Friday, January 8

Today has a mix of energies in the Skywatch with two planets changing signs.

Mercury enters favorite sign Aquarius at 4:00 am PST followed by Venus entering conservative Capricorn at 7:41 am.

Green lights are up Friday morning as the Sun and Moon sextile at 8:10 am. Luna then trines Neptune while the Sun sextiles Neptune at 8:53 am. Check in with your intuition with these contacts to psychic Neptune.

The good vibes continue as the Moon sextiles Pluto at 5:58 pm. Caution lights kick on a minute later as the Moon turns Void of Course until Saturday morning and a sharp and often argumentative Mercury Mars square appears in the heavens at 6:44 pm.

Impatient reactions and rude behavior are more likely all day long with this charged-up pair — take your time with calls and business matters today.

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