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Sunday, October 21

The Moon sextiles intense Pluto at 2:32 am PDT early Sunday morning and then sails out into quiet waters.  Afternoon hours are excellent for a wedding or an adventure as the Moon trines generous and lucky Jupiter at 4:47 pm on Sunday.  Luna then turns Void of course until she enters fiery Aries at 11:58 pm Sunday night.  Up this late, you are likely to stay up later.                  As times change.

If your birthday is this week (October 21–27)

Changes are ahead in your life, late Libra and early Scorpio birth signs as futuristic Uranus sits opposite your Sun in your new Solar Return.  This once-in-a-lifetime alignment that urges you to bring out more of your potential and to welcome changes that give you more freedom and awareness of your gifts and talents.  Most helpful is that Venus is sitting next to your Sun in this chart of your new year—she opens the door to love and positive encounters in work and play. Dependable Saturn is also on your side as he sits in a very welcome sextile to your Sun which will make it much easier to deal with bosses and all authority figures in the months ahead. Another positive element in your new SR is that clever Mercury sits next to wise and lucky Jupiter.  This is the year to write the book you have been thinking about and to speak up and place your order—the Force is with you, and you’ll find more support for your thinking and plans than ever before, Libra and Scorpio.  In your favor, times have changed.

Saturday, October 20

Mostly kisses.

Astrological skies are very friendly this weekend—there’s not a cloud in the sky, except Venus Retrograde.

The Moon in romantic and imaginative Pisces trines sweet Venus at 2:43 am PDT early Saturday morning and then sails out into calm seas.

A touch of confusion is likely as Luna meets spacey Neptune in the heavens at 5:08 pm.  But a clearing trend starts a few minutes later, and a kiss on Saturday appears at 10:14 pm when the Moon trines talkative Mercury, an excellent moment to say what’s on your mind.


Friday, October 19

Powerful dreams?  Messenger Mercury trines dream maker Neptune at 2:48 am PDT early Friday morning.

Caution lights are up today as the Moon squares Jupiter at 4:45 am and then trines the Sun at 5:27 am which is helpful.  But the Moon turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters sympathetic and changeable Pisces at1:20 pm Friday afternoon.

The big problem today is that Mercury squares hasty and impatient Mars at 10:23 am during the V/C cycle.  Arguments, minor accidents, and injuries to your hands are all more likely with this square.

Save priority calls and business for the hours that follow as green lights come back on once the Moon changes signs (ending the V/C cycle) as she travels on to sextile resourceful Uranus at 2:47 pm and then sextile dependable Saturn at 9:26 pm Friday night.

For the better here, times change.

Thursday, October 18

Fired up.

The Moon squares Mercury at 2:10 am PDT early this morning, and then conjuncts/meets fiery Mars in the heavens at 4:50 am which is likely to create a commotion that disturbs the sleep of many.

However, this high-energy pair will also get folks moving Thursday morning.  And green lights are up as the Skywatch then clears completely for the rest of the day and night.

A helpful Mercury aspect lights up the evening skies—it’s a good night to speak from the heart.

As times change.

Wednesday, October 17

Easy going.  The Moon enters friendly Aquarius early this morning at 12:36 am PDT and quickly squares disturber Uranus at 2:17 am.

Green lights come on a few minutes later as the Skywatch clears.  The only other maker in the sky is on Wednesday in minor and fleeting as the Moon squares vain Venus at 4:44 pm—look for a compromise then and all shall be well.

Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night.

Tuesday, October 16

Caution lights.

The Moon conjuncts intense Pluto at 1:54 am PDT early Tuesday morning and then squares the Sun at 11:02 am putting a note of static and resistance into the air around your home or office.

The kiss of the day follows as Luna sextiles optimistic Jupiter at 2:49 pm but the Moon turns Void of Course a minute later until she enters Aquarius a half hour past midnight.

Hold off on making important purchases and decisions while the Moon is V/C, especially with Venus still in her foggy Retrograde cycle.

As times change.