Sunday, February 14

Good news is in the air on Sunday and Valentines Day.  The Moon enters fired up Aries at 7:54 am PST and sails out into calm waters.  The kiss of the day appears in the heavens at 1:39 pm when Retrograde Mercury meets joyful and generous Jupiter opening the door to agreements, solutions and positive reactions from others.  A quiet but helpful Moon Saturn sextile at 9:23 pm Sunday night almost guarantees an enjoyable evening.  As times change.

If your birthday is this week (February 14-20).  Steady as she goes, Aquarius.  Changes around you might try to knock you off your course in the months ahead with this big square (Saturn square Uranus) sitting in your new Solar Return.  However, if there is a situation you really need to change in your life, don’t dawdle.  Lucky Jupiter is heading for your Sun and that means changes you need to make now can work out much better than you expect within just a few months.  Be careful with the details on all matters, read the fine print in anything you sign with Mercury Retrograde in this chart of your new year.  Good friends can help you through all battles this year – don’t be afraid to ask them, Aquarius.  As times change.

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