Friday, August 3

Jumpy.  Caution lights.

Mercury is still Retrograde from July 25 until August 19 increasing the odds of delays, schedule changes, breakdowns, and since Mercury is in Leo, communication problems with bosses, leaders, your father and probably the president who has Leo rising (bet you couldn’t guess—the mane is a dead giveaway—Leos tend to be a bit vain about their hair).

Mars is also Retrograde now and is sitting in a close square to rebellious Uranus encouraging foolhardy actions and problems with electricity—from batteries to storms.  And today the Moon gets tangled up in this difficult aspect by making a square to impatient Mars at 4:38 pm PDT and then traveling on to meet contrary Uranus in the heavens at 5:33 pm.

Ordering pizza?  Let all this go by before you call in your order.  A calm and grounded Moon Saturn trine at 7:07 pm relaxes the tension and will likely get the pizza you ordered safely to your door.

As times change.

1 thought on “Friday, August 3

  1. Alex Troup

    Yesterday and today did clock in as moments you dont or cant….pulling back saved pizza from being to dry.


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