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Thursday, November 26.

Three short, minor quacks in the Skywatch join the gobbles on Thanksgiving Day. They all involve the Moon in feisty and impatient Aries.

Luna squares Pluto at 5:50 am PST and sails on to square opinionated Jupiter at 10:15 am. Here it’s likely a difference of opinion. Low energy, maybe a nap is called for, from the Moon making a square to conservative Saturn at 3:46 pm.

Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters peaceful Taurus at 7:43 pm and we all head back to the kitchen to get the second piece of pie to satisfy the sweet cravings Venus-ruled Taurus usually feels.

As times change.

Wednesday, November 25

Fiery. Green lights stay up today but you’ll need to slow down and pay attention to what’s going on when the Moon in fired up Aries conjuncts/meets sign ruler Mars in the heavens at 3:40 pm PST this afternoon.

This is a good time to take action and start a project, or to take a walk. Better to use the Mars energy rather than let it inspire you to an argument or accident. Expect kids to be on the move around this moment. But that’s the only exact marker in the Skywatch today.

Clear skies follow through the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

Tuesday, November 24

High energy. Green lights are up today and it’s a fine day to put new plans into motion as the Moon enters fired up Aries at 7:05 am PST and sails out into calm waters this morning.

The only exact aspect in the Skywatch today is a kiss, a lovely Sun Moon trine at 1:13 pm Tuesday afternoon. This is a stellar moment to make an important call or get your license renewed at the DMV.

Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night. First-time events are favored with the Moon in Aries.

As times change.

Monday, November 23

A foggy start. The Moon in spacey Pisces meets sign ruler dreamy Neptune in the heavens at 7:32 am PST this morning - double-check your briefcase before you leave for work. But astrological skies clear a few minutes later and green lights come on for work or play.

Helpful today is a trine between creative and psychic Neptune (this is the good energy in Neptune’s pocket that is set up by a trine) and Mercury that becomes exact at 8:40 pm.

Two additional kisses tonight include the Moon making a sextile to healing Pluto at 5:17 pm and also a sextile to upbeat Jupiter at 8:47 pm. It all adds up to a very good night for social plans and long-distance calls.

As times change.


The times are a-changin'.  And in a big way.  BOTH Jupiter and Saturn (after being in Retrograde since last May) leave conservative Capricorn and enter eccentric and often rebellious Aquarius this month.  Moreover, they will meet in the heavens in December, a rare once in 20-year event.  These two giants will meet in the heavens on the day of the Winter Solstice, December 21.This conjunction has two flavors: it helps those with patience and perseverance succeed. And it encourages self-confidence and honesty in most folks.  However, the negative reaction to this pair of planets sharing energy (and it is a weird pair: expansion meets contraction) will be dissatisfaction with oneself as well as with others and self-destructive thinking and actions.  With rebellious and insistent Aquarian energy in this mix, there's even more likelihood of way off the norm encounters and situations appearing in your home or office in December.  The old lore I know is that this is a timing symbol.  Either the best or worst time to take action depending on how you have set up your life.  Best then to consider all possibilities very carefully this month.     DECEMBER KISS DAYS: 8, 12, 14+, 15, 25, 26. Christmas and Kwanzaa are both on this list - happy hoildaze! DECEMBER QUACK DAYS: 9, 13, 23+. Not many, but do note that Mars in feisty Aries squares dangerous Pluto in Capricorn—cardinal signs which want to go to action—on the 23rd. MIX MASTER: 10. An emotional storm accompanies a positive healing event.

A November letter from Lance……


Our backyard is so lovely now…a thick layer of golden maple leaves carpets a bright green lawn.  Autumn is such a slow dancer here in western Washington.  We have five stout maple trees in the backyard and while they have dropped a large quantity of leaves, there are still green leaves on the trees and at the edge of each branch, the next leaves to fall, already golden and lovely.  It’s like the trees are on a timed release.  The beauty of fall makes our back road drives so pleasurable.  The colors are amazing.  Lawns are now green with the rains, and so are the alfalfa fields where a fresh crop is getting started.  There’s lots of color in the forest, and we can see deeper into the woods now and the houses hiding off the street.  The blueberry bushes have all turned red/crimson and are a standout – very strange to see this transition every autumn.  We take our time coming and going to Lynden and Ferndale, small towns nearby, that we can reach by cruising down the two-lane country roads – there’s a lovely scene on every street.  However, “the Big Dark” has begun.  And we’ve had lots of cloudy, rainy days the local tv news channels call “So Northwest”.  That means you are going to get wet.  The harvests are all completed.  I counted 22 kinds of apples in the produce section of the grocery store last week.  Boxes of local raspberries, blueberries and strawberries sit next to the apples.  And we spotted the first arrival of huge trumpeter swans out in the cornfields a few days ago.  Seems like they are early this year but we have had some powerful storms which have likely encouraged them to come for their winter visit.  Guess you’ve seen on the national news that they found a murder hornet nest here in Blaine, and wiped it out.  So amazing they could tie a tracking device to the hornet with dental floss and follow it to the nest.  That also tells you how big and strong these devils are.  Scientists think there are still more nests nearby, and the hunt continues to find them.  This all sounds like we are locals, and we think we are.  We now have a good feel for the seasons and changes each season brings.  We are much more tolerant of temperatures in the 50’s which is considered and felt as ‘nippy’ back in Corpus Christi.  As a stubborn, don’t change things Taurus, I am amazed at how easily and enjoyably I have acclimated to everything we experience here in Washington.  Even the long wet winters don’t bother me.  We put something in the oven and cozy up in our little house and watch the leaves fall.  We need to get some peanuts as I saw Earl the squirrel out there yesterday.  Earl and Blackie show up in the winter when food is scarce, and we love to throw out goobers and watch them come right up on the porch steps to retrieve several at a time – they are greedy, hungry.  Time to feed the birds and hummers that winter over, too.  We are in the sync of enjoying life here.

Ok…we’ve made it through the Mercury and Mars Retrogrades.  No fun and we had a few minor accidents but nothing serious, just band-aids, not crutches.  At least the computers and electronics all kept working.  There’s good news brewing in the Skywatch in December – read ahead when you can.  Could be more positive changes are ahead.  The presidential race is still up in the air as I write this.  Regardless of the outcome, there’s a positive shift of energy ahead that will carry you through 2021.  I’ll try to give you the upside of all the positive changes in the months ahead in Skywatch.  And give you notice when the two biggest quacks appear in the heavens; the good news here is that there are only two and nothing like what we have been through.  So, keep some new plans and ideas on the burner for the days ahead.  Meanwhile, mask up, be well.  And we’ll get through this pandemic safely.  We send you best wishes and hope your holidaze are merry.  As times change.