Friday, March 13

Green lights. Yes, yes, yes.

There’s a stellar line-up of positive markers in the Skywatch today. Take action, make the decision, order parts, and get involved any way you can. Trust your instincts Friday morning and get an early start.

The Moon in powerful Scorpio sextiles eager Mars at 7:59 am PDT and then trines psychic Neptune at 8:53 am. Afternoon hours are superb for important appointments and business as the Moon sextiles enthusiastic Jupiter at 2:13 pm. A valuable Sun Moon trine follows at 5:47 pm. And Luna then sextiles healing Pluto at 6:53 pm. Clear skies follow.

As times change.

7 thoughts on “Friday, March 13

  1. Lance Ferguson

    I’ ve got some good news for these dark days. I just finished writing the April Skywatch and there is a big, very positive kiss out there that could easily be a major breakthrough or piece of progress in this fight against the virus on April 4 – wise elder Jupiter meets healing Pluto in the heavens. This pair can move mountains and hangs out in the Skywatch through next November. The pair reconnects in July, too. I used the word “miracle” to describe the energy in this conjunction in Skywatch. We need one and this is a very good sign in the stars that it can happen. Stay light and help each other. As times change.

  2. Sharon Ward

    Thank you Lance for that piece of good news that we can keep an eye on.
    We hope for better times, and this certainly looks hopeful.

  3. Alex Troup

    Thanks Lance as the rush for items on Saturday is a sign people will do what they want to do and we need to be informed as to do what’s best.


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