Friday, August 9

Saddle up. There’s a sweet line-up of positive markers in the Skywatch today.

Green lights are up for work or play. The Moon in generous Sagittarius meets the sign’s ruler Jupiter at 4:25 pm PDT. This is what I call a double kiss—whenever the ruler of a sign is involved in the planet in the trine. That’s a clumsy explanation, but I think you get it. Jupiter and Sag invite sales folks to make an important call and all of us to gamble on our own talents and ideas.

More good news follows as the Moon trines sociable Venus at 7:19 pm and then trines the Sun at 9:39 pm - both markers suggest a splendid evening for introductions or a blind date.

However, there is a touch of confusion in the sky at 11:12 pm when the Moon squares dreamy Neptune—someone is bound to lose their keys in the excitement of the evening.

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