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Saturday, November 25

Better than average.

Saturday’s Skywatch is the best for priority shopping and business this weekend.

Green lights come on early Saturday morning as Mercury makes a sterling trine to Uranus at 2:55 am PST.

A Moon-Mars trine at 7:05 am raises the energy level; the only problem in the heavens today follows and it’s not a big deal: Moon square lazy Venus, exact at 10:12 am.

The best hours of the day follow as the Moon makes sextiles to Uranus, Mercury, and Saturn, all by 6:37 pm.

Luna turns Void of Course a minute later, but the good vibes in these connections are bound to linger into the evening’s early hours.


Friday, November 24


The Moon in logical Aquarius squares opinionated Jupiter at 7:56 am PST Friday morning. But that is the only exact aspect in the Skywatch on Friday.

Green lights are up once this square dissolves as Luna then sails out into quiet waters for the rest of the day and night.

A bright Mercury Uranus trine opens minds and thinking to new ideas Friday night—it’s a good evening to experiment in some way.

Thursday, November 23

Give us a gobble and let’s all be thankful for our lives and what we have—and for the clear Skywatch on Thursday.

The Moon squares jumpy Uranus at 2:33 am PST early this morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters friendly Aquarius at 12:13 pm Thursday afternoon.

V/C hours are best used pulling away from the material world and enjoying the second piece of pumpkin pie.  That’s my take on it, and I’m adding whipped cream, too.

Best wishes to all today from Leslie and the Skywatch Nation (me) on this Thanksgiving.

As times change.

Wednesday, November 22

Strange dreams?

Dream-maker Neptune leaves his Retrograde cycle and resumes direct motion this morning at 6:21 am PST.

You might not get much of a boost from this event, but all Pisces folks will appreciate their ruler getting back into action.

An intense moment shows up in the Skywatch this morning as the Moon meets powerful, often demanding, Pluto in the heavens at 11:00 am.

Let this moment pass before you make the most important call of the day as the Moon travels on to sextile agreeable Venus at 2:41 pm.

A hot Moon-Mars square follows at 3:16 pm best handled with patience and a willingness to compromise.

Evening hours are quiet and good for something familiar with the Moon still in traditional Capricorn.

Tuesday, November 21

Rock on.

A healing Venus-Pluto sextile at 3:26 am PST puts a positive note in the Skywatch Tuesday morning.

Green lights are up for work or play as the only other markers in the Skywatch today are helpful.

The Moon sextiles the lucky gambler Jupiter at 5:57 pm and travels on to sextile creative and psychic Neptune at 10:33 pm.

In between times the Sun enters Sagittarius for a 30-day visit at 7:05 pm adding another optimistic note to conversations and social events Tuesday night.

As times change.

Monday, November 20

Upbeat. Green lights.

The Moon in optimistic Sagittarius rides out into a peaceful spot in the Zodiac this morning.

Luna meets talkative Mercury in the heavens at 2:37 pm PST and travels on to trine and showcase the friendly side of Uranus at 1:43 pm—here’s the moment to ask for what you want.

Wait a bit longer, and you won’t find the skies so pleasant as the Moon conjuncts serious, often selfish, Saturn at 4:26 pm.

Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters practical Capricorn at 11:14 pm this evening. Venus and Pluto form a loving sextile after midnight and spread a healing note to events Monday night even with the Moon V/C—reach out.

As times change.