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Wednesday, December 18

Green lights. There’s a nice line-up of positive aspects in the Skywatch today.

The Moon in realistic Virgo sextiles energetic Mars at 8:14 am PST giving you a little boost, and the good vibes continue as the Moon then trines dependable Saturn at 8:56 am and then trines healing and powerful Pluto at 12:29 pm.

The Moon changes and a feisty square between the Sun and Moon at 8:57 pm chews up the good vibes of the day.

Stay up late, and a lovely Moon Venus trine seven minutes past midnight will get you a goodnight kiss.

As times change.

Tuesday, December 17

Tackle the hard jobs first thing. There’s a nice blast of good energy in the heavens this morning as the Moon in realistic Virgo trines Jupiter and Uranus at 4:56 am PST.

Clear skies follow, and green lights are up as the only tense marker in the Skywatch shows up this evening at 9:29 pm when the Moon squares superficial Mercury.

As times change.

Monday, December 16

Get after it. Green lights are up for work or play this morning. The Moon in commanding Leo sails out into calm seas, and that means this is a good day to lead a project and to take charge.

The kiss of the day is a good one: Moon trine the Sun at 2:10 pm PST. But Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters Virgo at 11:16 pm Monday night.

No telling how this will affect Football tonight. As times change.

Sunday, December 15

Open the door to experience and changes on Sunday. The rare and most welcome Jupiter Uranus trine perfects at 11:00 am PST Sunday morning. (Be sure to convert Skywatch time to your local time zone, and yes, this is a good time to buy a lotto ticket or scratcher—Jupiter is lucky). The only other aspect on Sunday is also a kiss: Moon trine Mercury at 12:18 pm. Here’s a good time to make an important call or decision. As times change.

If your birthday is this week (December 15–21)

You have a much more powerful Solar Return than usual, Sagittarius. You can do more this year and take some huge steps. All due to Mars in powerful Scorpio lined up in harmony with creative Neptune and realistic, hard-working Saturn. Add this energy machine to the very lucky Jupiter Uranus trine that helps you put your thinking and ideas out on the table and get approval. The caution light is Mercury square idealistic Neptune in this new SR. That means stay practical, conservative and under the speed limit in the months ahead. As times change.

Saturday, December 14

There’s a huge and wonderful kiss this weekend as lucky Jupiter makes a trine with Uranus, or harmonizes, with the planet that rules changes and innovative thinking.

Pay attention if you have a flash of awareness with this energy in the Skywatch — this pair appears in the charts of brilliant thinkers. Just hold off on making important purchases and decisions on Saturday as the Moon is Void of Course after the Moon opposes Venus at 7:57 am PST.

She remains in this out of focus state until she enters party lover Leo at 7:56 pm Saturday night. The energy in the room will pick up then, and it’s a great night to meet someone new who moves your needle.

As times change.

Friday, December 13

Get involved. Green lights are up this morning as a compassionate and creative Mars Neptune trine, exact at 3:56 am PST, fills the heavens with positive energy and dreams for many. The kiss of the day follows as agreeable Venus meets powerful Pluto at 7:13 am, setting up a stellar day to handle important finances and business. Clear skies follow until evening hours when the Moon trines romantic Neptune and bold Mars at 8:25 pm. This is a good night to check out a new spot to eat or play.