Friday, January 5

Keep the faith.  Green lights.

A very helpful and hopefully uplifting energy is building in the heavens now as determined Mars heads for a meeting with lucky Jupiter Saturday afternoon. Together these two pull off successful deals and nearly always win contests.

This energy falls into your lap today — take action where you can and be open to new experiences.  The Moon enters practical Virgo early Friday morning, trines Saturn at 3:24 am PST, and then sails out into calm waters for the rest of the workday. Details, details really count with Virgo.

The only low spot appears at 8:37 pm when the Moon opposes sleepy Neptune. The strong drift of positive energy continues a few minutes later from Mars and Jupiter. And the Moon making a trine to Venus and the Sun at 3:39 am early Saturday morning. Maybe the party never ends….

5 thoughts on “Friday, January 5

  1. lance Ferguson

    if you have never seen a long Range Datebook….look up at the top of this page and click on “sample”
    which will take you to the 2017 Datebook…..the 2018 Datebook follows the same format.

  2. lance Ferguson

    Looking at Trump’s chart….Uranus just went direct last Tuesday and is now slowly, slowly creeping into a square to his Venus in Cancer- hurt feelings, social and emotional changes “Wah, nobody loves me and I’m going to go eat worms.” Increasing the difficulty of this once in 40-year event in his chart is that this square will now tighten up in the weeks ahead as Uranus slowly, slowly makes the exact 90 degree angle called a square – exact on February 24! This is just the beginning of a series of Uranian experiences in his life and times. The greatest power in this square is up ahead. Uranus is the rebel and always has an unexpected quality. He is also the planet that rules “the truth”.

  3. Elizabeth Chapman

    …well, I’m sure tryin’!! Yet…the sea has frozen here on Cape Cod, and we are on the south side of the “arm”…bitterly cold. It is the high Winds that are unnerving…and make it truly dangerous.
    So, I continue in my own partying, not despite of-but because of-this Wild Winter Weather, here in New England! Stay warm!

  4. Elizabeth Chapman

    Good morning, Lance!
    I hadn’t seen your posts before I replied to today’s Skywatch…
    Who knows, with Uranus and trump mix.
    Oh, yes. And there’s “The Truth”, over all!
    “Interesting!”, as Aquarians like to say (my experience).
    Much drama and “the Vapors” in store…it will be yet more distractions from the
    “Profits over Planet” agenda, I feel :-/


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