help you plant a dream that comes true in the future.

As times change.

Thursday, August 29

More electricity. But caution lights are up this morning as the Moon continues to be Void of Course until she enters industrious Virgo at 4:57 pm.

Green lights kick on again a minute later as the Skywatch clears with the Moon meeting clever Mercury in the heavens at 7:22 pm.

Even better the glorious Sun trines perceptive and resourceful Uranus at 8:13 pm which could easily be love at first sight or the night you come up with a brilliant new idea or plan.

Uranus opens the door to all possibilities today and tonight.

As times change.

Wednesday, August 28

More electricity. The Moon squares unpredictable Uranus at 3:29 am PDT early this morning which might create an event that disturbs your sleep.

However, green lights are up today as eager Mars makes a trine to brilliant Uranus at 3:51 am, and this marker will put a different and hopefully better spin on events that take place on Wednesday.

Helpful is the Moon making a trine to optimistic and often lucky Jupiter at 5:07 pm - here’s the moment to ask a favor or make an appearance.

As times change.

Tuesday, August 27

Caution lights. The Moon opposes obsessive Pluto at 1:55 am PDT early this morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters Leo at 4:53 pm Tuesday afternoon.

Our judgment and intuition can be cloudy during this part of the Lunar cycle - best then to hold off on making important decisions and purchases until the Moon leaves the V/C period.

Green lights come on as the Moon enters fun-loving Leo and sails out into quiet waters for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

Monday, August 26

Electrifying. Green lights. Venus and Uranus take center stage in the Skywatch today.

The big event is agreeable Venus making a trine to innovative Uranus at 8:37 am PDT Monday morning (this aspect was incorrectly listed as an event on the 30th in the datebook - my mistake).

Uranus rules electricity, which means this is a good day to buy a car, computer, new phone, anything high tech - and to make changes around your home or office. Be patient with all when the Moon opposes studious Saturn at 2:45 pm Monday afternoon.

Evening hours are excellent for art, music, dancing, and romance as the Moon trines creative Neptune at 8:29 pm. Clear skies follow.

As times change.