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Saturday, October 23

Green lights are up for this entire weekend.

The Moon enters curious Gemini at 12:57 am PDT and will fly through the sign of communications and short trips all weekend long. Yes, this is a very good weekend to explore new places, ideas and to get in touch with friends and loved ones.

There is only one marker in Saturday’s Skywatch, the Moon and dependable Saturn lined up in a trine, exact at 3:11 pm. Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night on Saturday. As times change.

Friday, October 22

An overdone moment appears in the Skywatch at 9:31 am PDT when the Moon squares boastful Jupiter in the heavens. Green lights flash on a few minutes later as the Skywatch clears.

The kiss of the day follows when Luna trines powerful and healing Pluto at 1:35 pm. But the Moon then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. Notable, the Sun enters passionate Scorpio at 9:51 pm Friday evening for a thirty day run — a very good time to clean up messes in your life and to reach for all kinds of healing and healthful practices.

Thursday, October 21

Don’t press your luck. Caution lights are up today.

Pay extra attention to the kids and critters as minor problems can get way out of hand with a dangerous Mars Pluto square hanging out in the heavens today. Exact at 9:19 pm PDT this evening, this square is likely to push the wrong buttons in some folks and make them combative.

Handle the important stuff as early in the day as you can. The Moon meets rebellious and explosive Uranus in the heavens at 3:27 pm which could be a fuse igniting a bigger problem that follows. Keep it simple and safe Thursday night. As times change.

Wednesday, October 20

Caution lights. Dangerous Pluto is on stage today and tomorrow. And we have a Full Moon in aggressive Aries, exact at 7:57 am PDT, adding emotional fuel to attitudes and actions around your home and office.

Luna also turns Void of Course after the exact opposition until she enters peaceful Taurus at 12:59 pm. The bigger problem is Mars in partnership sign Libra lining up in a square to powerful Pluto in Capricorn early Thursday evening.

Mars events have a tendency to show up well before they are exact and this means a second set of caution lights are up for Wednesday night. Arguments, violence, criminal actions are all more likely with this energy in the Skywatch. Please play it safe and cool tonight.

Tuesday, October 19

Green lights, and Mercury back in direct motion sets up Tuesday as a stellar day for priority calls and business. The Moon in eager Aries trines Venus at 3:40 am PDT and then sails out into calm seas this morning.

This is a good day to plant seeds and initiate new plans with the strong Aries Moon at your back. Energy levels will be high this evening as the Moon sextiles optimistic Jupiter at 9:58 pm and then opposes impatient Mars at 11:28 pm. As times change.

Monday, October 18

Green lights. There’s more good news from Jupiter today. And even better news from Mercury.

The Moon ends the long Void of Course cycle from Sunday when she enters fiery Aries at 3:04 am PDT early this morning. A piece of good news follows as Mercury returns to direct motion at 8:11am ending the long Retrograde cycle.

Luna sails out into calm waters until she makes a helpful sextile to dependable Saturn at 4:15 pm. The kiss of the day follows when eager Mars makes a trine to upbeat Jupiter at 7:36 pm. This trine is in power all day and night encouraging you to reach out, explore and gamble on your own gifts and talents.

Double-check the details this evening when the Moon opposes Mercury at 10:26 pm. But this could be a breakthrough conversation with Mercury back in the saddle direct in motion. As times change.