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THE WEEKEND: May 15-16

Very good. Astrological skies are upbeat and positive this weekend. Green lights are up on Saturday. The Moon in emotional Cancer sails out into calm seas Saturday morning. She sextiles friendly Uranus at 5:35 pm PDT and then meets feisty Mars in the heavens at 10:06 pm. Use the energy of Mars walking the dog, doing dishes or another chore around the house and you will be less likely to get angry over a small matter. The old lore is: use the energy so it doesn’t use you.

      The Skywatch is clear and calm Sunday morning. A pleasant Moon Neptune trine at 3:42 pm offers kindness and good vibes for all social events. A welcome Sun Moon sextile at 11:05 pm keeps the good energy going. Luna then opposes intense Pluto at 11:22 pm followed by the Sun making a trine to passionate Pluto at 2:48 am early Monday morning. Pluto can heal and solve problems so this is a good night to talk budgets and plans. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (May 16–22), Big daddy Pluto is on our side this year, Taurus. Powerful Pluto, ruler of transformation and healing, sits in earth sign Capricorn and in a trine to our Sun in our new Solar Return. This is a once in a lifetime chance for us to shed old skin (Pluto rules snakes and reptiles) and become reborn with new powers and strength. Yes, yes, yes. This is a year to let go of people, situations and anything that holds you back from following your bliss. Moreover, our ruler, Venus, sits in a trine to realistic Saturn in this chart of our new year. And we have lucky Jupiter in home sign Pisces in this new SR which gives us a spiritual boost and increases our creative powers as well as making us fortunate in meeting new people and events that can be helpful. This is a birthday to celebrate, Taurus. My body turns 73 on May 19, but the space captain who runs my ship is still a few months shy of 25; Leslie will confirm. Be thankful, Taurus, times have changed.

Friday, May 14

Caution lights.

The Moon squares dreamy Neptune at 3:51 am PDT early this morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters home sign Cancer at 6:30 pm early Friday evening.

Our intuition and judgment can be off center during V/C hours. It’s a better time to help others, chop wood and carry water.

Green lights come back on once the Moon changes signs and a very pleasant Moon Jupiter trine at 6:45 pm opens the door to understanding and compromises Friday night.

Thursday, May 13

Green lights and a big change for the better.

The Moon in witty Gemini trines realistic Saturn at 9:03 am PDT and flies on to meet ruler Mercury at 11:32 am setting up a stellar morning for priority calls and appointments.

Lucky Jupiter enters Pisces, a sign he co-rules with Neptune, at 3:36 pm. This shift makes lucky Jupiter more powerful in our lives, increases your creative flashes, and is likely to make your dreams more helpful and intense.

Jupiter will stay in this water sign until July 28 and then back into Aquarius before returning to the sign of the Fishes in late December. Pisces rules the feet in the body setting up a nice window of time for buying shoes and seeing a podiatrist should you have any problems with your feet. I wouldn’t be surprised if a popular new shoe fashion appears at this time, too.

As times change.


Caution flags are flying this month for two reasons. First, Mercury remains in the confusing Retrograde cycle until June 22. And remember this one is in Gemini, one of Mercury’s home signs. That means this one is likely to be more difficult than other Rx cycles and is more likely to give us problems with all the machines we use to travel and communicate with. Tow truck owners are likely to be busy while Mercury backs up on the bases.

        A bigger problem this month is a big time square between dependable Saturn and irresponsible Uranus on June 14. Squares are powerful aspects in the Skywatch and this one is extremely stressful as these two planets rule Aquarius, the sign that Saturn is in right now. Saturn is the tester and Uranus rules unexpected events/changes. Cars and electrical devices are ruled by Uranus. All are more subject to malfunction in June, especially with Mercury Rx at the same time. How things go in your life this month depends on how you handle this extra load of stress. With perseverance and determination many people will grow stronger by overcoming difficulties and holding tight to their path and responsibilities. You will also see other folks overcome by unusual emotional tensions and strains who give up, rebel and engage in acts of violence. We all have a choice as to how we handle all the elements, good and bad, in the Skywatch. Best then to keep your schedule as clear as possible the first two weeks of June as the square begins to power up. Capricorn and Aquarius birth signs especially.

        The Retrograde lineup continues to grow. Saturn and Pluto are both Rx as we begin the month. Jupiter joins the list turning Rx on June 20. Neptune will also Retrograde beginning on June 25. Rx planets bring a time to review your plans and thinking looking for ways to improve both. They also generally slow down the pace of events in our lives, especially Jupiter who rules the process of expansion.

        More sign changes bring new energy to the heavens. Venus enters homey Cancer on June 2 setting up a stellar three-week period for family reunions, fixing up your home and cooking something marvelous. Venus enters playful Leo on June 26 turning on the party lights. She is joined by eager Mars who begins the month in Cancer and enters romantic and fiery Leo on June 11. Leo energy is creative and fires up the child inside all of us to come out and play. Fire signs Aries and Sagittarius will probably be leaders of the pack with this much Leo energy drifting through the heavens.

Wednesday, May 12

Green lights. This is a day of Grace with an extremely positive lineup of aspects in the Skywatch. The Moon enters clever Gemini at 5:43 am PDT and flies out into clear space. Gemini ruler Mercury trines realistic Saturn at 11:33 am—a stellar time for an important appointment or meeting.

The Moon then meets, conjuncts charming Venus at 3:20 pm which usually puts everyone in a good mood. A creative and romantic Sun Neptune sextile at 10:45 pm lights up evening hours setting up a good night for introductions and blind dates.

As times change.

Tuesday, May 11

Start your engines. Green lights are up today.

We have a splendid New Moon in money sign Taurus, exact at high noon PDT, giving a big boost to plans and actions we take today. Taurus is the money sign so this is a very good day to plant a seed that will help us financially in the future.

Most helpful is Luna making a sextile to creative Neptune at 2:47 pm PDT. The kiss of the day follows: Mars sextile Uranus, exact at 7:47 pm. This is more good energy that prompts you to think outside the box and to follow a unique plan or vision.

The good vibes continue this evening as Luna trines healing Pluto at 11:07 pm. Add it all up and this is a stellar day to take the initiative and take a step towards a better financial future in your life.

As times change.