Friday, January 10

Showdowns are likely today.

All due to a Full Moon and powerful Lunar Eclipse in emotional Cancer, exact at 11:21 am PST that opposes Mercury at 11:33 am and then opposes Saturn and Pluto at 3:58 pm Friday afternoon.

Oppositions tend to bring challenges and opposing views to your ideas and thinking. Step lightly today. One good piece of news is that Uranus leaves his Retrograde cycle and turns back direct in motion at 5:48 pm. This suggests changes in your life and times will be easier in the days ahead.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Friday, January 10

  1. Lance Ferguson

    if you are reading the Datebook…you will see that I called this Full Moon a New Moon….big mistake…
    sorry….it is a Full Moon…I think i got excited and goofed up…


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