Lance’s September letter………….

Friends,                                                                                                                 September 7, 2017

The pictures on TV of Harvey's destruction of our old stomping grounds, Rockport, and the worry for our friends in Corpus Christi took their toll on both of us over the last few weeks - tears came along for the ride. But we also had great relief that we were NOT there. We had been through two hurricane evacuations when we lived in Lamar and knew the gut wrenching fear of watching a red ball of hate on the weather channel radar get closer and closer. And leaving with the kitty in the bathroom and no way to know if our house would still be there when we got back. Horrible experience. And now again in another state. We send our prayers to them all, and we know how awful it is.

What helped take our mind off of the storm was a visit from Leslie's cousin, Jane, from Dallas. She's a lovely Cancer we chauffeured around the three little towns nearby. Our address is Blaine which is a charming little town built on a ridge top overlooking a small marina and bay. It's a fabulous setting for a bar that hosts poker games every Sunday - 25 bucks and you get into a real Texas Hold 'Em Poker tournament - deal me in.

Ferndale is also about 8 miles down the road. Good grocery store there and huge baskets of pink petunias on every street lamp. Lynden is also nearby and is the city founded by the Dutch with the two 42-foot windmills in town. The real action around here is in Bellingham, Pop. 100k, which is 15 miles south of us. The original courthouse from the last century is still strong and an anchor to a sweet downtown area. The main street is tree-lined Railroad, and it lays out and feels exactly like Berkeley in the 1960's. Pizza, crepes, bagels, burritos, elk burgers-lots of choices in the small store fronts/joints all catering to the 20k students at Western Washington University who come down from the hills to check out the used clothing stores and coffee shops - the buildings on their campus are scattered on a forested hillside overlooking the bay - fabulous. We like to hit the Bagelry for a light lunch and pick up bagels for tomorrow's breakfast. The Russian meat pies are also great to take home - lots
of Russian folks here - you can't miss the accents. At the end of Railroad St. is a steel-beamed building with a glass roof and huge glass garage doors that are open in the sunshine and closed in the rain. This is where the Saturday Farmer's Market is held. Jane loved the crowd and goodies to see and taste. We then took her to Taco Lobo, our fav Mex spot.

Having Jane light up at the Farmer's Market and reviewing with her all the things we love about Western Washington was good medicine for seeing the sadness on tv. The one spot she missed was the local bar with 15 pinball games upstairs. Old technology is my strength. I hung out at a bowling alley in my younger years and would watch this big dude (he was 16) play a pinball game and win free games - I copied his style of when to hit it and how to use the flippers and developed into a minor league pinball wizard. I searched every spot in Corpus Christi, and there wasn't one pinball game in town. Here I have 15 to choose from, and there's another pinball emporium on the other side of town I haven't checked out yet. Diggity. It's therapy to me, and I solve the problems of the world keeping the steel ball moving - the payoff is a loud "KNOCK."  Which means I scored enough to win a free game. I always like to leave a free game ready in the machine when I leave cuz I know some young kid like me will go down the row of machines and hit the free game button on each one just to see if someone left one still to play. And bingo, he will get a free game that I leave and be smiling that someone was so dumb to leave it in the machine. It's a great feeling I remember well - miracles do happen.

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  1. Nicole

    Thanks for these letters Lance! I love hearing your “voice” while I read them. So glad you were not in S. Texas for Harvey. I’m also surprised not to hear of any fire problems where you guys are now…. is my geography off? I thought the whole NW was suffering fires.
    Take care of each other!


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Green lights.  The pace of events picks up in October. Only two planets are Retrograde now, Neptune and Pluto—the pair least likely to interfere with your plans or to slow you down. All the other planets are blazing into new territory opening the door to new opportunities and connections—some exceptional days are ahead.

As the month begins, loving Venus and aggressive Mars find the same spot in the Zodiac and conjunct/meet in the heavens on Oct 5. This pair likes to buy things, make love, be creative and their energy and desire will be very strong the first week of the month. Amplifying the energy in this somewhat rare, once-a-year conjunction, is a Full Moon, also exact on Oct 5. It’s a superb date and time to propose marriage or a business partnership. A child born on this date will have an incredible sex appeal and charisma.

The main event in October’s astrological weather is Jupiter entering water sign Scorpio on Oct 10. Jupiter spends a year in each sign and thus he visits the sign of healing and transformation once every twelve years. It’s valuable to note the events of these years when Jupiter traveled through Scorpio: Nov/05 to Nov/06, Nov/93 to Nov/94, Nov/81 to Dec/82. I moved on every one of these periods as Jupiter transited my 4th house of home/family during those years. Remember, Jupiter is the planet of expansion and he is most helpful when we take action and keep the faith that matters can improve. Obviously, this is a good period of time for Scorpio birth signs and planets in Scorpio to shine. Water signs Cancer and Pisces will also get a blast of this positive energy in the months ahead. Yes, yes, yes. The energy to heal an important component in our life remains high for all of us over the next twelve months while Jupiter is in Scorpio. How has he helped you before?

Sweet Venus enters her home sign, Libra, on Oct 14 opening hearts and minds of most folks to love and compromise. She travels through Libra once a year and will leave the sign of partnerships on Nov 7. This is a very good window of time for finding new partners, getting a cosmetic treatment, buying art and beautifying your home or office in some way. It’s also a good time to find consultants who can really help you, including a lawyer. Venus loves weddings and all social events—this is a better than average time to schedule such.


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Lance’s August letter……………………..

Friends,                                                                                            August 18, 2017

Leslie came through the door wide-eyed.  Back from her stroll around the neighborhood where she meets all of the neighbors, she told me about an amazing scene.  To set the stage we live in a small gated community surrounding a golf course that has been abandoned.  The grass has grown up in a wild way, and there is a big pond in the middle of the property where the Canadian Geese hang out.  Huge trees border the far side of the old course and that’s the area where Leslie met two elderly sisters who lived in a house that backs up to the old course.

In one woman’s hand was a plate with two raw chicken legs.  Leslie asked about them and the woman said:  Watch.  She heaved the chicken leg out into a clear spot of grass between houses.  In a flash, a bald eagle swooped down and grabbed the meat just as it hit the ground and flew off.  This happened within ten feet of Leslie who said she could hear the wind in the eagle’s wings and see the powerful talons close up.  Turns out this is a tradition that the two sisters inherited from previous owners.  The eagles have a nest way up in the top of the big trees and are given food every day so that they will hang out and raise their chicks literally in the woman’s backyard.  I’m hoping to catch a feeding one of these days.  I’ve seen one bald eagle in the trees over Dakota Creek which is nearby, but never as close as this.  Amazing.

Sign of the week at a local feed store:  Beginner bee hive kits on sale. No thanks.

The big event this week is the Northwest Washington County Fair.  Fun, fun… the fairgrounds sit in the middle of Lynden, a little town founded by the Dutch, that’s about ten miles down the road.  Dutch? Yup…two 42 foot windmills in town, one a coffee shop and the other is an inn.  The Dutch bakery is big trouble if you like sweets.  The Dutch cleaners are next door.    Big baskets of colorful flowers are on every light pole.  Flower beds bursting with color greet you on all the street corners in Lynden.  The Fairgrounds take you back to times long ago with shady tree-lined paths and small buildings open at both ends.  Horses, cows, bunnies, chickens and “the collections” building were all points of interest to us.  Smiling faces and positive energy under sunny skies and a high of 73 degrees made the day a real joy.

The Eclipse brings a powerful two week period in your life to plant seeds and to turn over a new leaf.  Got kids?  Talk to them and propose they write down what they want to do and make happen in the future…that little seed can do a lot in the days ahead.  As times change.

Peace and Love,  Lance

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  1. Christine

    A woman moved across the street from me and she decided to buy multiple bee hives and make lots of honey. Now my bird bath is filled with bees swarming to drink the water in it and the birds I loved are gone. I can’t go in my yard anymore because bees are constantly swarming and swooping everywhere in large, large, scary numbers. You are right about the hives Lance, people buy them and don’t know what they are doing. I don’t know what to do. I pay taxes to live here too, maybe its a big can of wasp killer, I hate to say it.



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After spending lots of years in the Texas Inferno they call Summer, we are so grateful to be here now.  Cool winds, warm sunshine with highs in the 70’s brings everyone out to the beach and parks. And we join in.  We are enjoying picnics at the Peace Arch park right on the border with Canada.  The Peace Arch is a beautiful monument celebrating the peaceful border we share with our neighbors to the north. (Google it and see for yourselves).  A fabulous park sits on a ridge top over looking the Salish Sea and the San Juan Islands in the distance.  Leslie packs a lovely lunch, and we head for the park grounds and spread it all out on a picnic table with the best view.  A rose garden sits next to a big building on the property which houses the American Kitchen and restrooms – all very clean and civil.  There are signs next to each rose vine with their name – “Ketchup and Mustard” is our fave – it’s a bright red rose with a yellow center.  Manicured flower beds with hundreds of bright faces are surrounded by lush green grass and pieces of art stashed in the corners. This park sits on the north edge of Blaine.  If you walk across the street, you are in Canada.  And lots of people have been doing that, according to the Border Patrol.  It’s weird to see their green and white squad cars hiding on the back roads watching for traffic and the bad guys.  The berry season has begun, and signs are out on the roadside:  Cherries, $2 a box.  Farmers have “the Ticklers” out now, and they are combing the raspberry fields bringing in what will be a record harvest, they say.  The blackberry bushes are all in flower now and will soon be producing.  And there’s lots of fabulous produce at the Farmer’s Market every Saturday in downtown Bellingham.  This is our favorite event.  The city has a wonderful building set aside for all the farmers to bring their crops to market.  Fresh bread, wood fired pizza and samosas are all snack and lunch treats.  Entertainers sing, dance and juggle and keep the kids entertained.  I put my buck in their hat, too.  It’s fun, and the crowd is happy and curious about all the other booths and products for sale.  Lavender is a hot item now, and it grows all over.  The best deal I saw was “a shelf of berries” at the Rabbit Fields Farm booth (motto: A hop to the better); which included a pint of golden raspberries, a pint of red raspberries, a pint of mahogany red cherries, and a pint of blueberries – 13 bucks and it was so beautiful you hated to disturb it, but you will.  I had never seen the golden variety before.  Strawberries are also coming in now, and the corn is almost knee high.  We’ve had no rain for 27 days, and the big sprinklers are on in many fields.  Leslie’s little farm has produced a zucchini and lots of flowers and buds on the beans, tomatoes, and cukes.  And she has lovely flowers in pots front and back…Periwinkles, petunias…one or both and I can’t remember which is which.

I’m working on the 2018 Datebook now.  Please check the expiration date on your mailing label as Leslie tells me it’s time to clean up the list and many of you are way overdue…Add $25 when you renew if you want a Datebook and I’ll put your copy into the mail or an email as soon as it’s done.  I’ve laid out the first three months of 2018, and the Skywatch is easy going.  The only problem so far is Mercury turning Retrograde March 22 – April 15.  Of course, that’s when everyone is doing their taxes.  Venus and Mars will also Retrograde in 2018.  There’s another stress marker bearing down right now – read the Skywatch report on August 1 immediately, and you’ll be better prepared to deal with any problems that come up over the next few weeks.

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  1. AvaB

    You’re gratitude- with life, your new home, your spouse- shine through in this post.

    I have looked all over the site and can’t find my membership end dates. I get Skywatch by email. Pls advise!

  2. lance Ferguson

    if you want to remain a Skywatch member, just send in your payment for another year and we will add a year to your subcription.

  3. Diane Musick

    I’m with Ava, Lance. I don’t remember when my membership ends and can’t find it in my profile. I think it’s close to now, but not sure. Definitely time to spruce up the files.
    I sure do love hearing about Washington State. Sounds gorgeous. Diane M

    1. Leslie McLaurin Post author

      Hi, Diane, your membership is good until Nov 16. You will get the “Friendly Reminder” email about a month in advance to advise you it’s time to renew. thanks, Mac


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Uranus is on stage again this month—changes are in the wind. And it’s likely an important truth will come out as well. Mercury is finishing up his Retrograde cycle that started in August and as he slowly stations in the heavens, he makes a lovely trine to Uranus that is in power over the first six days. Mercury stops on Sept 5 and resumes direct motion holding on to the positive energy in the trine for at least another day. Uranus rules the truth and usually brings an unexpected point of view. This is a good period of time to plan your future, or to schedule important matters. New ideas/connections that come to you could be winners—take notes, investigate new options/possibilities in Sept. Mars links up with Mercury and also trines Uranus as the month begins. Venus will also trine Uranus on Sept 17.

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Heads up! The most difficult marker in the Skywatch this month turns exact on Aug 4 as Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. The energy in this square promotes overindulgence in every way possible: promises, expenses, expectations, on and on. This square has been “creeping” into power over the last three weeks, and we’ve seen it before. This is the last pass. But caution lights are up in the face of this square. Jupiter rules the law, travel, foreigners, and bullshit. Pluto rules death/rebirth and the positive side of this square is to end something detrimental to your mission in life FOR GOOD!

This message to teenagers is: clean up your room and take out the trash. (I can hear my father’s instructions from long ago.)

Most helpful is that we have two more powerful Eclipses in the heavens and both are connected to other planets in positive trines. Yes, yes, yes. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Aug 7 makes a lovely trine to lucky Jupiter. We only get four Eclipses a year usually and they are the most powerful New and Full Moons.  Their connection to the other planets varies and is a determining factor in whether the Eclipse is helpful or is “A bad Moon rising.” Jupiter helps you make a graceful exit wherever needed and encourages you to think of your future—how long will you put up with a person or situation that does not fit into your future plans?

The Solar Eclipse and New Moon this month on Aug 21 makes a very tight trine to Uranus, the planet that rules changes. Note events around these lunations. Endings and conclusions—“I love you”—the words shine in the face of a Full Moon. Seeds planted in the dark of the New Moon are power packed with the Sun and Moon together in the same spot in the Zodiac. This pair will encourage and help to expand/grow your new plans and initiatives as the Moon gains light in the heavens in the days ahead. Bottom line: this is an excellent month to end the unnecessary crap in your life, and to begin something unique, experimental and outside the box from your own creative gifts. This is the time to speak up and to place your order. Just double-check the details.

Complication. Mercury turns Retrograde on Aug 12 in home sign Virgo. This Rx cycle is not difficult as the Twins make no squares or challenging aspects as they back up on the bases. However, Mercury backs into Leo on Aug 31 and will end the Rx roaring like a Lion on Sept 5 after meeting Mars in the heavens and making a trine to Uranus. This is a power packed ending to the Rx cycle after a fairly quiet beginning.

A sextile in astrology is a 60-degree angle between two planets and signals a time of opportunity here on Earth. Lucky Jupiter and realistic Saturn form a sextile in the heavens on Aug 27. This marker fills the space left by the Jupiter square at the month’s beginning and will be in full power even with Mercury Rx. Good timing is a hallmark of this marker—tune in to opportunities that come up during this sextile as this is when you meet the person who can help you—Jupiter is in Libra, the sign of partnerships. It also signals a very good time for starting new classes this Fall and all matters ruled by Jupiter.

Saturn leaves his Retrograde cycle and resumes direct motion on Aug 25. He turned Rx on April 6 and now kicks on the green lights to put new energy into priority ambitions over the next eight months. You may have to wait until Mercury turns direct in motion to get any satisfaction from Saturn’s revival. Capricorn and Aquarius birth signs ruled by Saturn, especially.

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