A Letter from Leslie…….

December 17, 2016

A note from Lance:

I’m going to take a little break so Leslie will be posting this month’s letter to you all.  We have had quite the month, she will tell you all about it and what’s going on here in Birch Bay.

And from Leslie:

As Lance said we have had quite the month and felt we should let you all know what has happened.

Lance had a massive stroke early Thanksgiving morning (1:30am).  I knew what had happened and called 911 right away.  Bless those boys for getting here within minutes, and we were on our way to the hospital in Bellingham where he was admitted and sent right to ICU.  It was touch and go for a while, first reports were not favorable and the doctors thought we should plan for the worst.  Unbelievable.

But one young, optimistic Neurologist came into his room, calmly closed the door, got right in his face and yelled “Lance! Wake up! Come on! Wake up!”  And sure enough, he rallied, like he had just had a very deep sleep.  And I told him, “the Dallas Cowboys/Washington Redskins game is on in an hour, so you better get this sorted.”  Game time, he was sitting up, watching and cheering for his beloved Cowboys.  Thank God they won.

So, two days in ICU, two more on an observation floor and home we went with a walker and all the medical “stuff” that goes along with a stroke victim.  We have had lots of support, Home Health Services have come almost every day.  In fact, they just released him yesterday.  They have all come in and said the same thing.  “You are doing fine, call us if you need anything.”  And all the medical equipment is now stored away.  I knew he would be fine when I fussed at him to use the walker, which he picked up and carry across the room.

So, what was going on in his chart you will probably be asking.  But first let’s look at the Skywatch for that day.  Some damn fool astrologer wrote:

Not the usual energy in today’s Thanksgiving Skywatch.  Morning hours are good for getting the pies done as the Moon trines Mars at 12:40 pm CST. But Jupiter and Pluto form a square in the heavens at 4:42 pm suggesting things don’t go as planned this afternoon and evening.

And what was in Lance’s chart?  Pluto square the Moon (quack) and Mars opposite Pluto (double quack). The good news is he also had Jupiter conjunct the Moon.

And what was in my chart? Uranus square the Sun.  I was thinking a possible culinary disaster not a full blown medical event.  But it’s over, he rallied, and life goes on.

He has had little residual effect from the stroke, which was right side, so his left side was affected.  He of course is mad that he can’t type well with his left hand and his speech is a little slurred, but he is back to doing readings and just finished January Skywatch.  This guy is a real trooper.

The weather has also taken an unusual turn.  We have had snow and freezing conditions for almost a week.  As I write this the temperature is 17 with a real feel of 8 with snow flurries.  Not quite what we expected here, but we are still grateful to be here in Birch Bay!

This cold snap has created somewhat of a crisis for the hummingbirds here. The Anna’s species live here year- round, and this cold weather is almost too much for them.  Lots of us get up right as the sun comes up to bring in the feeders which are frozen solid and refill for the day.  On a local birding Face Book page someone showed his “hummingbird warmer” – a cookie sheet covered with an electic heating pad.  Brilliant!

So, it’s been a rather exciting first six months here in the Pacific Northwest. We are grateful to be here where we are safe and well cared for.  And we are grateful to all of you, who show such great support for Skywatch.  We appreciate your love and prayers and good energy.  If you are so inclined, please send Lance a card, or note.  Our home address is: 4804 N. Golf Course Drive, Blaine, WA 98230.  Sending each and every one of you our very best wishes for a Happy New Year.

17 thoughts on “A Letter from Leslie…….

  1. Christine

    Lance and Leslie,

    Nous t’aimon
    pour tout ce que tu es,
    tout ce que vous avez ètè,
    et tout ce que vous êtes encore à être.

    Never forget that.

  2. Sally Aderton

    Leslie and Lance,

    You and your wisdom make my life better every single day. As I have had the privilege to know Lance’s voice, when I read my Skywatch daily, it is more like Lance is reading it to me. I love that!

    Here is a cyber note sending you the biggest smile from my heart. I can muster. These are not the easiest times on the Earth but she still keeps spinning and the stars keep shining so I think we will keep on, keeping on.

    It is love that gets us all through. I am sending you the biggest smile from my heart.

    Always Your Fan, Sally

  3. Pamela

    Leslie…thank you so much for sharing with us!
    What you give to us all is very special and I know I speak for us all when I say thank you from the bottom of my heart! Wishing you peace, strength and healing

  4. Patte

    I read the daily every morning, and am not surprised that Lance was able to wake up, get up, and get moving. He just needed a little nudge…
    I’ve been through the same thing in the near past and have had to give up my working life totally. But you’ll find that you will recover better if you take it easy, don’t do too much every day and enjoy your life moment to moment, day to day and not worry about tomorrow.

    My love and respect to you both!

  5. jane dann

    Lance and Leslie,
    My love, thoughts and prayers are with you.
    You enrich my life, I’d be lost without my daily Skywatch….. and I think Lance still has way too much to do….so, it’s not his time!
    Know how much you both are appreciated and cared about.

  6. Pat

    Hi Lance and Leslie,

    Sending positive thoughts, love and light to you!

    Hope each day brings more health & well-being.

    May this yuletide grace you with healing joy and

  7. Carol

    Lance and Leslie,
    It is a testament to you just reading what everyone wrote.
    I read the skywatch everyday, you all have added to my life in so many ways.
    I hope your recovery is swift, but as one said, and do rest and sleep.
    Your body will heal with that rx.
    May you have a lovely holiday season with family and friends.
    Your reader and follower,

  8. Sandy

    We love you, Lance and Leslie,
    You are BOTH troopers of the highest order – and we all ( who so enjoy Lance’s wise words daily) are grateful for the caring and commitment you give to Skywatch – and the model of a great, loving relationship you teach us!
    I can speak to Lance’s resilience and devotion. He completed a reading for me ridiculously soon after he came home – unbeknownst to me. I am grateful that Lance and Leslie let everyone know what happened – to allow us the chance to support him with our prayers, love and words.
    I am AWED at the story of the angelic neurologist who yelled at Lance.
    May angels hang with you for the rest of a LONG LIFE TO COME!!!!

  9. Tippy Trevitt

    Oh My..Busy daze….Sorry to hear this news, but ever so happy Lance is recovering nicely….Rocket speed….keep healthy and Blessedly together..xo.. TT

  10. Wendy

    Dear Leslie and lance,

    Shock & Awe. Uranus and Jupiter. So glad The big Protector won. What Sandy said- you are both Troopers of the highest order! I can’t explain my feelings of gratitude that you are with him. That love has found you in eachother. I just love you guys! So glad I got to know Lance in his many visits to Peace of mind Center in Shreveport. He’s the Best. Thank you for all you do Leslie and the share, so important to know! All Love & Light & prayers are with you both! Geaux Cowboys!

  11. Janet Dutra

    Bless you, Lance and Leslie. Thank you for the update. I am so grateful for all the work you do and happy to be part of the Skywatch family.

    Lance, I am so happy that your recovery is phenomenal! You are a real trooper! Please take care and continue to get healthier.

    Leslie, God Bless you for all you have taken on. Lance is so lucky to have you has his partner. We all are.
    Love/Light & blessings to you both. Wishing you a joyful, loving, happy and healthy New Year.

  12. Lelle

    May you both have strong, healthy bodies and a very happy, joyful long life.
    re: stroke…you may want to look into CoQ10…

  13. Julie

    Dear Leslie and Lance,
    Thanks for keeping this letter from December up as I’m just now reading it and wouldn’t have wanted to miss the news.

    I’m hoping Lance is continuing his recovery and by now is as good as new. Hugs to you both for I know this was quite an ordeal for Leslie, too.

    The Skywatch dailies and Datebook make an important contribution to my life and I’m glad I’ll be able to count on them from now on. Lance, keep up the good work!

  14. Linda Martinez

    Dear Lance and Leslie,

    I just read the news. Thank you both for all that you do! I am so glad you two have each other. I am very fortunate that I have seen Lance in action. I too hear his voice when I read my skywatch. It really has made an impact on my life. It will be a sad day when you two go on your journey to the other side of life, but a joyous day for you, freedom of bondage of the physical body. I know that you two are angels here on earth. Love to the both of you. Lance grow stronger every day…. Leslie stay strong as you always have been. Love is strong and healthy!!
    Have a bountiful 2017 with health, time and love.

  15. Lance Ferguson

    a big thanks to all of you who leave these kind words to Leslie and myself.
    the good vibes and love really help me stay strong and bring me back to the keyboard
    with a smile and desire to keep you in the know about the planets and signs.
    It’s wonderful to know that my work helps you navigate the highs and lows…
    And it feels like we are all family…it does…
    Leslie feels the same way…and we both are thankful for your support, cards and mail you’ve sent.
    And i’m on the mend…working on February action . As times change.

  16. Kathleen Nicholls

    I just read this news. My husband had a stroke two years ago Easter. He is doing great! I am so thankful for you two. You are in my healing prayer as I meditate each morning. Take it easy as you are God’s blessing right here on planet Earth. Wrapping you in LOVE!


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Mercury will end his Retrograde cycle on Jan 8 and suddenly we will look up and realize that all planets are in direct motion. This is a fairly rare situation that prompts us to get a move on and to tackle priority plans and ambitions in Jan. This unusual situation will continue until Feb 5 when Jupiter will turn Rx. Still, he will be the only planet in reverse motion until March 4 when Venus also turns Rx. I hope you’ll order a copy of my new 2017 Datebook so that you can take advantage of the big time kisses ahead when you make your plans to travel and/or handle important personal matters in the months ahead. Good timing in your life pays off in ways large and small. And sometimes, it’s priceless.

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This will be a Christmas to remember. I guarantee it. Plan to do most of your shopping before Mercury again Retrogrades on Dec 19 in Capricorn. We do get lucky on this Rx cycle as Mercury floats peacefully up river until Jan 8 and makes only positive connections with the other planets on this journey. We have much better days this month for work and play from this fact and from the powerful lineup of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in the Skywatch.

Two brand new aspects form in the heavens this month and both involve Uranus. “Business man” Saturn will trine Uranus, the ruler of everything high tech and electrical, including cars, on Christmas Eve. Two days later Jupiter will oppose Uranus and this one opens the doors to both winners and losers—there’s always an unpredictable element in matters touched by Uranus.

The Saturn trine is fairly rare, once every 20 years, and hangs around through nearly all of 2017. Saturn is the old guard. Uranus brings the new techniques. This pair encourages you to make changes that preserve the integrity of the structure. Saturn is practical; Uranus is inventive. A trine blends their forces and can make something wonderful from the combination. And that’s why this marker is bound to be very good news for some high tech companies over the holiday season. But not all of them. Jupiter sitting opposite Uranus guarantees that some of the failures will be as spectacular as well.

The danger for all of us is in going overboard in expansion, debt and expectations—all ruled by Jupiter. His opposition to Uranus is in power all month long and will hang out through early March.

DECEMBER KISS DAYS: 1, 9, 13, 23, 24+, 25+, 26, 27. This is the sweetest Skywatch I’ve ever seen for the holidaze. Venus makes three kisses on Christmas Day! The good vibes continue as Kwanzaa celebrations begin. Just remember to save receipts and double-check the details during the days Mercury is Rx.

DECEMBER QUACK DAYS: 7, 15, 31+. Not many, but be very careful New Year’s Eve as Mars meets drunk Neptune in the heavens that night.

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The first ten days are the best for important travels, calls and business this month as the Skywatch is upbeat and friendly. Venus travels through optimistic Sagittarius ruled by lucky Jupiter during these first ten days. Meanwhile, generous Jupiter is in Libra, ruled by Venus. This is called “mutual reception” when planets are in each other’s signs, and it’s a positive alignment that encourages the best side of both planets to appear in our consciousness and behavior. This is a stellar period of time for important appointments, meetings and sales calls. Yes, introductions and blind dates, too. Venus loves to meet new people and find romance. This delightful blend of energies actually began when Venus entered Sag on Oct 18 and ends when Venus enters Capricorn on Nov 11.

The main event this month is Jupiter lining up in a square to powerful Pluto on Thanksgiving Day. This marker will be in full force three to four weeks ahead of exact and through the rest of the month. Squares challenge us. Jupiter buys too much, promises too much, expects too much in a square. Pluto compounds Jupiter’s mistakes and often gets caught up in power struggles resulting in divorce, bankruptcies and legal battles that cost more than they are worth. Pluto squares typically bring a test of wills, temper tantrums, the need for compromise but little agreement in core issues.

World events are likely to be very ugly in the weeks leading up to this square. Pluto rules mass calamities. Travel is bound to be impacted, ruled by Jupiter. Pluto also rules criminals—don’t take your security for granted this month. This square shows up in the Skywatch once every six or seven years and will reform next Spring. The medicine for the square is simple: Don’t go overboard. And figure you’ll be short a dessert or two on Thanksgiving Day as Aunt Ruth gets a fever and can’t bring her apple pies. Travelers may not make it to your celebration on time as schedule changes and delays are certain in the face of the square.

Squares give us power. Use the energy of this square cleaning up a mess, untangling a bank account and/or bringing order to a part of your life where things have been chaotic. Avoid speculation with Jupiter. And sit tight. Honesty and good intentions override the square’s power to give you grief—most of us will cruise on past the moment with no great loss. But factor in this square for your holiday plans and stock your liquor cabinet accordingly.

Election Day Skywatch is spacey. The Moon is in Aquarius and she kisses Venus early in the morning on Nov 8. Luna then turns Void of Course until afternoon hours when she enters idealistic Pisces whose symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions which suggests the mood of the country reading about the election in the newspaper the next day.


NOVEMBER KISS DAYS: 2, 4, 10, 19, 20, 26, 27. This is the weakest set of Kiss days I’ve seen. Be sure to read the daily reports first thing on these days and you’ll be able to maximize the good aspects that do show up.


NOVEMBER QUACK DAYS: 18, 22, 23, 24+, 25, 29+, 30. Stay under the speed limit on these days. A New Moon at month’s end squares dreamy Neptune in the heavens suggesting a poor time to make changes. Wait. December’s soil is much more fertile.


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You’ll meet Mars in October. He spends the entire month in his favorite sign, Capricorn, which he visits for six weeks once every two years. Mars rules your muscles and he brings high energy and the courage to blaze a new trail or to start a major new event in your life in October. When he aligns in harmony with Neptune on Oct 11, we get a day of Grace. Mars energy always shows up a day or so ahead of the exact alignment with other planets. His positive connections typically make matters easier to deal with and usually bring help in some form.

Mars is a bully, a tyrant and aggressive as he squares Jupiter on Oct 5 and can be violent and destructive as he squares Uranus in Aries, the sign he rules, on Friday night, Oct 28. Road rage and worse are likely on both days and again on Oct 19 when Mars meets powerful Pluto in the heavens. These aspects appear in the Skywatch once every year or two; you’ve seen them come and go. Best still to note them in your calendar. This is when shit happens.

A big surge of rebellious and explosive energy lights up the Skywatch as the Full Moon in Aires is conjunct eccentric Uranus on Oct 15. Not a good day to travel or to handle important matters. Computer problems and communication breakdowns issue from Mercury squaring Pluto at the same time. This Full Moon creates a giant Cardinal T-Square with seven of the ten planets (calling the Sun and Moon planets for convenience) in signs that want to take action but also form squares to Mars and Pluto who don’t agree.

Positive changes in your life are just as likely with Uranus on board this month. The squares have the power to push you away from your failures and towards the better paths to follow. Look at your history and you will find that some of the best decisions you ever made happened during squares when thee were challenges that made you look at the truth. Mars gives you the energy to leave losing ideas and people behind and to find the guts to stay committed to the destiny you desire. For some this is “wake-up time.”

All this Capricorn energy also pushes you into making choices: What is priority in your life? In your job, your relationships, your spiritual quest, on and on. What really matters and what are you wasting your time on? Seven planets in Cardinal signs suggest a very, very good month to take action and to make changes that keep you on the path to your destiny.

A sneaky Jupiter Neptune inconjunct appears in the Skywatch on Oct 22–23 and will be a factor for a few days. Something confusing or deceptive issues from this pair. Strange sleep and dreams, too. I’ll have more details in the daily reports on this one. Best if you don’t plan anything complicated, dangerous or first time that weekend.

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Caution lights are up as the month begins. Confusion and more are likely as Mercury continues his Retrograde path in his home sign of Virgo. The devil will be in the details until he resumes direct motion on Sept 22. Expect an unsettled beginning to the school year and be aware that just one small event or detail can prove critical this month and bring you success or a minor setback in these first three weeks. Virgo draws a very fine line. The good news is that Mercury backs into a fabulous trine to Pluto in the heavens as he stations from Sept 20–24. Truth serum? This is close to it and suggests positive outcomes and solutions—and a very good time to ask for what you want. Be patient while Mercury is Rx.

The major complication to all the above is Saturn lining up in a square to dreamy Neptune again on Sept 10. This is the third and last pass between these two opposites. Saturn wants reality. Neptune wants the dream. Saturn is the tester who can throw an extra responsibility or chore your way just to see if you really like what you are doing. This marker is in full power as the month begins—remember, it’s the creeping that will get you. Strange sleep and dreams, problems with drugs, booze and water follow Neptune around.

And you may feel a bit spaced out, especially with Mercury Rx at the same time. Neptune tries to destroy the organization Saturn builds with. Frustration of some kind is certain and it’s best to let all this go by before you make any major changes, decisions and purchases in your life, if possible. Wait until Mercury trines Pluto and you will make a more informed decision, and at that time people will be much more inclined to agree with you if you have a proposal to make.

Bottom Line: School starts with more hassles and problems than usual over the first half of Sept. And I know many kids will be tempted to walk out of first grade thinking “it’s all a big joke.” Lots of my friends are teachers who may be thinking the same thing during the first two weeks. It will be the same story at the local junior college—but don’t give up. The nasty Saturn square fades, Mercury stops being goofy and a much better set of markers show up over the last two weeks of the month for all of us. Headlined by Jupiter entering Libra on Sept 9.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good luck. Libra is the sign of partnerships and is ruled by loving Venus. This new Jupiter cycle appears in the heavens once every 12 years and lasts about a year. The last visit was from Sept/2004 to Oct/2005. So this will be a good year ahead to network, to get out on the dance floor, to improve the relationships we have—and for finding a better balance in our lives between work and play. Gemini, Aquarius and Libra planets all get “a high five” as Jupiter loves you the most in his new cycle. Thankfully, we all get a friendly boost from Venus and Jupiter that can lead to lifelong artistic or business partnerships forming, including a marriage, in this new Jupiter cycle.


    1. Stephen

      Actually, Mercury Rx is touching on my natal Uranus, the math and technology planet just when the exam is due. So with Merc in review, this may go better than expected. And apropos of Jupiter in Libra from the 9th, I just learned that a good friend of mine, a Gemini Sun, will marry her long-time girlfriend on the 10th. While honestly I would be expecting a happy marriage based on the people involved, Uncle Jupiter can only help.

  1. franky Edder

    My Birth Anniversary on the 22nd looks like I’m in for something really good. Or NOT. When the Skywatch says the day will be full of sunshine, I end up with thunderstorms. In that sense, I can hardly wait for September 10th, when Saturn and Neptune raise merry hell for one last time. I don’t know what it does that. I’ve noticed this pattern since I started reading The Skywatch in 2006. That was the year I got divorced, lost my home, my dogs, and yes even my truck. My life was a real Country song from the 1960’s.

    Once again, thanks for the Skywatch. Next year when I have a little more money, I’ll get the annual membership.


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