Friday, July 3

Caution lights. 

The Moon squares dreamy Neptune at 6:05 am PDT and then turns Void of Course until she enters practical Capricorn at 9:48 pm Friday evening. 

Our intuition and judgment are not sharp during V/C hours, and especially today with Mercury still Retrograde. 

Hold off on making important decisions and purchases today; better to chop wood and carry water.

As times change.

6 thoughts on “Friday, July 3

  1. Babs

    Lance, Thank you for all your insight lately!! So how long is this funk going to last? Lately, so many I talk with (all remotely- not sseeing my friends just yet) feel the same… Zero energy & little motivation to do much of anything!! I have a big presentation in a few days, I started it last month (under good times) but now, it just seems a fight to complete it! I am weary of chopping wood & carrying H2o!

    1. Alex

      Babas good point why does funk go on and on and well yes it’s been up and down for months.
      Oh well Enjoy the freedom the 4th is about.

    2. Jane

      I’m experiencing the exact same thing. Started a project in April and cannot get any fuel under me to complete it….or do much of anything else except the very basic needs. These last four days have been the worst. Fatigue like crazy and a lot of grief that comes “out of nowhere.” I’m wondering if the energy of the next few days astrologically will change any of that for the better. Lance? 😉

  2. lance ferguson

    I think most of the funk is fueled by Mercury Retrograde in emotional Cancer…which ends on July 12….although these times are hard, too…as we are back to having Jupiter, Saturn and PLuto all in conservative Capricorn again…not a jolly group…otherwise, there are no quick fixes…I play lovely music all day long while working and that helps keep my dauber up…getting outdoors in a drive with Leslie is also refreshing to me…but that’s all I can do or advise. Hoping when old Mercury turns around we get an upbeat shot of energy. Blessings to you all….be well.

  3. Babs

    Thank you Lance! Blessings back to all & yes staying well!! Appreciate your insight and advise. Well, this sure makes sense, especially the emotional part. Looking forward to the upcoming shot of energy for sure! I do spend as much of my days outdoors as I can. Thankfully, I am able to work remotely. As for outside music, I have a chorus of many bird songs, providing lots of cheery chatter! So I have been trying to beat this funk!! Now a drive might be nice addition, I have only driven 4 times since mid-March. Quite the recluse, not good for a social person.
    A beautiful sunny summer day here, should have clear skies to check out the Full Buck Moon tonight!


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