Friday, July 6

Caution lights.

The Moon is in fired up Aries now, ruled by feisty Mars who is Retrograde. Challenges of some kind are likely as the Moon squares or fights with compulsive Pluto at 11:54 am Friday morning.

Moon squares usually fire up about an hour prior to the exact connection.  This one is likely to send some child to the principal’s office or connect you to someone angry on the phone.  The Skywatch clears completely after the square and green lights come on for work or play.

There’s a sweet spot in the heavens Friday evening as the Moon makes an affectionate trine to sweet Venus nine minutes past midnight.  So, if you are 16 and on a first date tonight, yes, you are likely to get a good night kiss if you ask for it.  I always did.

As times change.

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