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Thursday, September 24

Slow down this morning. Mercury lines up opposite Retrograde Mars at 3:53 am PDT which makes haste your enemy.

Green lights for work or play come on as the Moon trines friendly and innovative Uranus at 10:20 am. This marker sets up a good time to deal with computers and all high tech machines and services.

Clear skies follow into the evening hours. Stay up late and you get a big shot of upbeat energy when the Moon conjuncts lucky Jupiter in the heavens at eleven minutes past midnight.

As times change.

Wednesday, September 23

Highs and lows.  The pattern changes today — note the times ahead.  A short-sided and somewhat grouchy Mercury Saturn square at 3:38 am PDT early this morning throws a doubt or fear into your first cup of coffee.  But there is a positive surge of energy following, due to the Moon making a sextile to Mercury at 8:31 am, and traveling on to trine Mars Rx at 10:31 am. Caution lights come on a minute later as Luna turns Void of Course until she enters serious Capricorn at 4:16 pm. A challenging and cranky Sun Moon square follows at 6:55 pm. And there’s more tension brewing in the evening skies as motormouth Mercury lines up opposite Mars Retrograde, who is always looking for an argument or fight.

Tuesday, September 22

A change of seasons. The Sun enters Libra at 6:31 am PDT this morning and we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox and the beginning of Autumn.

So this is a good day to make some changes in your life, especially those that bring you more balance = Libra. And with the Moon in positive Sagittarius sailing out into calm waters, green lights are up for work or play Tuesday morning.

The kiss of the day appears at 8:34 pm when the Moon trines affectionate Venus and hearts open to love and agreement. Some fog and negative thinking are likely to show up in the hours that follow.

The Moon squares spacey Neptune at 9:20 pm, and beyond this moment Mercury lines up in a square to cynical and grouchy Saturn. Retrograde Mars could add some anger to disputes that arise Tuesday night - skip the hard stuff for another night.

As times change.

Monday, September 21

Green lights with a short time out.

The Moon sextiles dependable Saturn at 4:50 am PDT and then sextiles the Sun at 11:13 am, setting up a lovely morning for calls and meetings.

The time out begins a minute later when Luna turns Void of Course until she enters upbeat Sagittarius at 12:31 pm.

The best hours of the day follow as the Moon sails out into calm seas for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

THE WEEKEND: September 19-20

Don’t be hasty Saturday morning. Caution lights are up. The Moon squares grumpy Saturn at 4:14 am PDT and opposes Retrograde Mars at 7:29 am. Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters intense Scorpio at 11:33 am Saturday morning. Green lights come on a minute later as the Skywatch clears for the rest of the day and night.

      Errors in thinking and misunderstandings are more likely on Sunday. Double-check the details and be open to compromise. All due to fickle Mercury making a square to obsessive and stubborn Pluto at 10:21 pm PDT Sunday night. This square is most likely to cause trouble when the Moon squares Venus at 1:42 pm. The best hours of the day for anything important follow as the Moon sextiles optimistic Jupiter at 3:51 pm and then trines gentle Neptune at 6:47 pm. With the Moon in suspicious Scorpio, the Mercury Pluto square could generate an argument that gets out of hand. Mars in Retrograde now doesn’t help the situation. Mars and Pluto are the co-rulers of Scorpio and not in a good mood Sunday night. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (September 20–26)

The big emphasis this year is on your communication skills and plans for the future, late Virgo and early Libra birth signs. Mental planet Mercury sits in square to both compulsive Pluto and conventional Saturn in your new Solar Return. Advice: get outside opinions on your priority plans and expenditures in the months ahead as you may be locked into believing something that is not true or even helpful. And be sure to do your research carefully before you commit your time and money. That said, the positive energy in this chart of your new year comes from dependable Saturn making a trine to your Sun. This trine is powerful and opens the door to making profitable connections with all kinds of authority figures this year. And guarantees that the dues you pay this year will pay off in spades in the future. Don’t let old ideas tie you down, Virgo and Libra. Times have changed.

Friday, September 18

Jump in. Morning hours are the best for important calls and business.

The Moon in easy-going Libra sextiles Venus, the sign’s ruler, at 9:41 am PDT, which is likely to put most folks in a good mood. You, too.

A bit of bombast is more likely when the Moon squares overconfident Jupiter at 3:35 pm. Luna sails on to meet, conjunct, Mercury in the heavens at 7:08 pm which is likely to initiate some interesting conversations.

Stay up late and they could turn into disagreements when the Moon squares obsessive Pluto at 11:39 pm.  

As times change.