Friday, June 16

Spacey. Caution lights are up this morning.  Dream maker Neptune turns Retrograde early Friday morning.

Dreams sometimes die and are reborn during the Rx period.  This 158-day Rx cycle often brings up buried feelings to re-examine, occurs once every year and is especially important to Pisces Sun signs as Neptune is your ruler.

Even more confusing on Friday, the Moon in Pisces meets foggy Neptune Rx in the heavens at 6:11 am PDT.  Powerful dreams and visions are likely with this lineup—confusion and impractical plans as well.

Afternoon hours are much better for important calls and business as the Moon sextiles healing Pluto at 2:20 pm.  But be careful with the details when the dialed out Moon in Pisces squares distracted Mercury at 5:29 pm.

A low-energy Moon-Saturn square at 00:44 am early Saturday morning pleases no one. Call it early Friday night.

As times change.

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