Friday, July 14

Odd with good potential.

The Moon squares grumpy Saturn at 3:08 am PDT early this morning and travels on to trine eager Mars at 10:00 am giving everyone an energy boost Friday morning.

Caution lights com on a minute later as the Moon turns Void of Course until she enters aggressive Aries at 4:52 pm. Hold off on making important decisions and purchases while the Moon is V/C, but keep your radar on as an intelligent and positive Mercury-Jupiter sextile lights up the heavens a 1:46 pm.

Jupiter expands our understanding and helps us say the right things at the right time. Just leave your options open during V/C hours.

The Moon in Aries suggests a good night to do something different from the usual, something new always delights an Aries Sun sign.

As times change.

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