Friday, April 9

Foggy and low energy. Caution lights are up this morning as Neptune takes center stage in the Skywatch. Double-check your briefcase before you leave the house this morning as a spacey Moon Neptune conjunction/meeting in the heavens at 7:04 am PDT can cloud your memory and judgment.

Deceptive acts and a lack of firepower today often issue from a Mars Neptune square in the Skywatch, exact at 12:18 pm Friday afternoon. The best moment in the line-up today shows up at 4:48 pm when the Moon sextiles healing Pluto. But Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters Aries at 11:11 pm this evening.

Keep it simple Friday night with the V/C Moon and Neptune square.

1 thought on “Friday, April 9

  1. lance ferguson

    Volcanoes and earthquakes….suddenly more in the news now…chalk it up to Saturn square Uranus. The first exact hit turned out the lights in Texas last Jan…and it’s power still lingers in the heavens and will return exact again in June. Uranus is also the rebel planet and I think is part of the reason so many men are going off the rails and involved in shooting and killing so many these days. Uranus is unpredictable in actions but tends to cause already stressed people and weak spots in the Earth to break or fail. The energy in the square will thus strengthen as we approach the next exact alignment on June 14. Problems with cars, computers and all high tech stuff is also more likely in the days ahead – ruled by Uranus.


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