Caution lights are up as the month begins. Confusion and more are likely as Mercury continues his Retrograde path in his home sign of Virgo. The devil will be in the details until he resumes direct motion on Sept 22. Expect an unsettled beginning to the school year and be aware that just one small event or detail can prove critical this month and bring you success or a minor setback in these first three weeks. Virgo draws a very fine line. The good news is that Mercury backs into a fabulous trine to Pluto in the heavens as he stations from Sept 20–24. Truth serum? This is close to it and suggests positive outcomes and solutions—and a very good time to ask for what you want. Be patient while Mercury is Rx.

The major complication to all the above is Saturn lining up in a square to dreamy Neptune again on Sept 10. This is the third and last pass between these two opposites. Saturn wants reality. Neptune wants the dream. Saturn is the tester who can throw an extra responsibility or chore your way just to see if you really like what you are doing. This marker is in full power as the month begins—remember, it’s the creeping that will get you. Strange sleep and dreams, problems with drugs, booze and water follow Neptune around.

And you may feel a bit spaced out, especially with Mercury Rx at the same time. Neptune tries to destroy the organization Saturn builds with. Frustration of some kind is certain and it’s best to let all this go by before you make any major changes, decisions and purchases in your life, if possible. Wait until Mercury trines Pluto and you will make a more informed decision, and at that time people will be much more inclined to agree with you if you have a proposal to make.

Bottom Line: School starts with more hassles and problems than usual over the first half of Sept. And I know many kids will be tempted to walk out of first grade thinking “it’s all a big joke.” Lots of my friends are teachers who may be thinking the same thing during the first two weeks. It will be the same story at the local junior college—but don’t give up. The nasty Saturn square fades, Mercury stops being goofy and a much better set of markers show up over the last two weeks of the month for all of us. Headlined by Jupiter entering Libra on Sept 9.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good luck. Libra is the sign of partnerships and is ruled by loving Venus. This new Jupiter cycle appears in the heavens once every 12 years and lasts about a year. The last visit was from Sept/2004 to Oct/2005. So this will be a good year ahead to network, to get out on the dance floor, to improve the relationships we have—and for finding a better balance in our lives between work and play. Gemini, Aquarius and Libra planets all get “a high five” as Jupiter loves you the most in his new cycle. Thankfully, we all get a friendly boost from Venus and Jupiter that can lead to lifelong artistic or business partnerships forming, including a marriage, in this new Jupiter cycle.


    1. Stephen

      Actually, Mercury Rx is touching on my natal Uranus, the math and technology planet just when the exam is due. So with Merc in review, this may go better than expected. And apropos of Jupiter in Libra from the 9th, I just learned that a good friend of mine, a Gemini Sun, will marry her long-time girlfriend on the 10th. While honestly I would be expecting a happy marriage based on the people involved, Uncle Jupiter can only help.

  1. franky Edder

    My Birth Anniversary on the 22nd looks like I’m in for something really good. Or NOT. When the Skywatch says the day will be full of sunshine, I end up with thunderstorms. In that sense, I can hardly wait for September 10th, when Saturn and Neptune raise merry hell for one last time. I don’t know what it does that. I’ve noticed this pattern since I started reading The Skywatch in 2006. That was the year I got divorced, lost my home, my dogs, and yes even my truck. My life was a real Country song from the 1960’s.

    Once again, thanks for the Skywatch. Next year when I have a little more money, I’ll get the annual membership.


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The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will all spend time in earthy Virgo this month. Virgo is ruled by clever Mercury, ruler of the fine print. Be sure to double-check the details and be sure to hang on to receipts, messages, letters and business cards as you are likely to meet people this month whose value is not apparent at the moment, but they may prove to be extremely helpful to your cause in the days ahead. Heads up Taurus and Capricorn birth signs as these Virgo planets kiss your Sun—get your order out on the table and make an appearance—the Force is with you.

Virgo rules our pets and all small animals, so this is a good month to get a new kitty or to take yours to the veterinarian. And with beautiful Venus and lucky Jupiter making a contact in the Skywatch this month, the odds are very good a Grand Champion puppy will be born somewhere. Virgo also rules our health and the holistic way and means of treating it. So this is a very good month to start any kind of new diet or exercise plan—the energy in the Skywatch now can carry you long enough to make new healthy habits permanent.

The stinker of the month appears in the heavens on August 13 when Jupiter makes an inconjunct to Uranus. This is a minor aspect that can cause problems with electricity, computers, and the rebellious tribes. Lots of folks won’t be disturbed by this one, but you may have trouble getting service or people to pay attention for a few days preceding this aspect. Be flexible in your planning and open to a detour around this date. And pay extra attention to the kids and critters as minor accidents are certain for some. This marker is not likely to give you any real problems, just a new complication to work through.

Mercury begins another Retrograde cycle on Aug 29 which will continue until Sept 22. You’ve noticed all the Mercury Rx cycles are in earth signs this year—they are always in just one element and were all in air signs last year. Sweet Venus and lucky Jupiter join Mercury in the heavens during the last weekend of the month, just before the Rx cycle begins. This trifecta of planets is rather rare in the Skywatch and sets up a stellar weekend for social plans, introductions, family reunions, on and on.

Mars finally leaves intense Scorpio on Aug 2 and enters adventuresome Sagittarius for a seven week run. Sag energy is optimistic, fiery and full of promise—you’ll notice the change in the people’s attitude around you once Mars enters the sign of the Centaur. Mars entered Scorpio last Jan 4, and except for a short run in Sag, has been in Scorpio since then. That means Mars has been sitting in one little section of your birth chart for the last seven months—hopefully you’ve settled an issue that he has raised during this time. Mars will pass his shadow, the point he turned Rx, on Aug 22. The year begins again, in a way, in the weeks that follow

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Mars is now direct in his motion and still in powerful Scorpio, a sign he co-rules. He now brings us fabulous energy to clean out the closets and to bring old furniture back to new life. Or to dive into a therapy that looks at our emotional conditioning. Scorpio wants to get down and get at the truth. Mars is pushy and impatient, but also willing to try something new. This is a very good month to put your energy into something that helps you grow and progress. The right choice is the one you feel the strongest about. Scorpio is a water sign = feelings count.
New ideas will be flying through the ether in July. Mercury begins the month in early Cancer and then flies through that water sign and into fire sign Leo on the 13th. Mercury stays about two weeks in Leo and enters earth sign Virgo on the 30th. Mercury is moving at his fastest clip this month which encourages communications of all kinds in the biz world. If you want to appeal to folk’s emotions, send your message out while Mercury is in water sign Cancer. But if you want to advertise your theme park wait until Mercury is in fire sign Leo, the sign that rules playgrounds and having fun. Something practical that you want to share is best sent out when Mercury is in realistic earth sign Virgo. Different strokes of Mercury for different messages—something advertising agencies haven’t figured out yet.
There’s a New Moon on July 4, the nation’s birthday. That’s a very good sign in astrology—and makes for an extremely powerful Solar Return for the USA. New ideas and new initiatives will be floating through the headlines in the months ahead; new energy will fuel breakthroughs and positive situations encouraging all of us to support our country’s values and laws. This will be an important year for America. As to whether the new values/solutions that appear bring benefits for all, or don’t last more than the first few innings and only bring benefits to the wealthy, only time will tell.

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Lance’s May Letter…………

Dear Friends,                                                                             May 13, 2016

A list of things to do sits in plain sight on my desk.  I’ve moved more than 20 times in my life and it used to be possible to do it in my ’68 VW Bus.  This move takes the cake, and because we have a house to sell, there is a list of people to bring in and fix this and that before we put it on the market.

Leslie is in Washington right now checking out houses to rent.  Peter has found 6 possibilities that fit our needs just minutes away from where he lives.  So we are getting really excited and plan to fly out in early June leaving an empty house and a good agent to sell it.  Leslie found a really good home for Muffin and she’s already a part of a new household.  Nigella and BW, the two feral cats we had fixed and who are getting much sweeter, we will probably take to The Cattery, an outfit that takes all kinds and helps them find homes.

I do like the process of clearing out shelves of stuff we haven’t touched in years and giving it away.  No garage sales.  Books to the library.  Anything of value to the needy.  Letting go of the past – those were the days.

And suddenly I am 68 years old.  This is how crazy this number is as when I see a picture of a sexy woman in her 40’s, I think: it’s too bad I am too young for her.  Inside, I am still 23.  But, I have recently realized how wonderful it is to have the power of a grandfather which I now possess.  This power is wonderful and makes me clean up my act around kids and really enjoy buying them a soda and giving them some kind of a compliment, something positive.

I am still learning the trade of grandfather, however.  But I see that is a gift that helps me love on people and often brings me a great smile from the mother with a new baby whom I compliment and coo over at the grocery store.  I still have to ride those electric carts there, but the men who work there see me coming and have one ready for me to use in my shopping.  In general, I get lots of respect from folks here and appreciate the kindness greatly as I’m still gimpy.

But I can drive and I spent some hours out on the back roads the last few days.  Every field is green.  Some with corn up as high as your waist.  Some with long rows of cotton plants just getting the first ten leaves out and very healthy.  Every field is planted with either cotton, corn or sorghum.  We are five inches over normal rainfall right now which is why the fields are so beautiful. But the lakes are only at 44% full, and here we are heading into a long, hot Summer in Texas.

Leslie is ready to get out west where she can pick strawberries, raspberries and blueberries this Summer in the “u pick ‘em farms”.  She is an Earth Muffin at heart. Her favorite spot on Earth is the Farmer’s Market.  We have a small one here in Corpus Christi.  Bellingham has a big one with all the local fruit and produce, food trucks and it’s a party every Saturday afternoon – we will be there.

It’s not easy to leave some good friends we’ve made here.  And it is a really strange feeling, with anxiety attached, to be preparing to move 2,300 miles away to a place I have never been before.  However, I have lived on the west coast for more than 20 years and loved it.  The forests and mountains are fabulous and I’ve seen enough of them to know I will totally enjoy the vistas and scenery in Washington.  It will rain, but the weather is not a concern.    Because the weather inside our house will be so nice as the smell of spices and Texas chili fill the air from a pot cooking on the stove – my specialty.  And we hear Peter’s car parking in our drive way and see him coming in the door to sit down, dig into his first bowl of red, and give us the news of his day.  Yes, yes, yes.  We know where we are going.  And we can’t wait to get there.  As times change.

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A giant Mutable Grand Cross sets up in the heavens as the month begins. This formation is made up of four squares and two oppositions, challenging aspects that are bound to complicate matters around your home or office. Schedule the first four days lightly. Sweet Venus is in the middle of all this but is squared by Jupiter = don’t go overboard in your expectations and promises around the New Moon on Jun 1–4. Travel and communications problems are certain. More trouble follows.
Realistic Saturn squares idealistic Neptune on June 17. Saturn squares test us. Neptune is our dream/path. This square will hang around and reappear in Sept. The last time this square came through, many years back, a nearby small town built (Saturn) a fabulous new library spending millions of dollars, complete with coffee shop and a children’s center. The square to Neptune: after they finished the building they didn’t have any money left for books. True story. Mars Rx adds an unpredictable element to this confusing square and prompts us to stay conservative and to keep things simple in June, at least until this square goes by.
The good news in the Skywatch appears on June 26 when expansive Jupiter trines healing Pluto. This trine is really in power all month long but will be more helpful once we get past the big square. Jupiter is in Virgo, the sign associated with medicine and natural forms of healing. So this is a good month to start a diet or any kind of healthful program. Add Mars Rx to this trine and you need to give any new situation a few extra days to start showing you some progress. Pluto is one of the best at fixing things, and Jupiter is a good source of inspiration, hope and support. They can help you in any category you choose. The good vibes in the trine will linger into the days that follow—schedule something positive, healing, and good for your soul at months end. As times change.

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LOOKING AHEAD TO MAY: We all will be walking uphill in May. Park your expectations at the door. Delays, schedule changes, problems with travel, commitments, foreign connections and major screw ups are all more likely to occur with Mars and Mercury both Retrograde for the first three weeks of the month. Virgo and Gemini birth signs ruled by Mercury need to be especially careful with their dollars and choices during the Rx cycle. Mars Rx is particularly intense for Aries and Scorpio birth signs, both with Mars as ruler or co-ruler in Scorpio’s case.
The last chapter of a difficult planetary alignment also appears in the heavens on May 26 as optimistic Jupiter squares conservative Saturn. Jupiter always wants to expand and is idealistic. Saturn wants to conserve energy and is practical. This square has been hanging out in the heavens since March and tests (Saturn) our commitment and values in one area of our life. Pegged by many astrologers at a marker that brings “bad timing” in business, this challenging aspect is likely to put negative financial news in the headlines.

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