Friday, July 24.

A little fog and then GREEN LIGHTS.

The Moon opposes dreamy Neptune at 3:22 am PDT early this morning but astrological skies clear at dawn and we have a splendid lineup of markers in the heavens on Friday.

The Moon in analytical and industrious Virgo trines optimistic Jupiter at 3:57 am and then trines healing Pluto, both in earth sign Capricorn, at 8:05 am.

Another earth sign connection follows as the Moon trines dependable Saturn in Capricorn at 4:08 pm. Earth sign kisses set up a very good day to make decisions and purchases.

A short time-out period follows the last trine as Luna turns Void of Course until she enters gentle Libra at 6:53 pm. Evening skies are thus very good for social plans as Venus ruled Libra invites agreement and affectionate responses. Plus, the Sun and Moon make a companionable sextile at 11:32 pm — reach out.

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