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Friday, October 26

Sloppy but sweet. The sweetness comes from the Sun meeting agreeable, but Retrograde Venus in the heavens at 7:15 am PDT Friday morning.

This pair pushes open the door to compromises and agreements on Friday.  But be sure to double-check the details as the Moon opposes Mercury at 1:46 am PDT and then opposes fanatical Jupiter at 7:49 am.

Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters witty Gemini at 12:41 pm when green lights come on for work or play as the Skywatch clears.

Venus is still on stage Friday night—reach out.

Thursday, October 25

Just one hiccup.  The Moon in reliable and trustworthy Taurus sextiles psychic Neptune at 8:30 am PDT Thursday morning; trust your hunches and intuition as you start your day.

Green lights are up on Thursday, and there’s just one small moment of stress to sidestep as the Moon squares hasty Mars at 3:18 pm.  A healing Moon-Pluto trine immediately follows at 5:15 pm suggesting a good time to ask a favor or to put your wishes on the table.

Quiet hours follow.

As times change.

Wednesday, October 24


The Moon enters favorite sign Taurus at 7:33 am PDT Wednesday morning and is supported by Venus making a sextile to dependable Saturn a 5:52 am.

The main event in the Skywatch today is a Full Moon in Taurus, exact at 9:45 am, that sits on unpredictable Uranus and opposes Venus at 2:59 pm.

Hard to call the outcome of all these connections but there is a good chance a surprise is beneficial as the Moon also trines realistic Saturn at 3:27 pm setting up the best hour for important calls and business.  Clear skies follow.

Listen to your feelings today—Full Moons push our emotions out into the open; Uranus usually helps us see the truth.

Tuesday, October 23

Oddball.  Caution lights.  We have an unusual line-up of changes and aspects in the Skywatch on Tuesday.

The Sun enters passionate and sexy Scorpio at 4:23 am PDT beginning the yearly month-long journey through this fixed water sign.  Meanwhile, the Moon sextiles eager Mars at 6:58 am which adds a blast of good energy to get you out the door Tuesday morning.

However, tension levels are likely to rise as the Moon squares inflexible Pluto at 11:18 am and then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning.  The joker in the Skywatch today appears next as the Sun lines up opposite to unpredictable and rebellious Uranus at 5:46 pm.

A Full Moon hanging out now will amp up the crazy vibes Uranus can unleash Tuesday night—play it safe and cool this evening.

As times change.

Monday, October 22

Don’t rush in.  The Moon now in impatient Aries squares grumpy and negative Saturn at 7:59 am PDT Monday morning.

Green lights come on a few minutes later as the Skywatch clears and we have a welcome sextile between clever Mercury and astute Pluto at 12:11 pm.

This pair will help you convince others of your plans and ideas—speak up on Monday and place your order.

Evening skies are clear and made for something new or different, an Aries specialty.

As times change.

If your birthday is this week (October 21–27)

Changes are ahead in your life, late Libra and early Scorpio birth signs as futuristic Uranus sits opposite your Sun in your new Solar Return. This once-in-a-lifetime alignment that urges you to bring out more of your potential and to welcome changes that give you more freedom and awareness of your gifts and talents. Most helpful is that Venus is sitting next to your Sun in this chart of your new year—she opens the door to love and positive encounters in work and play. Dependable Saturn is also on your side as he sits in a very welcome sextile to your Sun which will make it much easier to deal with bosses and all authority figures in the months ahead. Another positive element in your new SR is that clever Mercury sits next to wise and lucky Jupiter. This is the year to write the book you have been thinking about and to speak up and place your order—the Force is with you, and you’ll find more support for your thinking and plans than ever before, Libra and Scorpio. In your favor, times have changed.