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Sunday, August 19

The good vibes continue on Sunday.

The Moon in cheerful Sag trines Mercury, who is now direct in motion, at 8:13 am PDT and then sextiles sweet Venus at 10:13 am Sunday morning and the day is off to a pleasant start.

There is just one small moment of confusion in the Skywatch as the Moon squares dreamy Neptune at 4:13 pm Sunday afternoon.  This is naptime for Leslie; hope you can nap, too.

Clear skies follow, and the vibes are very good for social plans and introductions Sunday night—reach out.

As times change.

If your birthday is this week (August 19-25)

You have the inspiring and productive Jupiter Neptune trine in your new Solar Return, late Leo, and early Virgo birth signs.

Yes, Mars is still Retrograde in this chart of your new year—patience in all you do will pay off. But this is definitely a year to work on your dream in life and see some progress.  Yes, yes, yes.

Moreover, the Saturn-Uranus trine still hanging out in the heavens is also a positive marker in your new SR.  Uranus trines especially favor connections with or acquiring new cars, computers, and high tech stuff.  This trine also suggests a year when your friends and groups can play a positive role in your life and times—stay involved.

The doors swing open for you to have a banner year, Leo and Virgo.  Forget the past.  Times have changed.

Saturday, August 18


Optimistic Jupiter lines up in harmony with creative, compassionate Neptune which suggests a dream coming true for some folks—weddings today have this stellar aspect in the chart of the marriage creating a spiritual bond as well as physical.

The Moon enters Jupiter ruled Sagittarius at 9:45 am PDT Saturday morning, and green lights come on for work or play.  Most helpful is that Mercury Retrograde makes a charming sextile to sweet Venus at 8:36 am which is likely to keep the talk pleasant at the breakfast table.

Moreover, Mercury ends a three-week Retrograde cycle at 9:25 pm Saturday night.  The main event follows as joyful Jupiter makes a trine, harmonizes, with spiritual and creative Neptune just after midnight, exact at 12:48 am.

If you have done the work and are prepared, this is likely to be a payoff time for many folks. This stellar trine stays active in the Skywatch for another two weeks—an exceptionally good time to start working on your own dream.

Friday, August 17

Four good ones in a row.

We have a rare streak of extremely positive markers in the Skywatch over the next four days.

The headliner is Lucky Jupiter making a trine to creative and spiritual Neptune next Saturday night.  Green lights are up on Friday as the Moon meets optimistic Jupiter in the heavens at 6:06 am PDT.

Luna will then quickly trine psychic Neptune at 6:33 am, and you may have a flash of information that is worth listening to as you start your day.  Clear skies follow until the Moon makes a comfortable sextile to healing Pluto at 1:11 pm.

Here’s a good time to exercise your will and to put your needs/wishes on the table.  The only stressful aspect appears just after midnight at 00:48 am when the Sun and Moon square.  Hope you are in bed by then.

Thursday, August 16

The heavy action is early this morning as the Moon squares Mars just after midnight, 00:45 am PDT and then opposes jumpy Uranus at 6:37 am Thursday morning.

Setting the stage for a powerful day, the Moon enters sexy Scorpio at 1:54 am and makes a nice kiss to Saturn, a sextile, at 7:06 am.

Green lights kick on at this moment as the Skywatch clears. Scorpio energy is very useful is cleaning up messes and bringing order out of chaos. This is also a sign whose members tell me they do some of their best thinking in the bathroom. Just saying—notice when the great ideas come to you today.

The only other quack in the heavens on Thursday shows up at 11:18 pm when the Moon squares Retrograde Mercury—not the time to talk budgets or diets.

As times change.

Wednesday, August 15

Morning blues but a great day.  The Moon in Libra squares compulsive Pluto at 6:51 am PDT Wednesday morning.

But Luna then sails out into the clear giving us all an excellent day to network and make some progress around your home and office.

The kiss of the day appears at 1:22 pm when the Sun and Moon make a sextile-encouraging agreement and understanding.

Evening skies are clear until the Moon makes a square to hasty Retrograde Mars at 00:56 am early Thursday morning.