Friday, August 11

A bit lazy.  But gentle, too.  You might guess Venus is on stage today and you’d be right.

Sweet Venus, ruler of love and money, makes a complimentary trine to romantic and creative Neptune at 10:18 pm PDT Friday night.  Here is the ultimate time to pop the question.

Neptune is considered the higher aspect of Venus,  and together they join the real world of Venus with the spiritual world of Neptune suggesting a love that is both spiritual and powerful.

However, Venus and Neptune can also cloud the value of things and people today – this is not the day for wild speculative expenditures.  This is a very good day to do a favor and help others.

Neptune is also very creative, and artists will love this combination of energies.  Recall that the Moon is in impatient Aries today – her only quack appears at 10:36 pm when she squares Venus, and I get caught with my hand in the cookie jar again.

As times change.

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