The July Letter……..

Friends,                                                                                                                                                                                July 7, 2020

We celebrated two important anniversaries in our lives in June.  This was the month we moved to Birch Bay, Washington four years ago.  We followed Leslie’s son Peter who moved here and bought a house a few years before.  And are we ever glad we did move.  It was a huge chore leaving Corpus Christi, and packing ten years of stuff in our old house and moving 2,400 miles to the Pacific Northwest.  We had to leave behind our sweet kitty, Muffin Marie, and some good friends.  What I miss the most is driving to the coast and buying a pint of shucked oysters for twelve bucks.  Such a deal.  We sure don’t miss the heat and skeeters.  And now we feel like locals and would never leave and see why most people here say the same thing.  Summertime here is high 70’s and maybe an 80-degree day slips in which causes the locals to buy air conditioning.  We live at the backside of a lovely bay, and sea breezes moderate our temperatures.  But it is the forest primeval, green fields and snow-capped Mt. Baker that really keep us enthralled.  This move was a good lesson for this stubborn Taurus, too.  I was weary of living in a different climate and adapting to a different state and lifestyle.  Surprise!  I like it here and really enjoy the weather, environs, and people, too.  Berry season is here now.  Strawberries ripen first, and our neighbor likes to get his from the u-pick farm.  He’s 76 but still picked 18 pounds on his last visit and brought us a basket full of RED berries, lovely and tasty.  His other gift is making biscuits, and last week he knocked on the door and handed us a plate with four superb hot biscuits – and they were killer good.  We miss our Canadian neighbors who have a house across the street, due to the border still being closed.  But other neighbors mow their yard and keep watch.  We are very lucky to have such wonderful folks living around us.  Leslie knows the names of most folks here, and the names of their dogs, too.  We’ve seen the ticklers out in the raspberry vines this week.  These machines fit over the vines and have 30 metal bars on each side that “tickle” the fruit to fall into shallow baskets under the machine.  It’s a brilliant invention made by a local and makes the harvest quicker and easier.  Huge piles of these shallow baskets three inches deep are piled up in front of the fields and keep the berries from getting squashed.  The blackberry harvest will be next and all the vines look very good with huge flowers, so we know there will be a bumper crop in a few weeks. The second anniversary I celebrated in June was the beginning of my study of Astrology.  Way back in 1975, I was in a depressed state and drifting, with no sense of a future. But the lovely nurse I was dating knew astrology and gave me a reading in June 1975.  She turned my head around, finding out about the gifts and talents I had but not really used.  She remains a very good friend of mine today.  Thank you, Stephane Marlow!  Now, 45 years later, I still have my head in the clouds, er cosmos and am still fascinated with my study.  And along the way, I discovered a gift I have of being able to remember birth charts, both the planets in signs and their degrees!  So, I’m never bored.  I can throw several charts up in my mind and progress them (adding a degree for every year they have lived to their natal planets and calculating the aspects) and do this in my head.  I guess it’s not strange that my background all added to my skills as an astrologer.  I was a math whiz in high school and tried to build my own telescope when young and couldn’t do it.  I was an English Major in college and loved books, so the study of master astrologers and their books was something I immediately took to.  My first jobs were in radio and tv as an announcer and newsman – now translated into bringing you the astrological news every day, and many of you know me from my radio days on KEST in San Francisco.  I record all my readings on CDs, and my background helps me make the recordings.

NEWSFLASH: is the site where you can get your chart calculated for free. And they translate/explain all your aspects in plain English.  I just discovered this site, which also has beginner articles on the planets and astrology in general. Check it out.  Stay safe, be well                                         Lance

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  1. Beth Haggerty

    Absolutely extraordinary July Letter. Just what I needed to lift my spirits and know that there are a few people living a wholesome life in harmony with Nature.

    Have you ever considered having a bed and breakfast arrangement in or near your house (even on a limited basis)? Bet a lot of people would enjoy the experience as you so artfully describe as well as being interested in a reading.

    Thank you for being such a wise interpreter on the influence of the heavens for us.


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Looking ahead to July:

Caution lights. After July 1, we have eleven days of danger in the Skywatch because Mercury is still Retrograde until July 12.  And during this time impatient and feisty Mars travels through home sign Aries, which will lead some folks to speed, crash and burn or get into arguments they wish they had never started.  One of the problems with Mercury Rx is we may say things we later regret.  And note that the July 4th weekend is included in this accident-prone period of time. Add a long Moon Void of Course period, as we have on July 3, to this out of focus and super-charged Skywatch and we double the potential for trouble.

      We also have a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in this window of time on July 5. I’ve put this day on the kiss list as the Moon sextiles Neptune and conjuncts Jupiter and Pluto that night. So the potential for positive developments is high, but be aware the coyotes and fools will be out, too, and anger may take some pilgrims into a bad place that evening.

      Most helpful is the return of a big sextile between fortunate Jupiter and creative and spiritual Neptune on July 27. In power all month long, this positive marker has been hanging out in the heavens for two months and will again become exact next October. Be on the lookout for new opportunities this month as sextiles bring times of progress and success if we are willing to step out on new ideas and possibilities. Neptune rules our dreams and this is a good month to ask for answers and help in your dreams.  Shoes and our feet are also ruled by Neptune - this is a good month to see a podiatrist if you need to and to buy footwear.

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Lance’s June Letter…….

June 10, 2020

Questions have come in about current events and if astrology can offer any information on the happenings.  I got the birthday of George Floyd and the chart of the moment he died.  His birthday of Dec 21, 1960, makes him a Sagittarius with a very kind Moon Venus conjunction in Aquarius.  His Mars in Cancer is more oriented to protecting his family than fighting in the street.  The chart of the moment he was murdered does not have any distinctive violent aspects.  And the aspects in his chart at that moment are not exceptional in any way; nothing is out of the ordinary.  And there is the astrological analysis of his death – nothing was out of the ordinary.  It’s a very, very sad statement and should make us all realize things have to change in our country and quickly.

Another thing about astrological birth charts.  They do not show race or the sexual orientation of the person.  I think the chart shows us the soul and heart rather than the categories we place on certain people.  For me, the hard thing is the chart doesn’t even show me if the person is male or female.  So, I have done more than several readings not being able to determine the sex of the person by their name. (hello, Jimi, er Ms. Jimi, now, I understand) but it hasn’t mattered, and the truth of the reading and chart kept spilling out and I never heard back from any client that my not knowing their sex in any way affected their reading.  This tells me that heart and soul we are all one: black, white, yellow, gay, straight, man, woman.  There is another note to this story that astrology can explain.  What is out of the ordinary about Floyd’s death is the reaction from people all over the globe protesting against racism.  On March 22, Saturn left conservative Capricorn and entered rebellious and liberal Aquarius, the sign associated with broadminded reformers and those who stand for “the truth”   Unfortunately, Saturn is now backing up and will reenter Capricorn on July 1 which may reduce the power and calling of the protests.  However, on Dec 21 both Jupiter and Saturn will enter Aquarius for long stays, and it’s likely that the push for civil rights and an end to racism will then be recharged – let us hope.

Covid-19 is another matter.  All astrologers were primed to worry about the conjunction, the meeting, of Saturn and Pluto in the heavens that took place on Jan 12 of this year.  We watch the cycles of the planets and what happens here on Earth during these events.  Saturn rules restriction, consolidation, and tests us to the limit.  Pluto rules death, mass catastrophes and extremes.  In years past, when these two met in the heavens, times of extreme difficulties have appeared here on Earth, and usually they involved depressions and financial hardships for many.  Disease and wars have been the primary sources of these hardships.  However, astrology is not able to pick out the manner of these difficult times and we couldn’t forecast covid-19 being the killer and pandemic it is now. We just knew something was coming.  We also can’t predict when this pandemic will end or any outcomes.  All of that is up to how we handle this test.  And that is yet to be seen.

We are seeing a minor reopening of life and businesses here in Whatcom county.  But most places are still shut down.  We are sitting tight and wearing masks wherever we go.  Today we hit the grocery store, stopped for a cheeseburger and frosty at Wendy's, and then drove the back roads to get home.  The blackberry vines are now covered in small flowers, and there is reason to believe we will have a bumper crop this year.  A light rain kept our wipers on as we drove past farms, dark green swatches of forest, and beautiful country estates.  We felt like we had been way out into the country and felt completely refreshed by the time we got home.  But checking the odometer, we realized we’d only driven 28 miles.   We send you blessings and hope you are well and safe.                     Lance and Leslie.

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Six planets will be in Retrograde during much of June.  The most important one is Mercury, who will begin his Retrograde cycle on June 18 while Venus remains in her Retrograde period.  Confusion is likely with this pair, especially from June 18 to 25, when both planets will be Retrograde.  And with Mars treading water in spacey Pisces, you can bet on delays and low energy in June.  A very helpful Jupiter Pluto conjunction on June 29 sets up the last two weeks of the month as best for priority action and events.  But I suggest you schedule the month lightly and put off major purchases and decisions for another month.  Let times change

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The May Letter from Lance…..

April 27. Rain is forecast for today...I stopped Leslie from watering the flowers as she hadn’t seen the weather report. Rain is forecast for a week; we still need it.

May 4.  I needed a haircut badly, so Leslie got out the shears and did a fabulous job.  Most folks with Leo planets or ascendant are vain about their hair…I am with Leo rising, but she did such a good job we decided to hire her to cut my hair from now on.   Of course, I like this new situation as she is much more interesting and prettier to talk to than my barber.  She needs a haircut, too, but won’t let me do it.  More clouds and light today rain, but they promise a high of 78 and sunshine later this week.  And since they just opened our lovely state park, we will probably have a picnic then.

May 11.  Heatwave.  It felt like we were let out of school yesterday and today.  Sunshine and record high temperatures gave all of us a big lift.  I wondered when we first moved here why I saw so many decks and outdoor eating areas behind the houses here in Western Washington.  Now I know why. We live through months of rain and the “Big Dark.”  But when the Sun comes out, everyone wants to be out in it eating on their decks or at the beach or out hiking the trails.  It’s our reward for months of delayed gratification.  Suspect you’ve heard about the nasty invader that has folks really rattled and afraid around here.  Asian giant hornets were discovered in Custer  a few weeks ago, and now they have set out traps trying to catch the first arrival of Murder Hornets before they get established here in Western Washington.  These two-inch dangerous hornets look like a scary movie headliner and have a sting that really hurts and has killed more than fifty people in Japan where they came from.  They murder beehives and kill all the workers, which is why all the farmers who need bees to pollinate their crops want to stop their spread NOW.  Custer ( pop. 366) is the first little town south of Birch Bay.  Named for the first postmaster, Albert Custer, the whole town is an elementary school, Tony’s tavern, an auto repair shop, and a very quiet post office run by Susan, who always asks if we are ok after not showing up there for a couple of weeks. It’s a delightful spot to mail something, and you seldom have anyone in line to slow you down.  Leslie always clucks with Susan when there and gets any local news that is important. – ok, a little gossip, too. So, we are on alert that the murder hornets may be in our neighborhood. Of course, the name Custer brings up some ugly history, but I think the Lummi Indians have the truth captured in a bumper sticker I saw:  “Custer had it coming.”  I wish you could have been in the car with us as we hit the two-lane backroads with windows down and the sunroof open.  The forest is so GREEN you can’t see in more than 20 feet as ferns, cedars, pines, and a wall of leaves create a cool dark space crowding the skinny Birch trees this area is known for.  Leslie says the air is green at times, and it so fabulous to drive down quiet roads cut right through the heart of the forest with green walls on both sides of the car.  And the air thick and clean.  And very odd to me is that a few miles down the road, the forest ends and vast stretches of flat farmland appear.  And there is a mixture of pastures, dairies, and huge fields filled with raspberry vines which are now covered with a thick coat of new green leaves.  Scores of tiny yellow-white flowers have appeared on every branch of the blueberry bushes – kind of hard to see unless you are close up.  And here we are in early May, and many farms are already cutting alfalfa hay.  The smell around these fields is another kind of “country perfume,” and you almost believe you get some vitamins just breathing it in. And if you are in the car with us, you get to sing along.

“We ain’t got barrels of money, maybe we’re ragged and funny, but we’re travelin’ along, singin’ a song, side by side.“

Sending you peace and love from Birch Bay, Washington.  Be well.  Love,  Lance

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An April Letter…..


March 26, 2020. Rain is in the forecast here for the next seven days, and we are growing web feet, but it's fine.  Still lovely to drive out into the countryside to see the farms and pastures with huge patches of dense forest primeval in between large stretches of fertile farmland...there is an incredible layout of the land here...hills and high meadows abound with the soft curves of a woman's body. Everywhere there are green fields with snow-capped mountains rising up on two sides in the distance.  I have never been on land so beautiful.  We love to drive and check out the farms and dairies. Cutest of all are the lambs staying close to mother on the shady side of the barn; baby goats are next. 

April 1.  As the world turns, I’m watching the huge buds on the maple trees behind our house. They are large as a small marble with tiny green leaves covering one side of the bud, and I’m amazed.  Even with dark skies and cool temperatures over the past two weeks, the change of seasons continues – Spring is relentless here. Only the bare raspberry vines remind you we are not yet out of Winter’s retreat.  But it won’t be long before a few leaves appear – I’m guessing we’ll see them in less than a week.

April 2.  I was wrong.  There are small light green leaves on at least half of the raspberry vines we saw today -They are waking up.  Another good sign this morning was finding the three eggs in my breakfast skillet were all double yolkers!  I should have immediately gone out and bought a lotto ticket.  Egg prices are up here, too, but we get really fresh eggs at Edaleens, the milk and dairy store.  Rain is still hanging around with occasional “sun breaks” that warm up our bodies and hearts as we drive out into backroads.  One sign on a pasture fence caught my eye:  “Warning, bull on premise.”  Okay, I’m not coming in.

April 9.  Sunshine!  High pressure has settled in over us and today will be the warmest day of the year with the high reaching into the ’60s.  Leslie is already out in the front yard planting flowers.  We hit Loew’s yesterday, and she bought five or six kinds of blooming plants.  Her motto is:  we just need a shot of color.  And she’s right.  It makes a huge difference to look out and see the English Daisies in five colors she already has planted along the driveway.  And now she’s on a mission to add more color.  I’m so lucky to have her by my side.

April 10.  The Full Moon gets the coyotes howling around here.  I’m a log when asleep and never hear them.  Leslie is a very light sleeper and reports their howling just across the street in the old abandoned golf course and that there must be a big pack because they are so noisy. 

I have been very poopy about this virus...figured it would get me....but today I am feeling much stronger and part because Leslie noted that my anniversary of getting out of the rest home from GBS was April 10....four years ago!...and then I realized...I have made it from that trauma...I'm going to make it through this one...I'm banged old '48 Ford with creased fenders and acrid smoke spewing from the tailpipe...but I still run, my headlights work, and I can get around.  April 13.  More sunny days and the rest of the forest is waking up. Small, light green leaves are covering almost every branch.  Dandelions line the road and they are brilliant yellow this year.  Like patches of bright gold, we see thousands in some fields which to me are more beautiful than a rose garden.  Bees love and need these golden weeds to survive.  So, I’ve seen some folks here mow their yards and leave a big area uncut where the Dandelions grow.  Every back road now looks like a yellow brick road with golden bouquets on both sides of the pavement.  We send you our best.  Be well

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  1. Pam Barrett

    Dear Lance,
    I love how you write! So heartfelt and vivid. Thank you for sharing these precious moments in
    time that really is all there is these days.


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