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Sunday, February 18

The Moon enters fired-up Aries at 4:05 am early Sunday morning ending the V/C cycle from Saturday. The Sun enters psychic and imaginative Pisces at 9:18 am encouraging the desire to escape from the material world in some way. Art, music, and romance can do the trick, meditation, too—all a good use of Pisces energy. One grumpy note appears at 4:15 pm when the Moon squares stingy Saturn Sunday afternoon. Clear skies return a few minutes later. The Moon in Aries likes new ideas, places, and sights and to be in action. As times change.

Saturday, February 17

Strange sleep and dreams? Aggressive Mars squares Neptune, ruler of dreams and sleep, at 3:21 am early Saturday morning. The Sun meets Mercury in the heavens an hour later, so maybe there is a message involved. Green lights for work or play come on at dawn as the Skywatch clears. Morning hours are best for chores as the Moon sextiles healing Pluto at 9:49 am and then trines lucky Jupiter at 2:13 pm Saturday afternoon. Luna then turns Void of Course for the rest of the day and night.

Friday, February 16

Don’t dawdle. The Skywatch is even-tempered Friday morning as the Moon in gentle Pisces sextiles dependable Saturn at 6:58 am PST and then meets, conjuncts sweet Venus in the heavens at 8:36 am. Caution lights kick on at noon as Mars begins to line up in a square to unrealistic and impractical Neptune, which will be exact at 3:21 am Early Saturday morning. The first sign of this pairing appears Friday night when the Moon squares feisty Mars at 8:11 pm followed by the Moon meeting spaced out, likely drunk Neptune at 8:32 pm. This is a very dangerous night for our police forces. Problems around/with water, chemicals, booze, drugs, and infections are all more likely when Neptune is on stage. Be safe and cool Friday night. You’ll hear sirens in the city.

Thursday, February 15

This is a day of Grace. Green lights are up, and if you have been waiting for a special day to make an important call or to kick off a new era or program in your life, this is the day. We have a New Moon, A Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, the sign that rules our desires for the future. And we add to the powerful energy in this Eclipse two additional positive markers: clever Mercury sextiles innovative Uranus at 7:07 am PST and generous Venus sextiles realistic Saturn at 3:19 pm. The Moon sextiles Uranus at 9:40 am and conjuncts the Sun creating A New Moon, at 1:05 pm. Uranus rules changes and the truth—this is a stellar day to find new sources of information and connections that can help you in the future. Venus energy helps you find agreement with the powers that be and the government, ruled by Saturn. Luna turns Void of Course after making the conjunction to the Sun until she enters psychic Pisces at 6:42 pm. Hold off on making final arrangement or purchases while the Moon is V/C. The good vibes in the day’s aspects will drift into the evening hours. As times change.

Wednesday, February 14.

Something different and unusual. That’s the only hint in the Skywatch about a special gift for someone special on your Valentine’s List. The Moon in Aquarius sextiles Mars at 6:29 am PST Wednesday morning and then sails out into quiet waters for the rest of the day and night. Aquarius tastes lean towards something unique, original, outside the box. The rest of the Skywatch is friendly tonight—reach out.

Tuesday, February 13

Mixed signals. This is a strange day in the Skywatch. Communication problems are likely as clever Mercury squares fanatical Jupiter, who is given to b.s., at 2:39 pm PST. Some folks are likely to promise more than they can deliver with this square. If you have to make decisions today wait until the square passes as the next event in the heavens is a nice kiss, a sextile between the Sun and brilliant Uranus, exact at 6:22 pm. Of course, both the square and sextile are in power all day long—just be aware you may need to separate the truth from the b.s. Meanwhile, the Moon enters friendly Aquarius at 7:11 am Tuesday morning and then sails out into calm seas for the rest of the day and night. As times change.