Friday, January 17

Unexpected news or reactions are likely today and tonight.

The new energy building in the heavens comes from Mercury lining up in a square to eccentric and unpredictable Uranus, exact at 12:32 am PST very early Saturday morning.

We get a quick taste of this energy as the Moon in Scorpio squares Mercury at 1:36 pm and opposes Uranus at 2:55 pm PST. This square can also bring out the truth in a situation, and that’s more likely to happen Friday night when the Moon trines compromising Venus at 7:26 pm.

The challenging Mercury Uranus square follows — listen closely. As times change.

1 thought on “Friday, January 17

  1. donna

    Lance: i just read todays report here. it made me do something on tech that i thought was dead.
    a BIG SURPRISE ! the issue was NOT dead. WOOO HOOOO!!!!!
    many many thanks for writing what you wrote today


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