Wednesday, July 26

Slow down.

The main event in the Skywatch today is the Sun meeting feisty and impatient Mars in the heavens at 5:57 pm PDT this afternoon. Use this energy by taking action on a new plan or starting a project that is dear to your heart.

There are better and worse times to also note.

The Moon trines healing Pluto at 10:27 am encouraging agreement and compromises. Pull back and sit tight as the Moon squares grumpy Saturn at 5:51 pm just in front of the Martian bolt of energy.

Luna travels on to square lazy Venus at 11:31 pm and then turn Void of course until tomorrow morning.

As times change.

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Tuesday, July 25

Details, details.

The Moon enters practical and efficient Virgo at 3:32 am PDT early this morning. And the coast is clear.

Green lights are up for work or play on Tuesday as Luna sails out into calm waters. This is a good day to tackle important chores and to order/purchase items using Virgo’s great ability to analyze matters carefully and make good decisions.

Mercury also enters home sign Virgo at 4:41 pm Tuesday afternoon which also could bring some criticism from others judging our work.

Try to make your comments positive/constructive today and tonight—we are all more sensitive to negative reactions and words while the Moon and Mercury travel through Virgo.

As times change.

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Monday, July 24

Be realistic.

Agreeable Venus lines up opposite practical Saturn at 7:53 am PDT Monday morning. Save the important stuff for the hours that follow as Green lights come on with the Mercury making a lovely trine to innovative Uranus at 9:32 am.

This is a good time to state your case. Helpful Luna trines dependable Saturn at 1:53 pm setting up a stellar afternoon for important meetings and appointments. And one of them could be to the barber for a trim as the Moon travels on to sextile lovely Venus at 2:26 pm.

Evening skies are pleasant as the Moon trines friendly Uranus just after midnight, exact at 00:58 am.

As times change.

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THE WEEKEND: July 22-23

There’s a touch of static in the air Saturday morning as the Moon opposes determined Pluto at 5:49 am PDT. Green lights for work or play come on a few minutes later as the Skywatch clears. The Sun enters roaring Leo at 8:16 am for his once-a-year romp through the sign that knows how to make things fun and to be super romantic (a la France as that country is ruled by Leo.) Clear skies keep it light and happy Saturday afternoon. One tense moment shows up Saturday night when the Moon squares contrary Uranus at 11:05 pm and then turns Void of course until tomorrow morning.

Sunday’s astrological weather is high energy. Green lights are up. The Moon enters fiery Leo at 1:34 am PDT and travels on to meet the Sun at 2:46 am Sunday morning forming a New Moon. Luna then meets eager Mars in the heavens at 4:41 am. New Moons bring good times to plant seeds and to take the initiative. Having eager Mars along for the ride sets up the next two weeks as primo for making changes and getting new plans into motion around your home or office. As times change.

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Friday, July 21

Green lights. Go with your gut reactions today.

The Moon enters home sign Cancer a 1:09 am PDT early Friday morning and then sails out into calm seas. The only exact event in the Skywatch appears at 11:34 pm when the Moon trines psychic and romantic Neptune Friday night.

This is a good evening for a movie, dancing, theatre, fishing or a hot tub—all connected to Neptune.

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Thursday, July 20

Surprises. The big event in the Skywatch today is the Sun making a challenging square to rebellious Uranus, exact at 5:24 pm. PDT this afternoon.

This square injects an unexpected element into the Skywatch and could also bring problems with cars, computers and anything electrical. Early risers will enjoy a sweet Moon-Venus conjunction at 4:39 am PDT Thursday morning.

Mars leaves nurturing Cancer and enters fired-up Leo at 5:20 am for a six-week run which we know will fire up the egos of bosses and leaders worldwide (Trump has Mars in Leo conjunct his Ascendant natally.)

Caution lights kick on at the Moon opposes grumpy Saturn at 12:32 pm. Luna will sextile clever Mercury at 3:04 pm offering a clear moment.

The big square follows, and maybe the surprise is a good one as Luna sextiles Uranus a 10:40 pm and then turns Void of Course until tomorrow morning.

As times change.

5 thoughts on “Thursday, July 20

  1. Stephen

    Mars in Leo conjunct the Ascendant… that explains a lot. My mother has that in her natal chart, and she’s a dominant bully of sorts. That said, Robert Hand also says of this position: “Usually you are willing to take responsibility for what you do, and you are dependable.”. Ehem.

  2. Lance Ferguson

    where does Hand say that? I don’t believe it and I have one of Hand’s books….

    Mars in the first is self centered and usually not concerned with taking responsibility, ala Trump.
    Sorry…I can’t buy that Stephen.

  3. Stephen

    Hi Lance, the full quote, which I am taking from “Astro-Click Portrait” from Astrodienst:

    Mars Conjunct Ascendant
    You are strong-willed, and people quickly realize that you are not someone to trifle with. You have all the classic qualities of Mars -self-reliance, courage and daring, personal aggressiveness and independence.
    You are at your best working by yourself. Usually you are willing to take responsibility for what you do, and you are dependable. Your strong sense of personal integrity and pride makes you somewhat sensitive to comments by others that seem to indicate that they do not take you very seriously.
    You are very competitive in every area of life. Your aggressive energies have caused you, even while young, to dislike anything that seems soft and weak. You want to become independent at an early age. You don’t like to think that you need anybody, although you can certainly be affectionate in your own way.

    Interpretation by Robert Hand from “Youth Portrait”, which is also an interesting read for grown-ups.

  4. lance Ferguson

    ok…never read that one…but i don’t agree…maybe your mother was this way, but the Martians I’ve met and counseled are one sided selfish and don’t take responsibility…the rest of this I do agree with.
    this is a classic case that astrologers don’t always agree with each other…it’s a symbolic language and we all have different ideas about each symbol. But thanks for this piece…I have a chart to do right now with Mars in the first and I’ll use this positive message to explain this placement.

  5. lance Ferguson

    one more note….Trump’s Mars is in the 12th house of undoing…the house of secrets and hidden actions….not in the first house of daylight…he is his own worst enemy….that’s the story with Mars in the 12th…what does Hand say about this placement?


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