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If your birthday is this week (July 1–7)

There’s an unusual push-pull energy in your new Solar Return, Cancer. Saturn sits opposite your Sun in this chart of your new year pushing you towards being responsible and dedicated to the work at hand and urging you to be cautious and organized in the months ahead. At the same time, expansive and lucky Jupiter sits in a trine to your Sun urging you to adventure and to expand your vision and range of experiences. With Mars Retrograde in this new SR, you’ll want to make sure you are very careful with the first steps you take in any new action/direction. Give yourself plenty of time to finish projects, too, and you’ll more than likely be successful in whatever you attempt this year, Cancer. Times have changed.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

A slow down period is ahead. There are five planets backing up on the bases, or Retrograde, as we start the month. Fortunately, Jupiter will end his three-month Rx cycle on July 10. However, Mercury will also turn Retrograde on July 25 which doubles down the problems from Mars who is Rx all month long. Expect delays and unusual situations in July. We also have two eclipses this month which could turn out to be turning points in your life and times—read ahead and note the best and worst days in the Skywatch as times change.

Sunday’s astrological weather is easygoing. The Moon in friendly Aquarius sails out into calm seas Sunday morning—green lights are up. Luna opposes lazy Venus at 3:56 pm PDT and then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning. Stick to routine and keep it simple while the Moon is V/C.

Saturday, June 30

Out of the ordinary.   Uranus takes center stage in the Skywatch on Saturday.

The Moon travels through friendly Aquarius today, co-ruled by Uranus.  The Main event is Mercury lining up in a challenging square to Uranus at 6:01 am PDT Saturday morning.

Unexpected events and reactions are more likely with these Uranian notes.  Clear skies follow until the Moon meets impatient Retrograde Mars in the heavens at 4:10 pm.

Green lights come on past this moment as astrological skies clear for the rest of the day and night on Saturday.

As times change

Friday, June 29.

Stick to routine.  Caution lights.

The Moon meets intense Pluto in the heavens at 1:57 am PDT early Friday morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters friendly Aquarius at 9:37 pm Friday evening!

Our intuition and judgment are not sharp during V/C hours—best to hold off on making important decisions and purchases today.

You’ll feel a fresh blast of energy when the Moon changes signs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you stay up a bit later than usual Friday night.

As times change.

Thursday, June 28

Saddle up.  The Skywatch is friendly and good for work or play on Thursday.

The Moon in earthy Capricorn sails out into calm seas Thursday morning.  Luna makes a sweet kiss, a sextile, to lucky Jupiter at 12:13 pm PDT suggesting an excellent time to make an important call or appearance.

A creative and low-key Moon Neptune sextile follows at 6:07 pm. Clear skies follow for the rest of the evening.  Notable: Mercury enters Leo for a long visit at 10:17 pm Thursday night.

Mercury will Retrograde next month and stay in Leo until Sept 5. Leo rules presidents, bosses, your father and all authority figures—all of whom are bound to be in the spotlight and speaking up during Mercury’s stay in this fixed fire sign.

As times change.

Wednesday, June 27

Stay in control.  A Full Moon in conservative Capricorn that conjuncts/sits on that sign’s ruler, Saturn, dominates the Skywatch today.

The Sun opposes Saturn at 6:26 am PDT early Wednesday reminding you to get organized before you leave the house this morning.

The Moon enters serious Capricorn at 8:52 am and immediately trines friendly Uranus at 12:40 pm. This is the kiss of the day.

The Moon travels on to conjunct/meet somber Saturn in the heavens at 8:34 pm Wednesday night. The Full Moon pulls exact at 9:53 pm and we know the coyotes will be howling in the woods here in Blaine—expect sirens in the city tonight with Mars Retrograde.