Practical, realistic, grounded. These are the attributes of earth signs in astrology which dominate the Skywatch in May. Hope you can get your hands into rich dirt and plant a garden this month as we see the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto all traveling through earth signs Taurus and Capricorn. It’s rare that we see six planets in earth signs at one time. This situation kicks on green lights for making important purchases and decisions around your home or office in May.

      Most helpful is that Venus, ruler of love and money, is in Taurus from May 15 to June 8. Venus in one of her home signs sets up a splendid period of time for social introductions, to get married, and to find new sources of income and profitable connections in your work. This is also a good time to buy art, new clothes and to fix up your home and property. And to plant something in your life that will grow as the days go by—Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn birth signs especially.            

New ideas and possibilities are likely to show up in your life and times once the Sun and Mercury both enter clever Gemini on May 21. Wait until these changes in the Skywatch if you need to communicate important matters or to start new procedures or situations, and it’s more likely you will be heard loud and clear.

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April fools for certain.  There’s an exceptionally confusing planetary pairing in the Skywatch as we begin April. Mercury in dreamy Pisces again exactly conjuncts spacey and often foolish Neptune in the heavens during the first two days of the month.

Mercury will continue to swim on in watery Pisces until April 17 when the messenger planet will finally enter Spring sign Aries.  This is a very late date for Mercury to get out of Winter sign Pisces and suggests late freezes and Winter weather holding on later than usual this year.

Mercury rules the winds, influences our weather patterns, and normally enters Aries in mid to late March.  If you’ve been confused about a matter as the month opens and hoping for some clarity in your thinking, this shift into Aries is likely to give you a fresh blast of mental energy which can help you make the right decision and see the facts without the cloudy idealistic influence of Neptune.            

The Moon trines sweet Venus in the morning on Easter Sunday—lots of chocolate bunnies will be devoured then, and you’ll be likely to enjoy family, friends and the day as the rest of the Skywatch, with the Moon in optimistic Sagittarius, is friendly and upbeat.

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A Late Winter letter from Lance…..

Friends,                                                                                               March 13, 2019

There’s still a few patches of snow left on the ground underneath the big pines and cedars and in the shadows of barns and houses out on the back roads.  Extremes in our weather have been the story here in western Washington.  After the hottest and driest Summer on record, we had the coldest February in 70 years.  The good news is that we have a deep snowpack up in the mountains which will feed our rivers through most of the Summer months and several ski areas say they will be open until July 4th.  But we are finally beginning to warm up.  The forecast high for the weekend is in the ’60s with sunshine.

And that will inspire Leslie to be out in the garden.  She’s already cleaned out the front flower bed and her herb garden yesterday and commented this morning that she is “a bit creaky” from the work, but feels good after getting her hands into the soil.  And flowers are again in a beautiful display in the entryway of our local grocery store.  Daffodils are blooming in our neighbor’s yard, and we’ll soon be heading to La Connor for the daffodil festival and sightseeing.  La Connor is a fabulous little town – check it out at www.lovelaconnor.org

There ought to be a federal agency that goes to every state and picks out the best things they do and shares those ideas with all.  And we have some good ideas here in Washington.  We have roundabouts in the neighborhoods and on the back roads at intersections.  They keep the traffic moving and according to the state troopers are much safer for drivers; the number of crashes is about the same as with stop signs and stop lights, but the accidents that do occur are not deadly or likely to send the occupants to the hospital, as most of the accidents are just scrapes and minor, instead of head-on collisions or t-bone wrecks from folks running a light.  The other great idea here is how they put eight bright red led lights around a stop sign that blink on and off.  They are powered by a solar panel and battery that keep the lights flashing day and night – no external wiring needed.  And even in the dense fog, we get from time to time, the stop signs with these blinking red lights are impossible to miss.  And in Blaine, there’s a kindness I’ve never seen before.  The note in the paper there says: “ Loads of love, Monday, Feb 18, at the Washhouse.  Laundry costs covered”.  Have no idea who sponsors this event, but this note is in the paper every month.  Our governor, Jay Inslee, is running for president.  He is an Aquarian who is in touch with the current global warming crisis and our weather extremes.  He’s a good man but not really known to the country, and I don’t know if he has a chance to win, but we would be in good hands if he does.

Here’s a new month and it’s a good one once we get past the first two days.  Time is flying.  Got our taxes done and in the mail…thankfully.  St. Patrick’s day ahead always a quiet day for me as this is the day my mother passed over years ago.

Spring will be a bit late this year, and you might have a late freeze if that’s possible.  Details in this issue.  As times change.

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  1. Karena Mahoney

    Thanks for the great share, Lance and Leslie! Always nice to feel connected with you both. Joyous Spring to you and to all SkyWatchers.



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A New Winter Letter from Lance…..

Friends,                                                                                               February 13, 2019

We are snowed in today, and it’s going to last a bit longer.  A major Winter storm blew in last Sunday and dropped a couple of inches of snow on our front yard.  Four more inches of snow followed the next day and night.  The storm brought snow and ice to all of western Washington - Seattle is snowed in and paralyzed – and we live 125 miles north of the big city.  Today, Wednesday, there is 8-10 inches of snow on the streets and our lawn.  Schools are closed all over, and administrators worry about how to make up all the snow days when schools reopen as the kids have been off all week long.  Plus, more snow is expected, and we may not be able to leave the house and see the schools reopen for another day at least, and maybe two.  This storm has Leslie into action as she fills the hummingbird feeders (she bought an extra for the back yard) and then brings in the feeders every morning as they are frozen solid.  She thaws them and refills, and we watch the little hummers fill up and survive when she hangs them back up.  She picked up a trick from the local birding society of tying hand warmers on the feeders and covering it with an old sock.  And it worked!  The sweet liquid did not freeze overnight with the lows dropping into the low 20’s.  We’ve also got seed out for the little birds and goobers for Blackie, the squirrel.  Yesterday our dear neighbor, Dave, came over with a snow shovel and cleared our walkway of snow.  He was back again this morning clearing off our front porch.  We are truly blessed to have such wonderful neighbors.  Including neighbor Al, who came down last week and invited us, along with most of our other neighbors, to a dinner at his house; so we could all get acquainted and trade phone numbers and info.  We’ve got beef short ribs in the slow cooker this morning – beef we got from a local source.  Leslie’s son, Pete, works with a man who has a small ranch just down the street from us.  He runs a few head of cattle, and we bought a piece of the last steer he butchered.  We got ribs, steaks, hamburger all packaged well and adding up to a cost of five bucks a pound.  This is grass-fed beef with no hormones or chemicals added.  This is another benefit of living in Western Washington, folks here want organic food with no chemicals, and that’s what the ranchers and farmers produce.  So now we have a steady supply of good beef and enjoy knowing the source and that the ranch is nearby.

I got swamped with readings to do last month but have finally worked through the pile of charts on my desk, and I want to thank those who ordered a reading for being so patient.  So, this is a good time to order a personal reading for 2019 if you want a peak ahead to know your highs and lows for the months ahead.  The 2109 Long-Range Datebook comes with all readings so you’ll also have the list of kiss and quack days for the year along with the Retrograde dates.  For questions or details, send me an email at Lance@skywatchastrology.com.  Be sure to look over this March issue and note the problems with Mercury up ahead.  Logic gets cast aside with idealistic Neptune on stage.  However, this is extremely creative energy which could help you lay out your masterpiece as our imagination is turbo-charged by this Pair.  Strange dreams and visions are also likely with Neptune and Pisces energy - this is a good time to start a dream journal.  Meanwhile, best wishes to you all from snowed-in Birch Bay – if this issue is a little late in getting to your house, now you know why.

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Foot or horseback? You might not know which way you are traveling this month as we have the most confusing and difficult Mercury Retrograde in the Skywatch in March I’ve ever seen. This Rx cycle will be in dreamy Pisces, ruled by Neptune.

Some background here will help you understand spacey Neptune. He takes 164 years to make a complete orbit around the Zodiac in traveling through all the signs. On February 3, 2012, Neptune entered his home sign of Pisces and will stay in Pisces until March 2025. Any planet in a home sign becomes much more powerful—for better and for worse. Neptune is a space captain. His gifts inspire our imagination and creativity—poets, musicians, preachers, and spiritual healers all have powerful Neptune placements in their birth charts.

Dreams and visions are likely to be intense this month with all this psychic Piscean energy in the Skywatch; it might be helpful for you to keep a dream journal. This energy is exceptionally creative and can fuel some of your best work in any artistic field. Gemini and Virgo birth signs, ruled by Mercury, need to be extra careful with all the details of life in March. Our pets and all small critters are also ruled by Mercury and may need extra attention this month as small problems can get out of hand during this Rx cycle.

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A Winter Letter from Lance

Friends,                                                                                               January 15, 2019

We’ve had several stout Winter storms blow through Western Washington this last month.  The most powerful one destroyed a restaurant that sits on the beach near our house.  We had a King (high) tide when this storm blew in with 70 mph winds blowing straight into the back of Birch Bay kicking up 5-8 foot waves.  The owner of the Bay Breeze restaurant had her camera on as the waves pounded against the glass windows at the back of her dining room overlooking the bay.  Finally, the waves won and smashed the windows allowing sea water to flood the place, and the last thing we saw on the video was the furniture drifting out into the bay through the blown out windows.  Sad, very sad, and it will take a while to rebuild as the place was red-tagged, or unsafe to be inside.  The waves also tore up big chunks of the asphalt road that circles the bay.  And what surprised me the most was seeing all the driftwood that was thrown up on the beach from this storm.  All sizes of logs, some 10-20 ft long, covered the beach for several miles.  Hundreds and hundreds of them must have come from the San Juan Islands which sit out in the distance.  Driftwood fans were out there loading their truck from the bonanza on the beach the next day.  Our little house sits up high on a ridge (Leslie found out we sit 41 feet above sea level) and we were safe and sound although the howling wind was a bit scary.  It hasn’t been really cold; we’ve gotten down to 29 at night, but that’s the coldest temp so far.  We’re back to the Winter schedule of feeding the birds – Leslie has feeders up both in the front and back of our house for the little birds, as we call them.  And we toss out peanuts for the crows and squirrels – our Winter pets we enjoy seeing on the back patio.  The tap water now is cold and very tasty.  Our water comes from deep wells and is sweet and without any chemical smell or taste – you can fill up your water bottle from the kitchen tap and avoid having to buy any.  Plus, the Dungeness crab season is now in full swing.  I picked up a fat boy at the supermarket (they only harvest boy crabs; the girls get thrown back into the water) for $8.54 last Monday and had a lovely dinner with an Oregon Pinot Gris, butter pot, and crusty bread.  Both Oregon and Washington vineyards bottle some excellent red and white wines, easily as good as anything coming from Napa Valley, California.  The Winter scene on the back roads is interesting and still lovely as all the pastures are green with a new crop of Alfalfa - there are so many dairy cattle and horses raised here they need a lot of good feed.  So, in between the blueberry and raspberry fields are vast stretches of land planted in alfalfa and corn.  Now that the corn has been harvested, many farmers have planted alfalfa in the stubble fields to get a head start on a Spring harvest.  And now that the leaves are off the trees, we can see further into the woods and discover sweet little houses just off the road that were invisible when the Summer foliage blocked them from discovery. And in the distance, snow-covered mountains are a fabulous sight.  Mt. Baker looks like a giant whipped cream snow cone in the distance.  The snow-covered foothills of the Canadian Rockies dominate another part of the distant vista.  And maybe the best part is that there is no traffic – we cruise leisurely down the two-lane farm roads and thoroughly enjoy checking out the farms and scenery at our own pace.  The first thing to read in this new issue of Skywatch is the information in the “Looking Ahead” paragraphs on the back page.  Difficult changes are just ahead, so this is the month to handle the high priority matters in your life – Don’t wait until March when times change.

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  1. Beth Haggerty

    Hi Lance and Leslie,

    Just read your Winter letter. It sounds like you both are living a life about as close to heaven as one can get on this planet. Glad the storm didn’t damage you or your property. I so enjoy reading your letters. Of course, your Skywatch guides encourage me to try to stay in touch with what the stars are trying to tell me – to help me.

    Lots of Love,


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